Video: Russian Aerospace Forces Pounding ISIS Positions Ahead Of Government Advance In Eastern Hama


The Syrian Defense Ministry has released a video showing Russian airstrikes on ISIS targets in the Qustal Ghazi area in the eastern Hama countryside.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have increased its airstrikes on ISIS targets ahead of the expected government military operation in the area.

According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are going to renew their attempts to retake Uqayribat from ISIS and to secure the road linking up Salamiyah and Palmyra.



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    Not wise for ISUS to hide vehicles in farmland of small shrubs !
    No doubt they are losing their mobility on a daily basis.

    • Moussa

      I think those are olive trees, they grow about 8-12 feet tall. I think they look like shrugs from the sky.

      • Moussa

        I checked again, they are shrubs. :-d

  • Kell

    Mm I wonder how they will go this time, it would be nice to clear that pocket but if its going to be to difficult probably better to cut it off and go for Deir Ezzor