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JUNE 2021

Video: Kurdish Launch Anti-Tank Guided Missile At Inflatable Mock-Op Of Turkish Battle Tank

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Video: Kurdish Launch Anti-Tank Guided Missile At Inflatable Mock-Op Of Turkish Battle Tank

A screenshot from the video

Kurdish forces have used at least one anti-tank guided missile against an inflatable mock-op of Turkish battle tank in the Syrian area of Afrin. The used missile is most likely an Iranian copu of the US-made TOW missile known as “Toophan”.

The video below clearly shows how the missile peneterates the target with no explosion.

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Never good when your target just pops! :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Thought you meant “poops” Turkish army and it’s terrorist proxies have been know to do that.

Wolfgang Wolf

great) now the turkish army knows the position of the idiots anti-tank crew and can erase them easily))


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Simon Abruzzo

yeah they gonna sit there and wait

Joe Doe

I guess they used monkey poop

Pave Way IV

I’m almost positive I saw this exact same footage from some YPG media outlet that had an explosion edited in instead of the cardboard and canvas flopping around. Obviously to give the impression that they had actually destroyed a real tank. Anyone else remember this? Can’t find a copy of it anymore.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Haven’t seen that one wondering how a video edit appears doesn’t look real.


They can edit it into the back an explosion. Yeah the footage is workable imo.


Turkey must go home right away, and kurds (USA-puppets) must decide to join Syria law and government or face war with SAA.


Inflatable tank manufacturing looks like a lot of fun – balloon companies often have the means to both diversify their production line and secure contracts – an inflatable T-90 in the wild. comment image

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