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Video Map: Syrian Army’s Operation In Daraa And Quneitra Provinces From June 22 To August 1


On June 22, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies kicked off a military operation to liberate the provinces of Daraa and Quneitra from militants of ISIS, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other groups. By August 1, government forces have liberated the entire area and re-established full control of the villages and settlements, which used to be in the hands of militant groups.



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  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth


  • Drogba

    Bravo SAA,and its loyal courageous Allies.

    • Lena

      Soundtrack used in Islamic state (ISIS) videos The Light Revelations https://youtu.be/vGfJA2Q7VUk

      • MichaH

        Lena du bist echt peinlich…

  • Ed

    Be careful with that phrase ‘COMPLETELY LIBERATED’! Maybe too hasty?

    • Kenneth Hammond

      It means there is no substantial co-ordinated terrorist command and control centres remaining.

      • Ed

        But didn’t Daesh launch that attack last week in Suwayda which was an area that SAA had also claimed was liberated?

  • You can call me Al

    God bless you Syrian and Hezbollah heroes.

    PS I love the films like this showing how it happened. Well done SF.

    • ruca

      Yeah the time lapse is very interesting. Heroes at work, saving us all.

  • Ilya

    Bravo, almost unimpressive because of its #OneDirection!

  • Barba_Papa

    Time lapse is awesome. Also a well planned and executed campaign. Both of Syrian and Russian military power, but also of behind the scenes diplomacy.

  • Rob

    Turkey joining BRICS could be ‘serious shock’ for US & EU, analyst

    Dump the dollar and rescue your national economy: Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China & Russia have banned US dollar.

    Turkey And Iran Ditch The Dollar, Putin Smiles And Trump Cries. World tired of funding US military…….

  • World_Eye
  • northerntruthseeker .

    All I can say is …Congratulations to the brave and righteous fighters in the SAA for finishing this major operation…

    Now comes the bigger nut to crack, aka the “Idlib pocket”…..