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Video: MiG-29 Salutes Syrian Soldiers In Low-Altitude Flyover

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Video: MiG-29 Salutes Syrian Soldiers In Low-Altitude Flyover

A screenshot from the video

A Syrian MiG-29 fighter jet made a low-altitude flyover, just a few meters above the ground, over the positions of government forces. The move shows the skill of the Syrian pilot and the capabilities of the Soviet MiG-29 fighter jet.

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Yes, SAA soldiers are skilled and brave. So, Putin, give weapons.


I remember lots of equipment, t-90 tanks ending up with isis or nusra, SAA are brave but they are still being trained how use the new equipment.


It’s a bit late to peddle that twaddle.


Not really, I’ve only seen two T-90A’s used by terrorist factions. One was destroyed and the other was recaptured by SAA a few weeks later. Terrorist groups have often tried to pass T-72’s off as T-90’s though, due to the similar appearance – but they were lying in almost every case.
As for small-arms, they’re everywhere, you control that much.


Only a couple were captured and later destroyed or recaptured. And the SAA are capable enough for these tanks.

You sound like a shill.

Jim Prendergast

Syrian Air Force has proud history, including actions by Bashar’s father.

Cheryl Brandon

SAA, you are such awesome fighters. You are doing such a great recovery of Syrian lands a! Keep kicking the asres of the foreign paid proxies and their shitty wahabhist ideology! Kaboom/kaboom/kaboom says the warriors/fighters and heroes! Let’s go/let’s go! We pray for more victories from our hard
-working fighter pilots!


Still not flying in pairs… and still not showing a whole lot of competency in air combat either…

The israelis could easily steamroll syria if they wanted to, and I hear that they are planning on it.

Not saying its a good thing, just that the SAA/SAAF needs to pull their act together and purge this old arab/communist way of doing things….


fully agree, they should purge the aparatchiks from the army command and relay on the capable and skillful people not those whose best skill is being a party member. Israel has been tested and burned in the past (2006 Lebanon) and they will not openly get into another kicking match with Hezbollah, they are hoping US and NATO will do that instead hence this rhetoric for war against Iran

Toni Liu

Does this syria mig 29 it look like old mig cause the engine still had some black smoke that nearly all russian mig already upgrade that kind engine, still fearsome fighter in israeli eyes if upgraded and equiped with latest tech

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