Video: Houthis Carry Out Attack On Supply Lines Of Saudi-backed Forces Advancing On Al-Hudaydah

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Video: Houthis Carry Out Attack On Supply Lines Of Saudi-backed Forces Advancing On Al-Hudaydah 5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.

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The Houthis have carried out a successful attack on supply lines of the Saudi-backed forces involved in the ongoing battle on the port city of al-Hudaydah in western Yemen, according to a video released by Yemen’s al Masirah TV channel.

The video shows the destruction of at least a few vehicles of the coalition’s forces, which also abandoned 5 other armoured vehicles.

Recently, the coalition’s forces have gained a number of points south of the port city of al-Hudaydah controlled by the Houthis and even entered into the al-Hudaydah airport.

However, their supply lines still remain overstretched along the western Yemeni coast. So, the Houthis can pressure the coalition’s forces through attacking supply convoys and reinforcements.

Video: Houthis Carry Out Attack On Supply Lines Of Saudi-backed Forces Advancing On Al-Hudaydah

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Question, why don’t they supply thekselves by sea? Or are they doing that but there’s nothing the Houthis can do.

Richard M

The Houthis have anti-ship missiles. The Wahhabistani Orcs likely prefer to lose a few technicals filled with expendable Sudanese mercenaries to losing a 2 billion $$$ destroyer!


They are totally blocked, ground and sea.

Richard M

The damaged and abandoned vehicles should be used to make road blocks. Instead of blocking the road completely, make a hedgehog pattern forcing traffic to crawl slowly in front of prepared ambush positions! :D

Abandoned vehicles that are salvageable should be heavily boobytrapped with rocking big IEDs to blast trained salvage crews to Valhalla! :D

Icarus Tanović

Escarpments also works very well. Any form of road block. Perhaps they use D9s to bulldoze roads. We should all together get there and give them Hell! Flamethrowers, then so called fougases(barrels filled with oil flamable mixture, that set armor ablaze), ied, those that have concave, and fire missiles with tremendous speed.


hard to create choke point in desert areas… it worked well in indochina where the viets slaughter french commandos and convoys on daily basis , but it dont work in open desert roads.. unless it is the mountain roads

Richard M

The video shows soft sand and dunes. I also see an APC buried to the axles in sand. I think the vehicles are rather dependent on the paved road to move at speed. You do make a good point though. The problem can be addressed by digging trenches perpendicular to the roadway. Cover the trenches with plywood or whatever material that will support several inches of sand, just enough to conceal the trenches. Vehicles will plunge in and Molotov Cocktails and small arms fire will make it into the antechamber of Hell.


it is a painful terrain to operate vehicles , and the temperatures are really not for the weak.. the resident locals are acclimitized to the climate , but the sudanese mercs and the western mercs wont last long without massive air support.. and even if the mercs successfully take the airport and the port , the supply line required to feed a modern army is too easy to be dirupted..

easy to take the objective , another matter to hold it

Richard M

Precisely. The French learned at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 that it was easier to set up an advance base in “Bandit Country” than it was to hold and maintain it!


the frenchs are so arrogant they forgot few years before dien bien phu they lost thousands of troops along Route Coloniale 4 when the whole string of french firebases along sino-viet border got attacked by DIVISIONS of just graduated viet minths (from their training centres inside china)..

dien bien phu is the pinnacle of french inadequacy and arrogance..


French Leclerc-tanks simply roll over these “road-blocks”. But if you pump full the road-blocks with bubbytraps and canon-shells.. oops, the IED is here :) ……and left & right of them, MINE the field.. The wannabe clever tanks-commanders get out of the road , bypassing the IED ;).. And surprise, surprise..


What Leclercs? I didn’t see one Leclerc. They’re too valuable to risk in places they send anti IED vehicles an LAVs


Any prime minister or president supporting the child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and Israel is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, terrorist and thief…..


huh . what you talking about ? supporting ? US / FR / UK special forced directly involved in thr offensive and USAF provide targetting , logistics and Intelligence for the air campaign..

this is not just supporting , this is direct criminal involvment of the hypocrite western nations


The Houthis very effectively adopted the tactics of a ‘poor man’. They use transport that requires little maintenance and never bother taking abandoned and cumbersome armoured vehicles as trophies.

The ATGM has revolutionised light infantry firepower in the last 20 years or so and the Houthis have learned well to be ‘small targets’ when attacked by airpower.

Add to this the indomitable sprit of the Houthis and we see history in the making .

Stephen Yemen Explained: Saudi Coalition, Houthis and Famine Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen Small kids dying due to starvation. They have no food, no clean water, no medicines and no shelter … In Palestine the condition is also like Yemen …..

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster. 2. 8 Million People Hungary. 3. About 11,000 people killed. 4. About 50,000 people injured. 5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, stop oppression and aggressions on them and send humanitarian aid in emergency. There is need of reconciliation between different groups. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die. Shame How the Saudi Arabian prince lose their money. This will be a shame history.


An offensive backed by US/FR/UK ground troops and air power , to seize ground. They could overwhelm the houthi defenses for a while..

but no one even the west could hold ground for long before their troops get ambushed repeatedly..


I’m glad that the Egyptians didn’t provide ground troops. I hope that the Houthis get lots of support and that the Gulf offensive fails and that they lose the war.


You spend a ton of money on the operation, if you want us to watch please hold the camera steady: Thanks


I’m sure your personal viewing pleasure is not on their agenda, staying alive to defend their homes most likely is. Maybe a splatter fest, starring your head, would make better viewing? Although, it would be a low budget production, which you could direct from your lazy boy.

Jeth Roderet

Great job, Yemenis — drive those Saudi devils out of your land!


I’ve lost count of how many modern Saudi/Gulf MRAPs have been destroyed in this war, it must cost them a fortune to replace.


The “Good” guys are always the ones being attacked, by Western countries, Saudi Arabia and /or Israel

Houthis are therefore the “Good” guys

All the more power to you, Houthis.


Houthis should attack Saudis oil fields production.

Kell McBanned

Good stuff, good to see they are tanning the Wahabis up still, Iran needs to get some Manpads through to them to swat those apachies and drones out of the sky, hard to watch such an uneven fight but they are on their home ground and doing amazing with what they have. God speed to the Yemeni people defending their land from globalist terrorist oligarchs.


And where are Colombian mercenaries – they run away?

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