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Video Of Russian-Speaking Pilot Waiting Evacuation Helicopter Sparks Wave Of Turkish Twitter Victories (UPDATED)


Video Of Russian-Speaking Pilot Waiting Evacuation Helicopter Sparks Wave Of Turkish Twitter Victories (UPDATED)

A screenshot from the video

UPDATE (9.09.2020): The military blog that released the video about the Russian-speaking ‘pilot’ after the supposed crash of his aircraft updated the video title saying that it was a kind of training (as SF wrote in the article below).

Meanwhile, Russia’s news website Sovetov.su wrote in its article that the author of the video allegedly contacted its editorial staff. According to this report, the video was filmed in Syria during an evacuation training.


Pro-Turkish sources are celebrating another Twitter victory. Now, they claim that their forces had shot down a fighter jet with a Russian pilot in Libya.

The story started on September 7 when a Russian pro-government military blog ‘Fighter Bomber’ (mostly known for military-related trolling and jokes) released a video recorded by a Russian-speaking person (supposedly pilot). He claims that his aircraft was shot down and he was waiting for an evacuation helicopter in some desert area. The blog provided no details regarding where and when the video was filmed.

The person on the video says the following:

“Today, I ejected 45km from the airfield. I was shot down in 70 (km from the airfield)…

Safe and sound…

laid parachute and waiting for rescuers…

just bashed against rocks…

so, 10 candies… But it’s good that a crash-position indicator works… A radio set works…

I’m waiting a helicopter… for an hour… it flew around me… I do not know when it returs…

No vehicles with enemies… I will retreat to the valley… leave the parachute on ground…

What done is done…

This is the valley. The airfield is in this direction, about 45km. Rocks are everywhere. I slammed at rocks.

The jet, it fell in around 200-300m. There is a smoke.

I ejected on the height of about 700m.

That’s all, they found me! Thank you guys!

Thank you.

That’s all. I’m happy. I’m happy.

A Mi-8 will come and take me. These cannot land here.

Thank you guys.”

Expectedly, such a video sparked a fire in social media with multiple sources claiming that it was allegedly filmed in Libya. This was neither denied or confirmed by the blog directly. However, its editors claimed that all versions are ‘wrong’.

As to the video itself and actions of the alleged pilot on it, the situation looks pretty strange. First of all, if the jet was really shot down in combat conditions and the pilot ejected, the decision to film a video that may fall into the hands of the potential enemy is quite puzzling. The behavior of the pilot that makes such a decision raises the questions about the real purpose of the move. In real conditions, the pilot would likely try to retreat from the crash site as much as possible taking the crash-position indicator to allow the rescue force to find him. Another factor is that despite the claims of the ‘pilot’, no smoke can be really seen in the video. On top of this, the pilot does not wear a flight suit. This also looks strange.

According to Russian sources, the video may have been recorded during some evacuation training. This could explain the strange behavior of the ‘pilot’ and the entire situation. The ‘pilot’ felt no real danger to his life and had enough time to record a ‘fun video’ that was later used to gain views by the military blog. If this is true, this will be a visual demonstration of how the neglection to operational security (even during some drills) may lead to the ‘unexpected’ informational impact.

In any case, Turkish sources and fan boys of the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (based in Libya’s Tripoli) have been celebrating another Twitter victory today.




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