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Video: Houthi Fores Launch Burkan-2 Ballistic Missile On Saudi Capital


Video: Houthi Fores Launch Burkan-2 Ballistic Missile On Saudi Capital

A screenshot from the video

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria has released a video of the Friday missile strike conducted by Houthi forces on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

On Fiday, Houthi forces launched a Burkan-2 ballistic missile in response to the continued Saudi air campaign against targets across Yemen.

Yemeni forces have been successfully using ballistic missiles against forces of the Saudi-led coalition since the Saudi-led invasion in Yemen in 2015.



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  • Expo Marker

    While the Jewish and Neo-Con backed Trump is in KSA, signing weapons contracts, the Houthi make it clear that Saudi can beseige Yemen and kill North Yemen Shia, but not without a fight to the death.

    Death to the house of al-Saud!

    • Justin Ryan

      Lets hope that after a Syrian victory that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebabon and Yemen attack and squash the shit out of Saudi Arabia (with the help of the southern Saudi Shiia population).
      For some strange reason, I think this will happen!
      Keep in mind bahrain (where the US 5th fleet is stationed) has a massive Shiia majority population.
      I think that even Egypt would help!
      Things are starting to turn.
      U can bet ur balls the American petro and reserve dollar is at risk here!
      Oh how I love those Russian’s for helping Syria!

  • Thegr8rambino


  • charlie

    Continue the resistance against the war criminal saudi and their allies. and proxies…until the end…so be it.

  • Bente Petersen

    Whats the damage …. and how was it received by Saudi — officials and media… ????

  • zman

    Can’t wait for the spin they put on this! ‘It never happened, it was just a sink hole that exploded’. Don’t remember them saying anything about the last time the Yemeni attacked Riyadh and killed the KSA AF commander when they hit the base outside of the city. Go Yemen!

  • TagPat