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Video: One Of UAVs Intercepted By Russian Forces Over Khmeimim Air Base


This video shows one of the militant-launched UAVs, which were intercepted by Russian forces over Khmeimim Air Base last night. MORE HERE



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  • leon mc pilibin

    One of nutandyahoos little toys,he is messing around with the wrong people,and he will be getting a bloody nose very soon.

  • paul ( original )

    This looked ‘home made’ to me. Did not appear to have been downed by a missile. Most likely shot with anti aircraft gun. Any one agree?

    • Nasty Animal

      could be electronic warfare, messing up its gps thing

      • paul ( original )

        Yes I think this is more likely. There did not even seem to be bullet holes visible.

  • kraaiiii

    just testing Russia air defence systems and picking up tracking radar frequencies, cuz as a weapons these are quite useless

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      That’s ok most use continuous modulating frequencies.

  • russ

    If I had of been there I would have been calling EOD I would have been worried about it exploding in the back of that pickup.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Just LED lights and a transponder unit sending feedback but Russians say bring them in no explosives were visible.

  • Marko

    That beeping tone would have made me nervous.