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Video: Hamas Destroyed Isareli Military Bus With Anti-Tank Guided Missile

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Video: Hamas Destroyed Isareli Military Bus With Anti-Tank Guided Missile

A screenshot from the video

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, a military wing of Hamas, released a video showing how its members had targeted a bus of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with an anti-tank guided missile.

The incident took place east of the Palestinian village of Jabaliyah, which is located north of Gaza City. The IDF claimed that the bus had been empty, but confirmed that one IDF soldier had been injured.

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Daniel Miller

was this a infultratior party with the ATGM? If so that is actually impressive.

Jens Holm

Some might say it prbatly is from a russian videogame :)




hohoho… so resistance in gaza has ATGM now…..hohoho … that will make ground invasion by IDF close to 0 % probability……jews r cowards… backstabbers but no fighters head to head…. best examples are the latest russian plane used as shield against SAA or the cowardly attack on the uss Liberty….or 911……..typical jew operations


You see that is better than Their DIY-Rockets…..ATGMs are better stuff… Houthis need more ATGMs too…a perfect weapon for asymmetric warfare….BOOM! And you got a lot of damage…

me again

Now when IDF operations in Syria are stopped, they focused on Hamas and situation in Gaza. But this isn’t a good sign for IDF…


IDF only good if the enemy cannot fight back… remember 2006 ?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“…one IDF soldier had been injured.”
Allow me the freedom of a justified guess: the soldier standing a few meters from the blast and the driver got injured?
In my world that makes two.

Notice how the frontwindow got blown out of the pressure, dont tell me that the driver did not get any kind of wound or got injured in any way, i so, hes damn lucky.


they forced an arab to drive the bus , so it didnt count.. the soldier standing near the bus is the casualty..


IsraHell must not like this incident right?


come on , american ‘christians’ (who never read bible and practice christianity as commanded by the Lord) , totally support today’s israeli govt.. anything israel did was OK , even killing unarmed human being , as long as they killed arabs its ok.. remember the massive media propaganda depicting arab = evil ? thats just EXACTLY the same propaganda when NAZI depict russian as subhuman and proceed to massacre russian people in their invasion of russia..

america today = hyper nationalist state , heading toward the same fate as german in 1930-40s..

only today’s enemies will be = immigrant latinos who stole jobs from americans !! , chinese thieves who steal american’s high tech stuff , russian who dont do anything but kept getting blame because they talked funny..

when a nation’s leader go straight into blame foreigner mode , that’s when they enter the same course as NAZI germany ..


Great Shot! It would be nice if this Bus was completely Loaded with IDF-Kid-Killers….though I don’t believe only one of their Psychopaths got injured…IDF-Fucktards form nice groups by the way… so you can kill a lot in one Bang….

Jens Holm

They just killed 20 palestinians too those innocent Palestinians.

Tommy Jensen

Ha ha the only thing you guys can hit is empty busses. Americans and Israelis never gets killed……..LOL.


Americans and Israelis never ADMIT to getting killed but bodies always going home in black bags. go figure.Airplanes always get “birdstrike” or “mechanical failure”. Lying Polish Ghetto rat fake Jews


Hamas let the IDF-Kid-Killers first step out…


They did that on purpose…they have let these IDF-Fucktards first get out of the Bus…. it was just to show what they are capable of…


You have serious credibility issue! so much is wrong with the video and accompanying statements but you blindly accept it as reality. You’re statements about what happened and why are you’re fantasy, nicely extracted with a little bit of oxygen.


Yeah so What?!! I am Free to think whatever I want Mister “Critical Thinker”…. who do you think you are??!! And besides that I do not accept Shit…it is only about the Common Thread for me….and the Common thread is that USrael is Done….Down with the AngloZioNazis!


You think what those responsible for the post want you to think.!


You have no idea what I think…. I go from left to right & Back again….you are not a Critical Thinker…. come with your Version of the Course of Events…. one link please… thanks in advance Mr. Critical Thinker….


You said “They did that on purpose…they have let these IDF-Fucktards first get out of the Bus…. it was just to show what they are capable of”

The Qassam Brigades said in the statement that the counter-raid was in response to a Sunday Israeli attack that killed seven of its members. Reuters, however, cited the Israeli military as saying that only one “Israeli soldier was wounded in the incident.”

Israeli media had earlier claimed that the bus was carrying Israeli settlers.

Now here’s the issue, their statement directly contradicts what you claim they were doing.

That is all.


It’s not about tiny little details…one get lost in all the tiny little details…. Hamas let the soldiers step out of the bus….Blew up the bus…. to show that they can also blow up a bus filled with IDF-Kidkillers….which is an important & clear message….that IsraHell will perfectly well can understand…. these IDF-Soldiers like to roam in groups… that is what I have seen… That will make a lot of Victims in one Bang…the West pretends to be Strong…. but they are nothing…


How wrong you are, it is all about the TINY details (The devil is in the detail) – and our little exchange has demonstrated the credibility of my analysis and the reality of your limitations. You’re unwilling to even acknowledge that the alleged perpetrator gives a motive of revenge for Slain cadres. It’s makes your narrative (and your agenda) look suspect. Reading your narrative I’m reminded of Edward Said’s Orientalism.


Here found you a another Link from the Haaretz… because you still didn’t come up with something else… where’s your link proving the opposite?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So every single report from IDF about killed IDF is a lie?
If so you just said that IDF is lying, contradicting yourself.

As we have say in the Royal Danish Army: tænk – tast – tal, think – dial – talk

H Eccles


The Royal Danish Army really need to upgrade their equipment..

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Could not remember the correct word for “Tast”, dial was the closest i could remember.
The army went digital many years ago, though in some instances a good old analog wired fieldphone is the best/easiest way to go.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Hahaha nice :))


This was an warning, next time, no mercy.



The cause of supposed Hamas strike on the Israeli bus is very suspect. Watch the video the Israeli’s are supplying, if you look closely you will see the bus isn’t hit with a missile but rather there is an explosion
beneath the bus.
The missile the Israeli’s say was used has a distinctive undulating pattern when it flies and leaves a heavy trail of black smoke. NOTHING like that happens in the video.
Further the latest Israeli story is that it was a military bus and a soldier was killed, the earlier story and one that fits the video is that it was a local bus and the last person off was a Palestinian who was killed in
the strike.
So I am going with a False Flag to allow for the slaughter of Gaza; by deception you do war, says it all.


Perhaps they waited, till the bus was empty and then fired the ATM to show their capacity, without risking grave consequences..

If one’s for certain, neither side wants military confrontation at this time.

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