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Video: PKK Destroys Turkish Army’s Vehicle in Southeastern Turkey


The footage below shows a successfull attack on the Turkish army’s vehicle by militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The attack was made on August 23.



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  • These vehicles were supposed to withstand such attacks….

    • TS

      Not that big.. note the distance to the radio tower.. cut the front of the truck off from the back. Dirty black TNT (and lesser) type of explosive..

  • Now if the Kurd’s can do this to 3 armored cars per day, they will have defeated the Turkish regular army in about two years. They have a long ways to go, so they had better got on with it and stop vacationing to Europe and such. All Kurd’s should flock back to the Middle East if they want any chance of winning.

  • Daniel Rich

    I am tempted to say, “That went sideways…”

  • Jay Bartgis

    So satisfying to watch them be on the receiving end of an IED. Turks need a good ass kicking so next time they’ll think twice when fucking with the Kurds.