Video: Iranian Combat Drones Purge ISIS In Syria’s Euphrates Valley


The Hezbollah media wing in Syria has released a video showing how Iranian combat drones pruge ISIS manpower and vehicles in Syria’s Euphrates Valley. The airstrikes were reportedly delivered by Shahed 129 UCAVs.



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  • Jesus

    Good ability to acquire the target and destroy it. Iran’s UAV capabilities will are being sharpened.

  • Garga

    Interesting. Both the UCAV and ammunition have cameras. The precision is also good.
    It was a long way from Mohajer UAVs in the ’80s to these birds.
    Well done!

    PS. I Also thank the US, for giving free tech. It’s always good to receive technology as a gift! ;)

    • Andre Lopes

      The question is. From where Iran got their processor tecnology and optics techology to create these drones?? It cames from China? If it is from China, i don´t understand why Russia still don´t have a drone like that. Russia has drones for survaillance and sensors in their helicopters, So why Russia don´t have these UCAVS but Iran and China have???

      • BL

        Because it didn’t come from China, it was indigenously made.

      • Garga

        The optics come from the Iran Optic Industries (IOI), the electronic parts from the Iran Electronic Industries (SA Iran).

        Russia certainly has the industrial base to manufacture drones, I believe they have a few models too. Perhaps we’ll see more of them in the future.
        Any country able to produce a sexy bird like SU-35 should be able to make UAVs and UCAVs too.

      • Borkil Borkilovitch

        Russia started an UCAV program but it seem to be cancelled back in 2011, and now they are try to launch a new program based on their previous one. So we might see some russian drones soon in the years to come

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Now please equip the various PMU state sponsored militias with their own UAV’s to ward off any future NATO and Kurdish invasions.
    Give all the PMU some of these UAV’s including the Christians members of the PMU as well.
    That way all of Iraq as a United Whole can defend each other and Iraq will be near invincible against invasion.

  • BL

    Nice hits!

  • Денис Черкасов

    Damn even Iran has its UAVs created in 2012. Russia needs to catch up, as far as I know russian only starting their production of UAVs.

    • χρηστος

      they have many in service in SYria…..what are they?

  • hvaiallverden

    The tech is stone age, I could do that 20 years ago, with radios, capice, this isnt hard to make, but it is something else to make it work in real time, remember terrain and shit like that, and this muct be taken in consideration, experience and usefulness, does it work, autonomous if necessary.

    Versatility, contra ability, this drones are big, easy targets, but less than that, minimizes pay load, to ability to maneuver and counter measures, but again, against costs, I would go for numbers, make then “moron safe”, in fact the optics looks good anuf, maybe the missile tech can be improved, shrink them to bare minimum, easier to maneuver, and weight less, and can utilize the kinetic energy as well.
    But for me, its an extended eye, above you, to monitor the area surrounding you, from Infra to ultra , this dont need to be big, pocket size, but, again, the tech must improve, down to whatever guidance/monitoring equipment the Infantry carries.
    Because, expect the opposition to have the equivalence, but never even then underestimate close quarter combat, in an environment where this thing dont have the same range as in open land, just ask the Yankikes in Somalia


  • Thegr8rambino


  • gustavo

    Did somebody say that IRAN has not good technology for weapons ?

  • χρηστος

    great job

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Iranian drone technology for you: Great! I wish them more victories; Rise up Iran!