Video: Jaish al-Izza Militants Attempting To Shoot Down Russian Su-25 Attack Aircraft


Jaish al-Islam militants have attempted to shoot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft bombing terrorist targets in the Syrian province of Idlib.

However, they have failed.



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  • Walter White

    I think the dumb fucks think a cloud is a plane LMAO!!!

  • dutchnational

    Given the many hospital bombed in Idlib recently, I hope they shoot all fighters out of the air that come near hospitals. Any fighter.

    • Borna Artuković

      go to mental hospital and ask help there .. before is too late ! go,go goatfucker !

      • RTA (Bob or Al)

        The idiots emphasis on being called “dutchnational” for me, makes me assume he is Turkish or part of, or maybe Moroccan.

        • dutchnational

          Islamist of russian conspiracy theories do not not change my nationality.

          Want to have a discussion about the Netherlands?

          Just come on.

          • Mark Sheehy

            Please just go and get back in your window in the Amsterdam red light district… the indecent exposure is not very endearing of you … oh I forgot you like to be a gigalow for the Jihadi’s …sorry they’re too interested in goats..

          • RTA (Bob or Al)

            Go for it since I live in The NL.

        • Langaniso Mhlobo

          He is coming from a gaot kraal.

      • dutchnational

        You mean befiore it is bombarded?

        Too late. Is already done by Russia.

        • Gregory Louis

          Evidence?…If your making baseless accusations then leave this comment section. We only want facts and not vague arbitrary statements

    • Jesus

      Maybe you should tell your buddies not to deploy in/near schools or hospitals, since they get obliterated being in an open position. Russian fighters are going to kill terrorists wherever they happen to positions themselves.

      • dutchnational

        In that you are right.

        NGO’s like MSF report they are being targeted without any rebels close by.

        I tend to believe the MSF, rather than Russian MOD. All liars.

        • Jesus

          You believe whoever feeds to your narrative, look at that video, the antiaircraft unit was hiding under the overhang of a building, why not deploy that anti aircraft unit under a tree or some other natural cover? Of course you are gullible enough to believe that a enemy outnumbered in every category, without scruples, is going to fight a clean battle?

          • dutchnational

            Likely I am just as gullible as the ass-adophyles here that accept any nonsense coming from Assad or the Russian MOD, exposed liars as they are.

        • Alex

          You’re right msf, white helmets and the rest of the ngo’s are all liars. You tend to believe, but you don’t know for sure, so stop claiming.

          • dutchnational

            As far as white helmets, I agree. Never talked about them though.

            As for believing anything, most of the commenters here are ranting about beliefs, convictions, not about facts. So I am not impressed.

    • javier

      wtf are you talking about ? what evidence ? specifically? links? loser

    • FlorianGeyer

      Given that you are a Zionist shill , we care little what you say Dutch.

    • Vitex


  • Orcbuu


  • Prince Teutonic

    What’s next!? Trying to shoot down Russian satellites flying in low orbit?

  • Vitex

    Good luck with that.