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Video: MSM Propaganda Turns Against Itself As Family Of “Boy In Ambulance” From Aleppo Tells Truth

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Video: MSM Propaganda Turns Against Itself As Family Of "Boy In Ambulance" From Aleppo Tells Truth

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The dad of the the boy whose photo was used by the mainstream media in a propaganda war against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance tells the truth about the incident.

Interview with English subs:

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Hahaha gotta show this to my dad so maybe he believes. He is soviet era ‘usa cant do any wrong and the eastern bloc are all communist killers’


isnt he aware usa was supporting fucking stalin since 1941, back stabbed Poland and was making war crimes left and right? how usa was supporting red khmers in cambodia and talibans in afganistan and more and moere


Haha lol dude he watches the ”news” XD. Its all good tho, love me dad, at least we agree on local politics!


Yeah, FDR sent Stalin, the Evillest Man Evah! some trucks. WOTTA COMMIE!!!


whole convoys of TANKS, TRUCKS, PLANES, WEAPONS, GEAR, AMMO etc to help stalin and his jewish NKVD in murdering and slaving eastern and western europe + their own citizens. educate yourself

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

MSM relies on sheeple to not investigate claims being made. Anyone with a brain cell would have been able to find the videos of “moderates” having Omran pose for that photoshoot. I fully expect the MSM fake news to say that his dad was now pressured by the Syrian gov’t into telling his side.


Truth served cold is a wonderful dish. It lasts for eternity as well.




This Film is Pure Gold, nice to have seen this before all of this BS that is going on in the MSM, i know exactly that they are Lieing to us like we are ALL stupid.

Ian Thomson

Do you mean that the MSM is nothing but a lot of bullshit purveyors ? Please don’t tell the American people. The realization that they are so incredibly gullible and stupid, might send them into a frenzy of sanity. Naaah, impossible., just wishful thinking on my part.

Justin Ryan

MSM media will either ignore this revelation as the original impact was done and served its purpose OR they will say this man and his boy were forced by the Assad regime to say otherwise.


You nailed it. MSM are mostly staffed by hacks and shills who just do what they are told.


Good to see Omran doing well. And where is the news video about civilians being killed and injured by coalition airstrikes against Mosul and Raqqah ? I guess this would not be politically correct for MSM hypocrites.




no surprises here

eric zweistein

It doesn’t matter. As long as Zion can mass control the 90%, mind control academia and write the history text books, everything is fine.

Robert McMaster

Ha, ha, ha. Fake News media gets bit by their own lies. I remember this in the Globe & Worthless Mail and being pushed as an anti-Assad line on the CBC. What a pack of manipulating liars. Stuff like this really marks out the mainstream media. One doesn’t forget this garbage.

Concerned Student

What is fake though? He was injured by a Russian air strike over rebel held territories. What does it matter if his family supports the gov? MILLIONS of people in North Korea support Jim Jung Um. Does that mean that NK is good?


Concerned student – that’s the thing though, there wasn’t any air strike especially not from Russia. Once Aleppo was freed from these terrorists the family sought shelter with pro-Assad army controlled area.

1. What’s your proof that there was any air strike? The family denies any.

2. Who are you to decide whether North Korea is good or not?


CHILDREN have ‘always’ been used to gain approval for ILLEGAL WARS. Remember those poor babies in the icubators LIE?


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