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Video: Iranian Tanker Collided With Chinese Freighter In East China Sea

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Video: Iranian Tanker Collided With Chinese Freighter In East China Sea

A screenshot from the video

An Iranian tanker, Sanchi, collided with a Chinese freighter, CF Crystal, in the East China Sea on January 6. The tanker carrying 136,000 tonnes of condensed oil, caught fire. 30 Iranian and two Bangladeshi sailors went missing in the collision. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said on January 7 that the tanker was Iranian but was leased by a South Korean firm.

The Iranian state-run media outlet Press TV reported on the issue:

“Kasra Nouri, the director of public relations at the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum, was cited by IRNA as saying that the vessel was owned by the National Iranian Tanker Company and had had its cargo loaded on behalf of the Korean firm, the Hanwha Total Petrochemical.

Nouri said most of the crew on board the tanker were Iranian but added that the Ministry of Petroleum had the details.

IRNA said that all crew members on board the tanker were said to have been killed in the incident, without providing a source.

Search and rescue operations were underway.

The Chinese Ministry of Transport said that the Chinese cargo ship with 21 sailors was carrying 64,000 tons of grain from the United States to the Guangdong Province of China and had not “not suffered damage endangering her safety” and that her crew had been rescued.”

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I guess nothing to do and leave it to burn out or is there other solutions?


Simple SABOTAGE. The British, Americans, and Israelis will be in competition as to which of them can better subvert the computer systems on these ships.

If Southfront were not under current ZIONIST infiltration, it would have covered the story about how all Intel CPUs (the heart of almost every serious computer) all have NSA backdoors, that allow innocent seeming code access to the entire system. Intel is commonly called a JEWISH company by world jews, and has a major base in Israel. Fixing the NSA backdoor (currently underway) has ruined the performance of Intel servers. Linux or Windows, the systems on the great ships are fully compromised.

But Southfront only spews data on zionist talking points- hence no coverage of the jewish atrocities against non-jews over Xmas and beyond. Google Ahed Tamimi, and see what Southfront is supressing.

Yet Southfront falls over itself to spin violence against Gaza or the fake protests in Iran using the SAME ‘explanations’ as found on the BBC.


“all Intel CPUs (the heart of almost every serious computer) all have NSA
back-doors, that allow innocent seeming code access to the entire
My question is ; You are describing that the CPU or chip has a back door, so how is this possible on a physical piece of equipment, as opposed to a back door which is code used to gain entry thro’ software such as the operating system ? Thankyou.


I have answered my own question, and for those of you out there who didn’t know, here is a good link;-


ah, starlight. if you are not happy with SF why don’t you get lost!

Solomon Krupacek



South Front is a geopolitical analysis website, they don’t cover issues like Ahed Tamimi. Besides what credible proof do you have that Israel can access every system in the world and control it remotely. While I’m not dismissing this possibility where’s the actual proof for it?

Langaniso Mhlobo

SF is the only web page which respect individual opinion.It doesnt interferes and delete individual opinions like other western puppet news outlets.

Doesn’t matter who runs it who ever runs it runs it perfectly good.To have world opinion which contribute to changes in world affairs.

Solomon Krupacek

this is not true. i put here 3x picture documentation with deleted comments. i personally found dozens deleted.
it´s OK, if sometimes delete. but do not build the myth, that here no comment is deleted.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Solomon I respect your experience but I don’t know what the contents of your opinion was.


Isn’t it’s content obvious? Solomon does what Solomon does!

Solomon Krupacek

in short: sometimes the comments are deleted


It happened countless times for me too, some of my more detailed comments are flagged as spams regularly.

Keep in mind that our comments first have to pass Disqus’s filters and then website’s mods. It helps if you start your comment with English (both language and keyboard) and break it into parts if it’s long and has more than 2-3 links.
One other thing that guarantees comment deletion is editing it more than 2-3 times.

Still I cannot comprehend how on earth this wretched “Google pays you millions and they made me rich” comments keep coming! She single-handedly filled my whole block list, except for two.

Langaniso Mhlobo

SF does not force anyone to air it’s views here who ever is not happy with SF you are not force the choice is yours.No one will miss you.


Wow. Never mind the *prrreecious* Israel, just talking about the Olympics with an appointed US enemy can get your normal scheduled commerce blown to bits!


For a collission to occur, one, or maybe even both, captains must have made mistakes. As in any seacollission, an inquiry will be held to assess causes, liabilities, punishments and insurance matters, which could be hundreds of millions of $.


Rest in peace the ones who lost their precious lives. That’s the second deadly Iranian tanker collision.

There were 4 students of the Naval university in the crew.


RIP such a tragedy


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Solomon Krupacek

you shpuld teach them the navigation and swimming. the whole crew of the another ship was seved. the die of whole crew is your fault. your protocols are ancient.

RIP sailors!

al quaida

Are you privy to info that we aren’t? How do you know whose fault the collision was? How do you know the crew couldn’t swim? How do you know the crew drowned?

Solomon Krupacek

i did not write any word about collision. i pointed ob fact, that all iranian sailprs died, none of chinese. IF die 32 sailors, there is a mistake in the system. you should find it. tjis was constructive critics from my side.

al quaida

Or maybe the entire crew died due to massive explosion and fire engulfing the ship? Maybe we should wait for an investigation to be completed so we know all the facts before we start blaming this or that?

Solomon Krupacek

oil is not explosive. if came to explosion, there was big, big, big technical failure. this is again system failure. i tell you friendly, you should check your whole naval safety system. something is wrong. where die too much pople, somewhere is big lack. mainly in control mechanisms.

Jan Plewa

yes, oil is not but when is in fire, around your ship…?

Solomon Krupacek

no rescue boat? it seems curious case.


yYour people should teach you to write properly! Terrible writing! RIP English language because Solomon just murdered it!

Solomon Krupacek

sure. i never learned typing. and i will not. fur such unnoble things i have secretary. and for such fools like you i will not waste time to check my comments and correct mistypes.

Jan Plewa

For me (at sea 40 y.) this collision is simple – on both ships on the bridges on duty were idiots(who hase pay for diplomas, that is another question :)). shortly let me explain – at sea if You see on the radar, that is comming big , big ship on your right side …wise officer by radio…

agreeing with a colleague how to safely maneuver!!! f*** it is so simple! why? Because if You have on the right side biggest ship as your ..you have to know that for him is not easy stop engine or change course behind your f*** poop! and rule “right hand” in this situation is postponed! Radio, radar, eyes, head..what da f**** more the stupid “officers’ need to safetly navigare??!! So many innocent seaman kill…

Jan Plewa

…on the sea there is a road code and understanding of the situation…

how stupid the captain is on the bridge is a step closer to the tragedy.This is my opinion. God safe our souls.

Ivan Freely

GPS spoofing. RIP to the dead sailors. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/gps-spoofing/

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