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JUNE 2021

Video, Photos: Government Forces Discover Militants’ Workshop For Manufacturing Mortars, Ammunition In Northern Homs

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Syrian government forces have seized a militant workshop for producing moratrs and ammunition in the village of al-Ghantou in the recently liberated area of Rastan in northern Homs, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on May 25.

According to the report, the workshop was discovered in the framework of ongoing security operations in the area.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies lbierated the Rastan area on May 16 after a part of militants had withdrawn from the area and another part had accepted a reconciliation deal with the government.

Since then, the SAA and security forces have been working to remove mines and to secure the liberated area.

Video, Photos: Government Forces Discover Militants' Workshop For Manufacturing Mortars, Ammunition In Northern Homs Video, Photos: Government Forces Discover Militants' Workshop For Manufacturing Mortars, Ammunition In Northern Homs Video, Photos: Government Forces Discover Militants' Workshop For Manufacturing Mortars, Ammunition In Northern Homs

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Well, cast bodies and manufactured fin assemblies, and ovens to dry the explosive filler (also cast), are one thing. And let’s grant they can even mill the mortar tubes and make baseplates and bipods. But fuzzes are another thing entirely, as well as primers and propellant charges, not to mention the sights, and the aiming circles (theodolites) necessary to “lay” the battery.

Where did /those/ particularly necessary things come from? And who delivered them?

Bill Wilson

Those came from arms dealers who sold to anyone who had the cash and a truck to take it away. The buyers usually had contracts to deliver specific items at a set price which also covered the cost of bribes and road tolls to get it delivered. They did a lively business when the various groups and ISIS were flush with cash then quit after they ran out of outside financing and wanted everything as cheap as possible. The cheapest weapons and munitions they could buy and resell at a profit were made in Iran but nobody wanted them since those had too many problems due to shoddy construction and being old stock whose shelf life had expired long ago.

Concrete Mike

I was wondering what the oven was for. Thanks. Also you raise a valid point with the other points later in the comment

Cicada 3301

iran = isis



Cicada 3301

you are right sorry isis = iran


wrong again.

In what delusional state of mind do you need to be in to declare that “isis = iran”? Either that or you’re making a really pathetic attempt at humor.

There’s a lot of morons on this board that similarly say retarded shit like “Israel = ISIS”, though I have to say, at least one can make a case that ISIS serves Israeli interests more than it does Iran’s.


Iran = Shia = Kufr, I offer the chance for shias to convert to Islam.

If you don’t accept this, there is nothing left between us but killing and fighting.

Cicada 3301


Gregory Casey

Clearly having a very bad time aren’t you. Try popping a few pills from a more reputable supplier

Promitheas Apollonious

is there more reputable supplier, than israel and usa?

Gregory Casey

Any 17 year old back-street chemist will do!!

Promitheas Apollonious

ok then, you referring to the turk dealers of heroin and their mules the albanians. They have some really bad shit.


SO, stupid.

Promitheas Apollonious

you forgetting the part, where you dying.


ISIS = retarded medieval savages = permanent losers and failures = have fun getting slaughtered and made irrelevant by the rest of the civilized world including by most Sunnis.


your ignorance is out of any limit , isn’t it ? Read some comment of inteligent people here, and MWYBE , you can understand something.


The SIGNIFICANCE of these stories is lost on you, and never explained by SF. The wahhabi invasion of Syria, carried out by the Deep State of the West, not only sought to ruin Syria on behalf of the depraved jews of Israel (who desire all other industrialised nations in their region are destroyed), but had another more insidious goal.

It is the TECHNOCRAT class in Syria that the West desired to subvert. The practical clever ingenious citizens who make a modern nation work. These are the ENGINEERS for instance that know how to MAKE engines of war. Any of you watch ‘The Walking Dead’? The ‘Eugene’ arc- the guy who knows how to make bullets? Yes this TV show is a badly made fantasy, BUT the suggestion that a skilled intelligent Human makes all the difference to society is FACT.

The Deep State wanted the technocrat class working for wahhabi masters, just as the mongols only successfully invaded China, Russia and the Middle East when they enslaved the technocrats of the people they first conquered and put them to work building the advanced engines of war that could take down harder targets.

Putin, the zionist appeaser, has agreed to the partition of Syria, and while the obvious wahhabis are gone, in their place are numerous anti-Assad ‘masters’ ruling over the non-Russian sectors. Putin has shipped hundreds of thousands of ‘surrendered’ ‘rebels’ to these regions in safety, including masses of skilled technocrats who will make these regions flourish as anti-assad bulwarks.

When the USA went to war in Korea, it was on behalf of the racist japanese regime that remained in place after WW2. The purpose of the Korea war was to ruin Japna’s ex-slave state, and divide it so partition would ensure the Koreans never had the proper means to compete with Japan in the follwing post-war years. Today, as Japan still demands, Korea is still split.

Syria will now be divided just as long, thanks to Putin.


Second pic down – alongside the ubiquitous AK variants, that looks a French MAS-36 bolt action military rifle.

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