Houthis' Combat Operations Against Saudi-led Forces In March (Video Report 18+)

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Houthis’ Combat Operations Against Saudi-led Forces In March (Video Report 18+) 5.8333333333333 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.


The pro-Houthis media group “Yemen Wrath” has released a big video report showing the Houthis’ combat operations against Saudi-led forces in March. The video shows military operations inside Yemen as well as cross-border operations on the Yemeni-Saudi border.


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  • Garga

    I have a problem with watching these videos. A lot of freeze-frames happen and I don’t know how to slove it. The exact same thing AMN videos (I think the content is in mp4 format which I have no problem playing). I even let it fetch the whole video and then play it but the freeze frames are there.

    Can anybody kindly provide a solution?

    • Blucross

      same same

    • Nigel Maund

      I’m suffering the same problem. SF will have to address this issue. It may be the high demand for bandwidth which causes freeze framing to occur.

    • Mortal

      I think it has to do with the player that is used. It also had issue on other platforms.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      It is the same way for everyone. And I would not download codecs, that is always spyware and sometimes malware.
      Things like Windows Media Player already come stock with all of the codecs unless someone designed a video to only take a custom one.
      Anyway, the video skips because it is in a high quality format, but does not have the money and licences as Youtube does for smooth compression.
      So the video is compressed, but not in a flawless manor.
      Youtube is very good with is, but most other video hosting services compression algorithms are not so smooth and flawless.

      • Garga

        WMP is not equipped at all. For example you can’t watch a x265 file with it unless you update your codecs, and by codecs I mean something like K-lite codec packs not some shady codec for playing a very specific website’s videos.
        Perhaps you’re right about the video’s compression, that makes sense. But they really don’t need any money and license to make a smooth compressed video. All is needed is a medium PC (i3 or i5) and Handbreak which is free and better than many expensive video re-formatting tools and the most important of them all, the know-how.

        Anyway I wrote to SF and asked about it, if I received a solution in a reply, I’ll post it.

    • Thank you for the feedback. This is a default WordPress player. We will change it.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

  • trollix 2000

    Me too I’ve got a problem with this video.

  • Law Se

    Same problem I thought my laptop was messing up

  • Ryder

    for anyone who is having problems with the video freezing, here you go enjoy

  • World_Eye

    I cannot watch the video after 1:13 or so, it froze and I can’t see the rest why is this like this?