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Video: PKK Fighters Ambush Army Vehicle In Southern Turkey

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Members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have ambushed a vehicle belonging to the Turkish Army in the area of Sirnex in southern Turkey. 3 Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed in the incident.

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Nigel Maund

Shocking stuff! The Turkish troops were an easy target and it’s a straighforward ambush. Foolishness by the Turkish Army when they’re in dangerous territory.


NATO training does not cater for any real opposition :)

Nigel Maund

FG if that’s the case as you say, then what would it be like if they ran into crack Russian troops!………..doesn’t bear thinking about!


Oh, I don’t know really. The thought that the whole rotten Western system having plundered the asset rich but poorest countries of the world and then collapsing in debt ridden chaos has some merit :)

The West hoped to further plunder Russia after the US induced internal chaos of the 90’s BUT then a great man of his time, President Putin, stood up to the Oligarchs and their Western financiers and said that the plundering of Russia stops now.

This is a reality that the Western Elite do not want to accept.

Nigel Maund

Totally agree with you! Syria is the gateway to Iran and then Russia. That plan has been destroyed and now the Deep State has gone to Plan “B”. Let’s see how long that one lasts!


May they rest in peace and I pray for their families.Both sides are my people.


This is faith of turkish army as long as they stay in land that does not belong to them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That fate of the Kurds will be the same and no one will have sympathy for psychotic terrorists , just fact when there was nothing to gain from this other than to show the world they are nothing but terrorists which there is no changing the spots of that leopard.


PKK would never release a video like this ! YOU FALL FOR FAKE TURKISH PROPAGANDA VIDEO.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is pretty tame to what has been done by the PKK , just get over the fact they are no different than any other terrorist group. This is light in comparison to what they actually do , have seen worse done by them.

Pave Way IV

1) Erdogan and the Turks are bastards for what they’ve done to the Kurds over the years and Sirnak and Cizre have had more than their share of bloodshed.

2) Slaughtering three nobody Turk soldiers driving an empty truck hardly ‘helps’ the PKK cause, and making a video dubbed with dramatic music of PKK putting rounds in injured and dead Turk soldiers that are no longer a threat to them is the height of psychopathy. Rather than taking out the Turkish political and military leaders responsible for crimes against the Kurds, these PKK soldiers chose a useless ambush of what are probably low-level Turk conscripts – a cowardly act which changes nothing.

Sorry, PKK and GerilaTV, but F#ck You. I’m am totally unimpressed with your death porn.


The truck appears to be in excellent shape. I do not see any bullet holes in the sides of vehicle and no evidence of round impacts in the video (unless I missed something). So who made this video and why do you believe it ? Perhaps the Turks have stepped the propaganda a few notches, this way we think the civs in Afrin province deserved to be attacked by Turkey and FSA skumbags

Pave Way IV

Good point, PZIVJ. A quick look at GuirilaTV shows what looks like a HPG website so it seemed legit, but the web site is new this year and never heard of it before. No idea if THAT site is legit at all – it simply appears that way. I did notice a non-functional language selector on the bottom that offers Hebrew as one of the many translations. WTF?

Reconsidering the video itself, it does seem to have been made with the specific intent to evoke the reaction I had. No less than three PKK came dancing around from the other side of the truck, yet there is still one guy alive waving a bloody hand around that the camera guy takes a few poorly-aimed shots at.

The truck seems to be ambushed on a straight stretch of road next to a plowed field, yet it manages to travel up and around a bend before driving off the road leaving no oil/fluid trail, broken glass or steam from a broken radiator. Kind of like someone just drove it there, parked it and turned it off. The two big windows on the rear of the cab survived without a bullet hole or being shattered. I initially thought the left rear tire was flat (shot out), but it’s hard to tell.

Seems like an awful lot of random small arms fire just to take out the driver. Then there’s mystery RPG guy at :34 that appears to take out a bush about 20m in front of him – nowhere near the road and no truck in sight. The truck doesn’t appear to have been hit by an RPG either. The puff of white smoke before that looks like a grenade on a dusty road, not a disabled, smoking truck (which isn’t smoking minutes later).

At :46, the cameraman exhibits some fine, useless high-handed spray-and-pray (at the bush?), then let’s one of his pals run in front of him (to assault the bush), then does another overhead spray-and-pray in the same direction – somehow not hitting his bush-assaulting pal in the back..

I totally got sucked in to believing this reverse propaganda piece before thinking about it too much. Good catch.


You do understand that many Kurds have shed their blood against ISUS, FSA, and Jihadist correct. So now you figure them to be the enemy because they are supported by US coalition? What options did they have against ISUS in last 4 years? So now you want to jump on on the band wagon to say FUCK THEM ?????

Pave Way IV

I figure them to be resource and land thieves at the behest of their U.S. masters. They can kill head-choppers and defend themselves now without ‘claiming’ Syrian land and resources for free as war booty. They can work out their differences with the Syrian government after the war. Instead, Kurds traded any long-term hope of freedom for the fake freedom and corrupt western democracy the U.S. will impose on them. The Kurds will be slaves to the U.S. and dependent on it forever – they will never be free if the U.S. is involved.

The U.S. created the situation where the Kurds had a simple choice: put on the shackles of the U.S. forever and be our slaves, or we’ll let our U.S.-created head-choppers slaughter every last one of you left in Syria. The Kurds are not my enemy – I pity them.

Justin Ryan

We all know that Turkey is gonna want some pay back! Right?


Terrible. Turkish Army have to change their tactics. Guerrillas have an advantage because they are hidden and can easily ambush the Turkish who are wearing uniforms and are traveling in clearly marked cars. I recommend the Turkish do operations using drones. In this way, the soldiers are safe.

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