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JUNE 2021

Video: Houthis Crush Positions Of Saudi-Backed Forces In Yam Mountain Range

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On March 27, the Houthis attacked and captured a number of positions belonging to Saudi-backed forces in the Yam mountain range area. According to pro-Houthi sources, Saudi-backed forces had de-facto lost control over a large part of the area.

The Yam mountain range is located in the district of Nehim east of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. If Saudi-backed forces retreat from it, their attempt to reach the countryside of the country’s capital can once again be considered as a failure.

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The world knows that there are hidden places of Washington army in Syria and in Iraq. The Washington army in Syria and in Iraq have hired Syrians and Iraqis for militancy and terrorism and to provide defence and security to Washington army in Syria and in Iraq. Washington want to divide Syria, Iraq and Turkey to create another bigger ISIS state called Kurdistan because the previous ISIS state lost.

Politolog Externista

the world knows, everyone knows, its common sense, it is a fact … are you so afraid that you keep making stuff up ? Or you make it up and then believe it ? It will be better for you to stop using your imagination.


I am in support of the Houthis but sometimes they do really bizarre shit.

Look at the Houthi rebel sleeping on the ground at 1:31 in the video. Like wtf? I understand that they need to rest sometimes in between battles, but why the fuck is he sleeping on bare rocks with his uniform still on in broad daylight without any towel or covering? Is he like so dehydrated that he just collapsed on his back?

I don’t get it….


Are you for real ?
That’s a saudi backed dead ISIS RAT !


Hmm, he looked like he was taking a nap from exhaustion. At least he gets to sleep permanently now :)


Unfortunately, “Saudi-backed” is short for “poor fucks from muslim countries who anyway weren’t going to see any of the cash their rules were paid by Riyadh”. Kill them if you have to, but these guys will be easily replaced. See also: Syria.

Shuja Pasha

No the Saudis can’t replace anyone. Saudis are losing all their assets everywhere. Also south-front didn’t mention most of these soldiers are actually Saudis, acting like Yemenis for propaganda purposes. Even the al-Masirah channel which released this video says this, because they interviewed captured enemies.

if this was the case in Syria also, than Assad and their allies wouldn’t be winning.

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