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Video: Iran Test-Launches Qiam Missile From Secret Undeground Facility

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Iran revealed a video showing the launch of the Qiam-1 ballistic missile from a secret underground facility. No data about the date and location of the launch was provided.

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  1. d'Artagnan says:

    Well, according to most open source and other intelligence, Iran has the 4th largest missile inventory and rocket forces in the world. Iran has has the capability to increase the range of its missiles to ICBM standard like DPRK and turn key nuclear option if the Zionist barking dogs and US warmonger keep on threatening Iran. The first entity to disappear if a shooting war ever breaks out will the Zionist global parasites. And that is a fact!

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Seeing the squatters evicted would be wonderful.
      I wonder if Saudi Arabia will be willing to take squatter refugees into their paradise on earth?

      The Saudi’s and Israeli’s are allies now afterall. The Saudis also have the great advantage of having lots of barren desert for them to wander around in for a few years as well.

      I and many others do not want them back in Europe :)

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Churchill and Stalin was friends too :)

        The Saudis only has very few very closed small refugee camps. But You seemes to forget they actually give several million foreigners jobs. It might be, because they are lazy, but they do and by that support the economy for countries even the low paid are close to slaves. The Foreigners know the conditions.

  2. verner says:

    a bit short for tel aviv so they would need to double the distance it can cover. but maybe they have something else in store that can reach tel aviv/haifa and start the deconstruction of the squatters illegal settlement on palestinian land. can’t wait for that to happen!

    always an anti-zionist which is something to weatr as a badge of honour.

    1. d'Artagnan says:

      Any missile range can be boosted by attaching boosters. Iranian engineers are some of the best in world and extending the range is child’s play. Remember under the feisty President Ahmadinejad, Iran was successfully shooting satellites into space with booster rockets. The major problem for Iran now are the weak and vacillating duo of Rouhani and Zarif who have no credibility or balls.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        You can say they have no balls because they both had children on American schools. That’s what I as American call balls.

      2. Tom Tom says:

        Iran has had major help from German scientists.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      I have worn my badge since I was a teenager who played with Airfix kits in the 60’s.
      I painted a box of ‘civilians’ in Striped work dress :)

  3. Rodney Loder says:

    Great video, I always said since I came on the Net, 2012, missiles are the Equalizer, hypersonic ballistic glide and supersonic cruise will always be unstoppable on land targets, a ship has got a good chance of intercept against ballistic because the mission can have only one terminal phase destination, but the experts all agree cruise at seal level is undetectable until its too late all stratigists know that surface ships are obsolete.

    I notice Netanyahu doesn’t overfly Syria anymore, fires baby missiles from Lebanon after getting Putin’s permission, F-35 / F-22 withdrawn from service apparently.

    1. d'Artagnan says:

      The Zionist dogs have not been barking about Iran either, Jews operate by evil and making other gullible brainwashed gentiles fight for them. In America they have conned the Christian evangelicals into Zionism and a fake narrative.

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Very true, what you say, maybe the Christians conned the real Jews to start with, Sir Mark Sykes The Balfour Declaration and all of that, doesn’t matter much now though.

        However, I can tell you what’s going to happen, Trump will do his bellicose act as only he can, the Dems will say no to war with Iran, and also that Trump is crazy, Trump will exit stage right, the Dems will look like heroes and get a lot of support around the World and continue to screw Iran for a better deal.

        But Trump wasn’t goint to attack anyway, were better off holding on to Trump.

        1. daniel says:

          Trump maybe good for you but he is definitely very bad for Iran, Israel=Trump want no missile activity in Iran,

          1. Jens Holm says:

            They just go on with their own was Sunnis versus Shiits as since they split up in Iraq once upon a time ago.

            The only change during time is who they blame for it.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Cristian crap from You again. We are dont have christian states but sekular ones.

          Thats what makes us strong and able to devellop things.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        There we go again. The parrot repeat itself.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          I agree Jens.

          Please ask your handler to put a towell over your cage.

          You need a rest and we do as well :)

        2. Tom Tom says:

          He’s right about a lot of things ‘cept, and even in some way Christian evangelicals because they do support Israel when they should only support Messianic Jews. The rest of Israel will be destroyed, along with all the armies surrounding Israel (Russia, Turkey, Iran, everyone else, etc.).

          Read Ez. 38-39, but don’t think that gives secular jews any more reason for hope than the Russian army.

      3. Tom Tom says:

        I don’t think Obomber was a Christian evangelical, yet he went into Libya, Syria and Yemen, killing over 1 million. So your point is not accurate. A lot of Christians voted for Trump simply because, even tho’ he was a democrat all those years (until he changed party in 2010) and supported abortion, he at least said he would not support it. You know Killary just lovers her some aborted babies off which to feed.

    2. Rob says:

      This Qaim-1 missile with four MIRV nuclear warheads, each with 200Kt yields. Who knows.

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Iran cause use nuke already but would never do so unless Israel did which would also be suicidal, interesting Uncle Kim is been given a green l

  4. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:


    1. Rob says:

      Qaim-1 range is just 3000km but the Sejjil-1 missile range is 6000km which is two stage missile. Its three stage version Sejjil-2 missile is 16000km.

  5. Lazy Gamer says:

    Arms race is on in the middle east. The rest will have to increase the payload just to hope to disrupt the facility.In the meantime,sanctions will intensify.However, what about its targetting? Does it just use internal devices?

    1. Douglas Houck says:

      All you need is to take the inertial (3 axis accelerometer) guidance, along with GPS and compass parts from any cell phone and you have an internal guidance system with a 5 m accuracy.

  6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Irony here being; Ukraine sold the Iranians the missile (2,500 km range Kh-55) that can hit all parts of Israel.

  7. grumpy_carpenter says:

    Hope Iran has more than one secret underground missile facility because if they are launching missiles from this one it’s not secret any more.

    1. AJ says:

      The location is still secret this could be anywhere in the country.

      1. grumpy_carpenter says:

        Except as soon as they launched the missile US satellites picked up the flash of light from the launch and now they know exactly where it is.

        1. verner says:

          you know this for certain?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            He is not. Its not impossible but none should expect Irnaians are that stupid.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Thats right. But they probatly only will see a truck and some small buildings.

          1. grumpy_carpenter says:

            Yea but once they see the launch from that location they will start looking a lot closer.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        I agree. Important things are hidden under ground. Iran has good mountains + rocks for protection.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      I am no Iranian, but if fired missiles like that, they would be transported kind of random by trucks.

      1. grumpy_carpenter says:

        That would make sense but the report reads they launched from the underground site … I just take them at their word.

  8. PK says:

    Iran has well established underground network tunnels. Most of Iran’s military facilities are deep underground more than 100 meter underground considering NK underground tunnels. Keep in mind that Iran put a satellite into the orbit. The satellite rocket becomes a ICBM after attaching one or two boosters. It takes 30-40 minutes for a ICBM to reach US continent from Iran.

  9. Xoli Xoli says:

    Determination is the only option in front of Trump and Satanyahu .Because both are killers in the name of fake chemical attacks.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      If the chemical attacks are fake, they wont harm any.

      1. Xoli Xoli says:

        False chemical attack which are orchestrated by white helmets.

      2. Sinbad2 says:

        Well yes they do harm people, because the US responds to these fake attacks by killing civilians. Did you notice that the last time the US attacked, very few missiles got through, but the one target they bragged about was a drug company.
        Just like in Iraq, the US always targets medicine, because they like to spread disease.

  10. verner says:

    war against iran is a non starter for trump with reelection bid coming up later this year and 250 bucks for a barrel of crude would kill any such thoughts. and the hard pressed and under-educated masses in the fly over states would recall trump’s no more wars message in the previous campaign and they are hard to forget.

    1. javier says:

      meh…he’s the new herbert hoover put in place to bring the depression, may as well throw in a world war

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        WW3 was the mission of Hillary Clinton, but it seems the mission has been passed to Joe Biden.
        If Trump wins again the plutocrats will kill him, they are running out of time.

  11. Jens Holm says:

    Khomeino dillidoes :)

  12. Jim Bim says:

    No war against iran, the US only attacks and wages war on week and poor country`s

    1. john says:

      and lose . . .

      1. Jim Bim says:

        Exactly, the US always brags about their military might…..nothing to brag about.

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