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JUNE 2021

Video: Militants Teach Children How to Fake a Chemical Attack

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The original video was published in September 2013 on this channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSYR6NoGkD0

This is a shortened version of that video. It shows children being instructed by terrorists to act like they have been hit with Sarin gas, they convulse, they’re eyes blink and they froth at the mouth with fake foam applied to their faces by terrorists. A of children applaud. A man in a Mickey mouse costume tells them it’s all fun.

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John Whitehot

good find.
wonder how much will take youjew to take the vid down.


We can argue if you’re right or not, but working the word jew into every sentence and word combination does not serve to make you look clever, but only to make you look like an anti-semite. It also makes it easier for other to dismiss your arguments as anti-semitic drivel.

There’s a reason why Hillary and the MSM (still) tried so hard to paint Trump as a racist and a sexist, that way they could dismiss his arguments.

John Whitehot

it’s not something i invented, many ppl on the web use the word “youjew”, especially when the tube takes down contents only because it does not suit the western oligarchy.

And in regards to racism, as long as I know that i am not a racist, i don’t care about everything else, because it’s all hypocrisy.

Solomon Krupacek

guy, you are famous nazi!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Hasbara Troll!

roger temple

Difficult to know about this guy; one minute he is declaring the SAA are no good, and will be doomed if they don’t take his advice, and the next moment he is clapping because they won (against his advice). And he calls anybody who doesn’t agree with him a nazi. Very odd drivel. Infact I’m now going to block him.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Decided to do the same,lol.


Agreed on both sides but Barba is on the right note, if we want to establish our cause we must make sounds reasonable and rational arguments. To easy is it for the media to paint dissenters as some astringe label such as Nazis. After the remarks of a few, the entire body of people that may have supported southern pride in the US are now labeled as racist and Nazis (not every confederate soldier was fighting for slavery, many were fighting for their homelands). Now the media has its golden ticket, if you associate at all you are Nazi/KKK member. they win and get to play their games with our world for longer, rather than building a just cause with ability to combat the SJW/progressives types and bring an end to this nonsense.

John Whitehot

I don’t need anybody telling me how should I write things about jews, or anybody else.


You’re right, you don’t – you are perfectly free to carry on looking like a blithering idiot if you choose.

John Whitehot

I’m so stricken in the deep of my soul by your evaluation.
How can I sleep at night.
How can I carry on living on this world looking like an idiot to people like you, knowing that I will never regain peace of hearth because your opinion of me is so compromised.

All of this because of the word “youjew”. This is too much for any random dude to endure.

You are making me contemplate jumping off a cliff.


Rather than contemplate jumping off a cliff – you should perhaps contemplate WHY you use a term like youjew.

But – your choice. If you prefer – go right ahead.


How can you claim to be “not a racist” when you use a word like “youjew?”

Like it or not, anti-Semitism is a form of racism – just like Islamophobia now falls under that umbrella. You know – an irrational hatred of certain people Just Because they were born what they are.

By all means, knock the Jew who’s doing ill, but don’t pretend that all who are doing ill are Jews or all Jews are doing ill. Even the idea is simply silly.


you jew hahaha, good one!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This how the wonderful entertainment industry trained these terrorists in faking videos and actual chemical attacks , but you can still spot it as fake. Since they can easily compared with real scenes and the actors are generally bad and over act their part.

svenne svensk

Share Facebook and everywhere all need to see this sick way of running a war.

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