Video: Iraqi Popluar Mobilization Units Against ISIS Suicide Bombers


Video: Iraqi Popluar Mobilization Units Against ISIS Suicide Bombers

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The media wing of the Iraqi Popluar Mobilization Units (PMU) has released a video showing how the PMU dealed with ISIS suicide bombers during an active phase of the anti-ISIS operations in Iraq.



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  • World_Eye

    Damn, so powerful explosions if someone has been under highest VBIED’s that’s the Iraqi’s when they were liberating Mosul so many suicide Daesh bastards daily by 10-15 in some days, we have seen it in Syria of course but In Iraq was Massacre of VBIEDs

    • Don’t read butthurt replies

      Never seen one like the one shown at 0:09. It looks as if a mini nuke was dropped there.

      • Carole

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  • MichaH

    Do exist any statistic data according the numbers of VBIEDs used by the terrorists? It would interest me according to the wasted use of material and humans.

  • Jakke1899

    Terrible waste of good cars! ;-)