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Video: Government Troops Reached Afrin Despite Turkish Claims That They Had Turned Back

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Video: Government Troops Reached Afrin Despite Turkish Claims That They Had Turned Back

A screenshot from the video

Despite Turkish claims that Syrian government forces have turned back after “warning fire” on their column, it seems that government troops have reached Afrin and united with Kurdish YPG members.

The further development of the story will mainly depend on terms and conditions of the agreement allegedly reached by the YPG and Damascus.

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Smith Ricky

Cant stop the SAA?


As stated before, Russia’s strategy in Syria is indeed an utter failure: Turkey has now powerful reasons to launch a major military offensive in Afrin considering that Assad forces won’t represent a major obstacle to Turkey’s goals in that region (while Russia will opt to remain neutral).

Ishyrion Av

Russia did not enter in Syria to loose. Actually, until now, they won. Why you think they become suddenly idiots?

Wahid Algiers

Wanki Yanki does not play chess.

Amanda Adams

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Tudor Miron

In hiz zio la la land strange things are happening all the time.


Well put!


Why you bother even to ask him? Just look at his nickname!

Ishyrion Av


Wahid Algiers

The turkish army is weak and their fighters are cowards. If they will be fight very hard YOU will see that they withdraw as fast as they can to get a warm place under the skirt of their Mama or aunt or sister.

Joe Dokes

Actually Russia will choose Syria over Turkey.


Actually I believe Putin can’t wait to take down a Turkish plane over Afrin


As stated before, your trolling strategy is indeed an utter failure here.


Nice example of wishful self-deceiving thinking.

You can call me Al


Smith Ricky

Cry some more


Nope – Russian strategy is remarkable. They have belligerent Turks and belligerent YPG fighting each other, belligerent Turks and belligerent US at loggerheads and in an escalating war of words over same issue (two for price of one), all whilst Turks themselves are having their own belligerent Idlib based FSA proxies killed off in significant numbers by YPG in the TAF/TFSA Afrin offensive. These factions were all previously lined up and variously working against the Syrian state leadership – now they are being divided and in own conflicts, this is Russian strategic success writ large. Meanwhile the SAA gets a rare break and can focus on strategic objectives without constant interruptions from coordinated multi-front militant efforts designed to diffuse and dilute SAA forces. Now this is win-win for Russia and Syria. Bad luck chump.

William Damoury

Don’t underestimate Russia’s geopolitical chess moves. Russia didn’t go in to get outdone by Turkey. Russia will prevail, militarily, politically and economically. By doing so Syrian sovereignty will be preserved and the alliance will get stronger.

Ishyrion Av

The main outcome of SAA involvement in Afrin is making Turkish army an invading army. Is not about “terrorists” anymore, is about an invading army fighting the legitimate Syrian army and their allies. Syria knows Turkey is not a friend by any units of measurement you want to use. They know they can deal with kurds, as they dealt with them before, but allowing Turkey to control part of its territory would be an infringement of sovereignty on the short and long term. I think Syrian objective has been reached: showing kurds that not US is their ally, but Syria. I think kurds know by now that US won’t move a finger against Turkey and Turkey is acting like a mad dog. They will have to settle an alliance with the government, which is natural, since they are citizens there.


I think you are proven right by our Western propaganda. The media from our Western regimes are mad about the deal between Syria and Kurds and about the move of the Syrian army to Afrin. Their reaction implies that these are excellent developments :-).


The Western media are also in full bullshit mode with events in Ghouta as well :)

You can call me Al

Even today in the house of commons, MPs including our illustrious Prime Minister skank, ripped into the bombing in Ghouta and blamed only the Syrian government and its allies, naming Russia.

It is a bloody disgrace.


The positive side of all of this is that it means the US terrorists are in serious trouble :)

Its a re run of the Aleppo hysteria.

You can call me Al

I think you are seriously ono something there. Cheers for now.


The deal could only be Syria (Assad) gets the whole of Afrin and the Kurds get Everything from Kobani to the Iraq border and South to Raqqa … roughly in return.


That would be a shitty deal though. Assad gets a relatively useless piece of land, wedged on 4/5ths of its sides by Turkey and its Jihadi friends, the Kurds get Syria’s most oil rich territory. If that were the deal being offered to me I’d say have fun playing with Turkey and its Jihadi friends.


Ignore him he is irrelevant.

Wahid Algiers

Absolutely right.


syrian peoples’ objectives will be reached- kicking ASSad out. Turkey will bring sovereignty to the people of syria from the d*pshit in damscus. Ghouta people are being massaced right now and it’s being documented along with thousands of other war crimes.


Because so far we’ve seen throughout the Arab world what fun will happen then. Democracy, peace and prosperity will then magically break out, as everybody will join hands in their streets and sing Kumbaya. Or at least the Islamic variant. Christian will hold hands with Muslims, Muslims will hold hands with Jews, Sunni will embrace Shia and everything will be magically alright. Once Assad is gone. In no way does the historical record point to the opposite.


I think your left brain has gone to your right brain . Once Assad wins and stay will those joyful relationship happen. If he is gone and the jihadists of different groups control different areas i doubt you can keep your head if you go in there not to say Christians will vanish from Syria.


Wasn’t that basically the gist of what I said? Only covered in sarcasm?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when faced between a choice between a ruthless secular dictator and a bunch of totalitarian theocrats, who can’t even agree on how strict they want things among themselves, I’ll take the dictator. He just wants you to shut up so he can line his pockets. As long as you do that he couldn’t care less. The theocrats on the other hand want you to shut up too, but also control every other aspect of your life, up to and including what you think.

I have no illusions that utopia will emerge once Assad wins. Syria wasn’t utopia beforehand either and there’s a reason why the Arab Spring fell on fertile ground. But we only have to look at the former Islamic State, or Jihadistan in Idlib to see what the alternative will be. And it won’t be song and dance and happiness.


Fair enough. Points taken


From your post immediately shows you belong to the militant camp.

As for Ghouta, Assad forces are massing large forces there to take on the large militant forces there…. Assad is not bringing in bananas to shoot at the rebels.

In fact right now you can read instantly all the fake news about massive bombing on Ghouta are coming out spontaneously from BBC, fox news etc like clock work . Even UN is in it.

This shows just one thing . The western coalition knows that their proxies are in deep trouble and are using civilians as excuse to get SAA to look bad.

Check it out…. mass propaganda is in progress. Very soon you read more ‘last hospital’ bombed and destroyed at least 10 times


Don’t forget the White Helmets charlatans as well as they ‘rescue’ babies in their badly rehearsed movies :)


Then there will be claims of chemical attacks by SAA and France will attack

Desperate people use desperate excuses


I suspect that the French will be in for a shock if they do attack :)


He is from Israel.

Al kuffar

https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2018/21-february-13-hospitals-supported-by-msf-in-ghouta-have :D

Richard M

Hahaha! Since when do Ottomans care about massacred civilians?


Foreign aggressors by definition don’t bring sovereignty to the country and people they attack – illegally I might add – least of all the Ottomans. And what do we do with 70% of Syrians living in government controlled area and presumably having nothing against Bashar? Do they get kicked out of their own country too – just like Armenians did…




Turk, go home.


You will have to better than that on this forum Omer. Your US logic is that of a child.


Sorry, but you “ottoman empire” is just loosing to much to continue like this. Syria is a global affaire where nobody decide by themselves. Even trumpet of the Donald Duck sound false here. A small erroneus doggy have it’s price in the window while trying to bill gates by cooking teams and stilling jobs. It just doesn’t work so he’ll try to push davids on sight. Without Allepo and Afrin the dog must limits his involvement otherwise his people wil overthrow him in hunger games.


I’m confused…are you a Turkish troll?…or are you a Israeli troll, dressed up in a turk name? Regardless, you are full of the same BS.

Richard M

Of course ErrDog is acting like a mad dog. It’s what he does!

Ice Icegold

✌??? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/765fd62a5efede9329b72d748f64911ba1aaf799513b290d6bb6334d0c5ddec4.jpg


if one says nothing – than it’s time to be alarmed. But when they show propaganda posters you know they are shitting themselves :))


That’s why the world doesn’t think much of Turks, because they are never quiet. :]


NDF (and not SAA proper) entering Afrin is an important political statement and not a military significant event – well coordinated with Russia and Turkey IMHO. SAA leaving Afrin in 2014 in order to shorten it’s vulnerable and overextended lines gave legitimacy to YPG as political representatives and sole protectors of Syrian Kurds. Syrian armed forces coming back to protect the Kurds diminishes both political and military role of YPG and opens the way for peaceful reintegration of Afrin canton with the rest of Syria. Turkey will be able to declare “mission accomplished”, because there will no longer be a Kurdish quasi state on their border. Next stop Raqqa and Qamishlo…


Hope you are right. Unfortunately, Erdogan has yet to decide who he is going to back. Even if he does make a decision today he is as likely to reverse it tomorrow.


I agree with you. Baldy Georgian pretending to be a Turk, and a Sultan, changes his mind more often than Italy changes sides in a mayor conflict…


You said “Georgian pretending to be a Turk” but in reality over 90% of the people of Turkey are racially non-Turks pretending to be Turks. The vast majority of Turkey are descendants of Greeks, Anatolians, Armenians, Balkans, Kurds, and other White people whose language has become Turkified after centuries of Turkic rule over the region. The actual Turks are a small minority in Turkey. Everyone else is pretending.


how did that discussion go?? NDF: hello my YPG friend. you f*cked us soooo good last week in derezzor that we decided to come to protect you with these 20 pickup trucks. sounds like a new jim carrey movie. dumb and dumber and dumbest??


So…., as usual, we find that Turkish officials and media are talking trash. Should we be surprised any less? I think not.

Richard M

How do ya like them apples, ya Ottoman bastages?


I’m worried, what If they clash?? Turkey is NATO member, Will Russia stand behind SAA ?? I have a feeling like turks can do what ever they want, nobody would stop them..just like Americans do..


Russia won’t interfere, they made it clear.


But Turks are Invading Syria.. So they are same as jabat al nusra

John Whitehot

“turks can do what ever they want, nobody would stop them..just like Americans do”

strange, because both US and Turkey wanted to topple Assad and he’s still there.


NATO is a defensive alliance. This means that if Turkey picks a fight with another country, other NATO members aren’t required to intervene


I agrees with the comment from Hrky75, and once again, the Kurds have to take side, but this time, compared to the previous cluster f….s done by some local war lords and whatever they cal them self, the benefit must be shared by all, incl Kurds, this time, your only true friend is Syrians.

So, Kurds, the nation dream is for the few, for the large part of Kurds, normal life is all there is, comers and jobs, children on the streets again, you know, life, to then be ruled over, what do you want, rule everybody, going down the same street you claim you walk, exclusive right have no meaning in an nation, and the region have people older than you, Kurds, they have rights to, never forget that. Peace. benefits everybody.

Blessed be the peace makers.



They are not the government.. It’s a small terrorist group called Liwa al-Baqir.. They are acting alone. They will be finished in couple of days nothing big deal..

It’s the same group who acted alone and bombarded by the Americans

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