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JUNE 2021

Video: Houthi Forces Striking Positions Of Saudi-UAE-led Coalition Proxies In Western Yemen

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The Yemeni media has released a video showing artillery strikes by Houthi forces on positions belonging to proxies of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition in western Yemen. According to the video, the coalition-backed forces lost at least a few units of military equipment and suffered casualties as a result of these strikes.

The MSM often ignores reports by Yemeni sources when it covers the conflict in Yemen thus mostly relying on Saudi and UAE sources in their coverage. This is why most of the coalition’s losses in the conflict remains undisclosed for the international audience.

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This guys have a special place in my heart. They are royally kicking Saudis shit in.

You can call me Al

Bloody hell Bacon boy; those would have been my exact words. I know I am being intrusive, but what Nationality and where are you from in the country (generally) ?.


Thanks but let’s keep it professional. I can assure you I’m not a hot Russian girl looking to marry.

You can call me Al

Fuck that, I was thinking the NW of England like me.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

As a former MECHINF, gunner on mortar and iraq Vet, i have to say that those round a placed by either the worlds luckiest crew or possibly the best crew, damn they are well placed.

Do we know what tube the rounds came from and what kind of rounds it is?


They are only dry rough rounds without any lube from the tube

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen


I asked wich artillery piece they was fired from?

Hisham Saber

Too funny, the Houthi’s are like kicking at ant hills. They have perfected the use of artillery and mortars. The Houthi’s are just hardcore bad-asses. They will carry the war to Saudi and UAE capitals in the coming years. Bye Bye Dubai.


Damn their artillery is accurate LOL this is good.

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