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Video: Iranian Missiles Hit ISIS Targets In Deir Ezzor

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A video has appeared online allegedly showing the moment when Iranian missiles hit ISIS terrorist targets in Deir Ezzor.

on Sunday, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched missiles from western Iran on ISIS positions and HQs in Deir Ezzor.

According to the IRGC statement, the missiles delivered a notable damage to ISIS manpower and infrastructure.

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There are more strikes that were also shown.


Glorious :)))

chris chuba

It would be interesting to see if the strikes near Deir Ezzor are confirmed by either Syria or the Russians. If so then this would confirm the maturation of Iran’s short / intermediate ballistic missile program and show that they are developing tactical and not nuclear missile capability as the U.S. Foreign Policy establishment always asserts.

The U.S. MSM, quoting Pentagon and U.S. tanks, always exaggerates the range of Iran’s ballistic missiles while the Iranians testing has been to improve their accuracy, not range. Nuclear missiles do not need an accuracy beyond 1 – 2 kilometers, as was the original accuracy of the Soviet Scud missiles.


This has interesting implications. Trump’s recent Saudi state visit and the whole glowing orb moment was all about US-GCC vilifying Iran under rubric of state sponsored terrorism in middle east – rather ignoring the obvious decades of Saudi Wahabist jihadist exports. But by directly striking ISIS in Syria, Iran has thrown up, firstly, an interesting challenge to the whole US-GCC political terrorist narrative against Iran. Whilst secondly, if the US as a third party state, insists on directly striking SAA formations that engage US sponsored militant proxies in east Syria – Iran, as a third party state, has just demonstrated it can if so desires directly strike US militant proxies in Syria that obstruct SAA formations and strategy.


Iranians and their Iraki allies, PMU are planing Multi-Front Offensives in order to clean Deir az zor Province from salafi-terrorist.


and who taped that explosions?


A Drone i guess.


an iranian drone or russian drone, i need answers.


It is pleasing to see that Iran can give a firm response to Western bullying that should concentrate the infantile minds of the US coalition. In a hot conflict there will certainly be thousands of dead Western military assets and I doubt the moral fibre of those nations to come to terms with that. The lines of ‘patriotic ‘ civilians lining up to get killed in WW1 are long gone.

Iran suffered a million or so deaths during the Iran Iraq War and even after decades of US sanctions has retained a cohesive and proud population.

How many Western countries could survive a fraction of those losses without massive civil unrest today ? Partly because the Western politicians have purposefully propagandised casualty free ‘smart’ wars.


it is said that Iranians hit a command center that means that they also retaliated against western military advisors maybe killing some of them as the Russians did after the bombardment of Syrian troops in Derezzor

General Surena

İ R A N ” the regional supper power… yes it is. MİSSİLES, DRONES, TROOPES

Geys Home

DISGUSTING!!!! Israel must attack Iranian aggressors!!! Immediately!!

Geys Home

Iran must pay for this!

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

I wonder whether people realize what a game changer this attack with Iranian missiles is. Iran has proved that it has reliable ground to ground missiles and that it is ready to use them. Now against ISIS, tomorrow against Saudi Arabia or US bases in the region. The countdown has started for US withdrawal from the ME.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran has quickly become the defender of Monotheist around the globe! If be Christian or Shia or real-Sunni and not the fake-Sunni-Salafast kind. Zoroastrian and Hindu’s all must unite against the Atheist/Polytheist and fake-Sunni fake-Christian (Like Lutherans). Iran the ancient friend of Daniel of the Bible leads the way against the faults teachers of Zionism. Christians unite with all Monotheist all around the world no matter where they are! The UK and Zio-occupied USA and France and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Norway and Tel Aviv have all declared war against Immanuel the living Christ, against God and Creation. no more should the socialism of Europe stand against God. Resist the new Roman Empire which is headquartered out of the UK and Canada and Norway and Israel and France and Italy. It is the duty of pre-Vatican-2 reforms to unite with the Orthodox and Independent-Baptist and Puritans and Amish. If by prayer or by any biblical means to defend the teaching of God from further regulation. Europe seeks to regulate the scriptures till the point where they are no longer effective. This has been done in both the UK, Canada, France Norway, Germany and now it is happening to the USA because the US has been flooded with these fools from these Atheist lands where they live like Polytheist. They always come to take from others, they fill entitled to live in other peoples lands. But yet they hate it when others wants to live in their lands. The very nature of such double standards stems from the spirit of Lucifer. Always has. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPXb7xbWnqE

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