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JUNE 2021

Video: Houthis Destroyed UAE Army Convoy In Yemen’s Province Of Taiz

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Video: Houthis Destroyed UAE Army Convoy In Yemen's Province Of Taiz

A screenshot from the video

The Houthis have destroyed a military convoy of the UAE Army in the Yemeni province of Taiz destroying a number of vehicles and killing UAE troops there.

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Zainab Ali

God bless the fearless yemenis forever

Icarus Tanović


Andrea Howard

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jade villaceran

Love to see kicking those bullet proof glass wearing just flip flops

Overwatch D.VA

They dont care about terms or matters that make ignorant western people go gaga , like ‘warfighter’ ‘combat gear’ ‘assaut vest’ ‘tactical gear’ all those nonsense worshipped by the hyper militaristic americans..

they just fight and kill enemies , just like their ancestors been doing..


Wearing sandals Houthis armed with ATGMs …. lots of them . Hezbollah style.

This is how to fight high tech soldiers or air force.

Air force cannot target these bare footed fighters.

Pave Way IV

First time I ever saw a Houthi take anything (other than weapons) as war booty. All that sophisticated gear in those trucks, and what did they think was the one item valuable enough to grab?
comment image


Well honestly radio set is a no go whereas other accessories such as binoculars, thermal optics, IR, etc well they probably don’t need them in the first place.


A stretcher. You look after your mates.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Better to carry them on the back like that Houthi did under fire from the KSA, but at least they can use the stretcher for makeshift Hospitals.

Overwatch D.VA

too much loot will weight down these foot mobile light infantry commandos.. though i am sure the high tech stuff will be kept and cached somewhere to be traded by interested foreign parties if the time comes..


Hezbollah style, are you dreaming man, Hezbollah today are equipped with full body suits almost same as american one, you seem that you haven’t seen any Hezbollah soldiers dressed you should Google it


Hezbollah is a guerilla ragtag force fighting the most powerful army in the ME…Google.


That begs the rather obvious question, so why is Israel completely paranoid about the non state Hezbollah militia then? Answer would appear to be that whilst Israel has a very proficient air force, its ground forces are actually far less impressive and display a notable political and cultural intolerance for absorbing casualties.


Or maybe because bullying unarmed Palestinians around and having no real threat from other Arab countries has made the IDF soft?

At least that was the case in 2006. If they haven’t upped their game by now they are not worthy of being called an army any more and sunk to Saudi levels of incompetence.

Overwatch D.VA

remember to watch the pattern , anytime IDF got casualties by hezbollah or syrian , they WILL be using GAZA as another demonstration of power that IDF still supreme..

basically just acting like WW2 german unit , where they got plastered by partisans and then unleash their revenge on nearby innocent civilians..


The next round of Israeli murder ambitions will also involve Israeli pilots being killed :)
All of the Middle East, even the Israeli ‘allies’ will be jumping for joy as well.

Overwatch D.VA

killed ? after dragged alive by cars and immersion in acid bath like the previous israeli pilots caught during lebanon war ?


After what the Israeli pilots have done to Gaza and their deliberate destruction of civilians in the Lebanon war it is understandable BUT if I was unfortunate enough to be in such a conflict , I hope I would have the courage to prevent such abuse.

Overwatch D.VA

so many people in the west are totally ignorant on the cruelty and inhuman way the israeli military treat civilians in occupied territories and inside lebanon proper..

yet so many delusional evangelical christians still support israel without even considering the truth of what IDF do to civilians.

I observe it is only happening to American Evangelical that blindly support Israel action , as if they believe today’s israel nation is the same as ancient Israel , which is was not as today’s israel are filled with fake jewish people who still waiting for their fake messiah..


The ideology of any cult is a powerful tool to enslave the minds of their members.

In many instances there is no antidote to this apart from death.

Overwatch D.VA

americans worship violence , love wars and excessive power , egoistical , greedy and full of lust.. the nation spread death and suffering all over the world..

that the fruit they got also violence in their own country , is that so surprising ?

that nature itself punish america with increasingly deadly natural disasters ?

as you sow , so shall you reap

the time is coming, the blood of innocents are calling for justice.. the arrogant nation full of arrogant people will be punished accordingly..

Overwatch D.VA

please dont spread disinfo.. hezbollah are well equipped and well trained professional soldiers , not some yahoos with AK47 and RPG.. The Syrian war give the hezbollah the experience in combined arms combat including the dreaded urban combat experience , where they came out victorious against equally well equipped western trained proxy soldiers..

the thing is this , IDF are even more wary of hezbollah because of their real combat experience , compared to IDF grunts whose only combat experience is against barely armed insurgents and unarmed civilians..

It is like pitting a group of Prison Guards (IDF) against a group of veteran combat soldiers.. who do you think have better chance to win ?


With all the qualities mentioned above plus fighting with their lives for their motherland and the survivals of their next generations will win..!

Overwatch D.VA

everyone in the western world are suckered into the belief that israeli military is an undefeatable superior entity , but what is the truth ? a nation’s military capability is not graded by previous historical encounter , but by their current state and their citizen’s state..

remember israeli today are not the same generation as the old israeli who constantly at war with nation states, Today’s israeli citizen are content to lay back enjoy the fruit of ‘peace’ while fighting easy war against unarmed insurgents using knifes or stones to fight back..

the psycological mindset of average israeli would be to preserve their ‘good life’ instead of dying of no purpose against capable and modernized enemy who fight asymetrically against IDF.

remember the lebanon 2006 most telling disaster , when 50 israeli paratroopers got killed and wounded when hezbollah fired just 2 ATGM at the building and collapsed it ..


Thanks I DuckDuckGo it, I don’t use Google. Hezbollah is like a modern army. Now I can’t wait to see Israel slip up and pick a fight with them. There would be a lot of Ashkenazis crying in Tel Aviv ROFL

Overwatch D.VA

yes, hezbollah combat soldiers are well equipped and fully trained just like professional soldier. This is why the IDF soldiers feel scared when they have to confront hezbollah soldiers , because they are facing a well trained and motivated combatant who defended their own land (give them additional motivation) , and willing to die for their cause..

theres no ‘motivation’ for the IDF grunts sent there to fight and die.. for what ? for this fantasy of iranian influence inside south lebanon ? south lebanese shia are there as lebanese for decades if not centuries and hezbollah are there to protect shia tribes tehre because no one protect them before..


I would like to see them also armed with the latest Manpads as well. They would really alter the dynamics.

Nigel Maund


Nigel Maund

The UAE and KSA are just not up to it despite their lavishly equipped military. They seem to have little battlefield skill and have no idea how to use terrain. The Houthi’s are fighting like the Vietcong and appear to be good guerrilla fighters which works well in hilly to mountainous terrain as in Afghanistan.

You can call me Al

But they are like the Yanks and have no idea why or what they are fighting or. The heart is not in it, so of course they lose.

Ignoring Wikipedia and the crap written on there by the CIA, when have the US ever won a war ?, they may have won a battle or two, but I mean the war. They are so desperate they gob off about winning the likes of Iraq and Libya …. the UAE, KSA and USA will be the same about The Yemen.

Nigel Maund

To a large extent I agree, apart from the US special forces which are the elite in their Military.


US Special forces have never been up against anyone with up to date weapons and systems in decades though.

Overwatch D.VA

imagine if the taliban factions in afghanistan got supplied with modern ATGM and MANPADs.. there will be massive helicopter losses and impossible to maintain far flung firebases that can only be supplied by air..

fact is , during 2001 US Delta Force raid on mullah omar compound , the Delta Force about 90 of them got kicked out by taliban resistance.. The delta force excuse for their defeat ? the talibans used too many heavy weapons and rockets …

anyone can kick down a civilian’s door and act tough against unarmed civvies.. but it is different story when your opponent are equally armed..

remember the french DGSE raid on somalian compound >? they got kicked in the teeth and have to retreat leaving 2 dead behind..


” imagine if the taliban factions in afghanistan got supplied with modern ATGM and MANPADs ”

The coupling of Manpads with advanced ATGM’s has given infantry a new lease of life where an accurate weapon that costs little can destroy weapons that cost tens or even hundreds of millions of USD ($).

Overwatch D.VA

The reason US forces have easy time in Afghanistan from 2001+ , is because there’s no advanced weapon supply to the taliban from foreign powers.. If there’s such influx of modern weapons , the casualties of US forces will be horrendenous since US relied of airpower and helicopters..

remember the ‘lone survivor’ ambush ? the (overrated) SEAL recon team got ambushed by less than 20 taliban (not 100+ as the book estimated) , and got hammered by heavy weapons before they can call their support , which arrive late and got shot down too..

The point ? US military are too dependant on airpower and this can only be optimal in fight against unsophisticated opponents , in real fight with equally equipped soldiers there wont be any close helo support or air support as these will be swatted out from the sky by enemy SAM/AAA.

US been fighting easy mode against low tech insurgents , and mold their forces to conform this kind of enemy (COIN/INSURGENCY/LOW INTENSITY) ..


I agree but with one proviso. When armed gangs of mercenary terrorists are used as tools by any government , there is a reality that any weapons supplied to them will one day be used to attack their old paymasters.

If any nation is not willing to spill their own blood in a conflict, it is better not to get involved.

You can call me Al

But still, they fight to fight, not for a purpose, not in defence of their Country or their beloved, in fact they probably do not even know the reason.


There is no point in winning a war if one cannot win the peace. Iraq was a good example of that.

Overwatch D.VA

Last war US even won was against the Japanese , with Soviet help , because the Japanese leadership only capitulate after the soviet invaded from the north.. not because some bomb dropped on their 2 cities , which by that time the bombed japs cannot differentiate a city destroyed by firebombing or by atomics..

as for ETO (Europe Theatre of Operations) , the winner is the Soviets , but history books seem to overly praise the american small contribution and make it as if it is US effort that destroy german war machine.. another propaganda written as history..


Last war they won was the First Gulf war…

You can call me Al

But they didn’t win it – all they killed was allied troops and civilians.

They are crap.

You can call me Al

Response to 1st paragraph….. I absolutely agree and for me the Yanks were just testing their nukes and it is the biggest war crime of all time.

Response to 2nd paragraph…… I do actually disagree on this and I will give my own Brits the credit for that – well for leadership anyway. Of course the Yanks assisted, but if you ever talk to the old veterans – the Yanks were more of a hindrance and as you say THEN claimed all the glory. Russia came in many years afterwards as did he Yanks who manipulated the Pearl Harbour attack and only joined in 1941 when we were winning anyway.

Foe me, the credit will stay with the Brits for Europe with their allied forces from Australia, NZ, Canada and South Africa….plus of course the heroes (often forgotten) in the different resistance movements ranging from Norway and even France, The Netherlands and so on.


Overwatch D.VA

brits at that time is a spent force and on the brink of defeat except for help from americans. Their military totally got outclassed by germans and japan. in fact the WW2 bankrupted british empire and then the seat of the empire move to washington after WW2..

IF , a big IF , hitler never attack russia , then they would focus on the invasion of british island and it will be total defeat for europe..

You can call me Al

Please stop your Bx.

Overwatch D.VA

truth is hard to accept if one is holding on delusional thought due to one’s exposure to decades of propaganda drivel from media..

just like many brits cant accept the fact their nation is now the sick man of europe and yet they still clung on the idea of british empire that already long gone..

Seat of the empire was transfered to America when British empire bankrupted , and the Seat of the empire will move to China in near future as America also bankrupted itself with it’s foolish attempt to police the world..

and many americans still cant accept that fact because of their arrogance and their sense of ‘exceptionalism’..

reality is what goes on even if one do not believe in it..

You can call me Al

Actually, you have me wrong….I do accept the truth and that is why I am so p1ssed off about the whole thing.

So apologies for insulting you, no offense intended.


“good guerrilla fighters which works well in hilly to mountainous terrain”

And also in most of North Korea if the Yanks are daft enough to invade :)

There would be American body bags in the many tens of thousands :)

Vido Dasler

The dance makes it complete.

You can call me Al

hahaha – love your picture.


Victory dance well deserved.


love the dance and they walking away from the burning armour vehicle with their head held high and there look on their face like “just another usual massacre of the UAE” is pricelesss :)


There’s no body. Or is this the polite video ?


Burned inside the vehicles I would think.
Riding around in armoured vehicles is not the way to wage war in such conditions.
Patrolling on foot in the hinterland is. But that demands real soldiering.

Jonathan Murray

OMG they even do a funny dance at the end!


I really doubt if there are really UAE soldiers in the war zone. Their country is very rich. Why will they waste their lives in a war that does not concern them.


Because the leaders of the UAE are despotic and greedy scumbags :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice as usual your work is superb houthis!!! keep up the pressure on these nutsacks :)))

alejandro casalegno

Somebody speak arab and can say me what all houthis fighters sing??…….i listen “America” and “Israel”, for sure they are not praising them.



The Houthis are indeed a legend.
Brave men indeed.


You gotta love the freedom fighters (Houthis) of Yemen. They are fighting an extremely effective guerrilla war. I loved how they burnt the last vehicle, they don’t want vehicles, not in this guerrilla war. Love it


Asymmetric warfare, anyone?

Icarus Tanović

Looks like Vietnam for Saudis.

Icarus Tanović

Yemen is gonna be grave for wahabistan and wahhabies.


Nice video !!


assolutamente_no wrote


I am wondering if we might make a swap, you send me a kilo of Kat and I send You a family pass to Disneyland?

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