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Video: “I am not Charlie, I am Su-24”


The Russian artist Vitaliy Zhurba wrote a song called “I’m not Charlie, I am Su-24” in tribute to the downed Russian bomber by the Turkish forces.

The lyrics:  

Heavens suddenly turned into hell,

Treacherous blow from around the corner…

I am a plane with the soul of a man

With a special geometry of the wing.


When they stab you in the back, they know they will not miss it …

They know the vulnerable spots…

And the pain that started somewhere in the fuselage

Pierces from the cockpit to the tail.


What the hell is going on in this world?!

I can not see through fire and smoke.

I’m not Charlie, I am Su-24,

And where are the signs with my name?


I spiral down, my head is spinning

Mixing all like in a kaleidoscope.

I have no chance for salvation,

I meet the inevitable head on.


The earth will embrace me and will shelter me forever,

My flight recorder is engulfed in haze.

I am a plane with the soul of a man

With special geometry of the wing.



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  • Kalin

    Nice song about another typical deed of the JewSA and its pack of Jewish proselytes – NATO. Their day is coming. If the Jewish elite and their herd of proselytes/killers are not utterly annihilated one day, there is no justice in the world. I perceive the day is coming when even their allies will turn on them. Israel, Jewmerica and Britain will be standing there alone – the whole world staring at their unrepentant, nakedness and shame as the wrath of God is poured out on them. The world can finally heal from the cancer.

  • I’m not Charlie, I’m A321