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Video: Houthis Showcase Their Combat UAVs Operating Against Saudi-led Coalition

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On July 2, the pro-Houthi media released a video showing unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) operated by the Houthis against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

According to an article by Yemen’s Al Masirah, the Houthis have carried out over 10 operations against the coalition’s forces in western Yemen using these UCAVs.

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Well done. Grow up in aviation and automation industries.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Only wish Hamas and Abbas would learn that instead of being corrupt pos harming Palestinian people with their ineptitude, this i how you beat enemies and have the heart and courage and no division among one another.


They suffer from 3 things. As you say, corruption is an issue. Second issue is Israeli intelligence has seeped itself into their systems. Thirdly, for Hamas, because it is Sunni it feels that the only good that can come to it is from the Sunni countries like Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is an understandable way of thinking, but they fail to realise that those states sold out to the enemy a long time ago. They still obviously recieve support from Iran, but they’re always talking shit about Iran aswell.

These are its main issues.

Daniel Castro

So you are saying they are dumb…


Hamas is controlled opposition.

Aen RaBeon

No but he’s telling that you are since even a one eyed man can see and assess the real situation in Palestine but not you. And to give a dumb question for an answer. You get kicks out of it don’t you.

Daniel Castro

“Hamas, because it is Sunni it feels that the only good that can come to it is from the Sunni countries like Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is an understandable way of thinking, but they fail to realise that those states sold out to the enemy a long time ago.”

They = Hamas, if Hamas is like that they would indeed be dumb, not much different from many of these dumb cannon fodders who join ISIS or HTS. But I agree with goingbrokes on this, too much controled opposition going on these days.

Why all this aggressivity man?

Brother Ma

Well said. Stupid Hamas. Also main Isis cannon fodder providers as well.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Salafi and Wahhabi only help themselves , but you forget half of million Palestinians are Christian most left through the Diaspora.


Hamas and Abbas can only use unarmed humans to die and get world opinion which does not work against Israel or US

No brains …. Yet one time fought against SAA and Hez .


Hamas has experienced a little problem, mainly 825WP (UN documented).. Their kids should stick to ‘Wrist Rockets’ and tumble their projectiles a bit.. but mainly take up masonry skills for the big Syrian rebuild..


Even if the Coalition wins this war.
No one will forget the humiliation of the Saudi and UAE army.


Give the Houthis Swarms of UAVs…To drop some Turds on these Wahhabis….

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You mean UCAV unmanned combat aerial vehicles , heard UAE is halting it’s attacks in Houdedieh as the Yemeni Elected Government is happy but not the Saudi appointed Warlord Hadi will be.


yeah UCAV…the combat sounds good…Yemen, Libya & Afghanistan should be next to bring Peace..as happened in Syria… I think this will be…soon..Saudi Arabia is getting itself in a tricky situation…even a Coup d’Etat at Home a Potential threat…Nice moment to get rid of Wahhabism at the same time…if it’s up to me…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Problem is Europe and the west let in a lot of Salafi radicals should never have let Muslim Brotherhood in. FSA flies the flag of the Muslim Brotherhood with 3 stars red and green every time I see it , it’s all red to me.

John Mason

Imagine what the Houthis can do with tanks, the war would be over very quickly.


Tanks are sure way to get blasted by Saudi air Force.

Houthis burn these when captured.

ATGM teams of 4 works far better and almost impossible to detect


Merijn, That sounds like the ultimate “shit-storm”……Lol


Well we all know that these are Iranian made and delivered to the Houthis but Iran helps a lot, but it’s Iran only, no one else helps them, Imagine if they have more help. And that Wahhabi coalition is from 5 countries or 10 and all most richest countries and their proxies that are fighting against the Houthis have a lot of equipment, but still with all that much shit and aviation bombing and all that, the wahhabist are incapable of fighting, because they are been sent there from government to fight, and the houthis are fighting for their land, their homes and their lives.Well I don’t know on which side is Qatar but i know that they have very bad relations with the Wahhabists Saudis and all others around, they can supply the Houthis if they want.

chris chuba

Queue up Nikki Haley crying that its unfair that Iran is giving the Houthis model airplanes while the FUKUS is giving the Gulf States cluster bombs, Littoral combat ships, F16’s, targeting coordinates, in flight refueling, armor, artillery, and helping their starvation blockade :-)

If only the Houthis had more of that long range rocket artillery they would be decimating the Orc army on the shoreline instead of having to risk their lives in hit and run raids and settle for occasional missile strikes. They could even do without air defenses (although that would be splendid).

Yemen shows why Iran needs lots of ballistic missiles, without them Iran would be the next Yemen.

Brother Ma

Qatar are wahhabi cunts as well. Just ones that have fallen out with the rest of the gang because it will now get happy rich with gas it co-owns with Iran.


The battle for a United Middle East ain’t finished yet… it just started… Saudi Arabia overplayed its hand… and will be in Big Trouble… their Fake Talmudic version of Islam will bleed to Death… they have Worked for decades to destroy Coherence & Unity…promote Corruption…support Treason, Envy, Betrayal, Bribery…they are a bunch of Corrupt Traitors… because the always worked for Western interests… A Coup d’Etat would be a Good thing…


All female Assassination Squad..


Has anyone seen the new Chinese drones?
They don’t use propellers or jets, they flap their wings like a bird.
They only have a 5 klik range at the moment, but it’s a huge leap in aircraft design.


0.5km range.. 5 to 15 minutes


Love, when people have means to defend their rights. “it was so nice before they were able to shoot back”.


Ah, but the video show two types.. I’ll go with the Brut Rutan design.. KISS

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