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JUNE 2021

Video: Government Troops Captured ISIS Warehouse In Deir Ezzor Province

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Syrian government forces have seized a large warehouse belonging to ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor, according to a video released by the country’s defense ministry on March 28. The warehouse is located in the village of Mahkan north of the town of Mayadin.

According to some reports, the warehouse was a part of the factory used by ISIS to produce poisonous substances.

Appearing reports about ISIS warehouses, weapon depots and shelters appearing from the province of Deir Ezzor show a lack of security efforts conducted by government forces in the province.

A wide network of warehouses and weapon depots still allows ISIS sleeper cells to operate in the area. This network has to be detected and destroyed if government forces seek to improve the security situation in the area soon.

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AM Hants


The SAA reached East Ghoutta in time and with speed, managed to prevent the planned CW attack, courtesy of ISIS/Daesh/Al Qaeda/White Helmets and their supporters. Is it true that they hope to carry on with a CW attack, over in Idlib, and of course blaming two nations that have given up their CWs, unlike the nations that fund and support White Helmets.

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Our countries are supporting Al Qaeda and co as usual, and not only with money, but with weapon deliveries and training…

AM Hants

What sickens me, is the fact they cannot be open about it all, knowing exactly why.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Cory Morningstar was the first reporter to investigate the White Helmets in 2013 or 2014 and outed them back then, she is an investigative journalist , Wrong Kind of Green 350: Agent Saboteur The Bolivia Debacle, does ecological and political analysis.

AM Hants

I admite all investigative journalists, that stay true to their Journalist Charter, professional code. No matter what danger they put themselves in, just to get the other side of the story out.

Pave Way IV

ISIS and the rest of the head-choppers from Deir EzZor to al Bukamal are still being supported by Saudi and US money, arms and supplies. They wouldn’t exist if the US shut down their Jordan and Iranian supply routes. It is exactly because the SAA can’t possibly police this area that the US will steal it as part of our anti-ISIS charade. Saudi Arabia keeps throwing Wahhabi clerics into the mosques there, so there will never be an end to al-Qaeda or ISIS on the Euphrates.

The SAA can win battles there, but they can’t prevent the US from keeping the Syrians there isolated, dirt poor homeless beggars with destroyed infrastructure, thus easy fodder for the Saudi Wahhabi control religion and death cult. Same ‘strategy’ used in Iraq after the war to keep it destabilized – at least until the Barzanistan land/oil theft project was completed.


With all parties cooperating in the Middle East… the U.S. In the end will completely lose it’s influence in the Region… see what happened in the last 2 decades…not much left of an image for as far as there was any…Wahhabistan has got a lot of problems appearing on the horizon… let’s see if they will be able to keep on promoting their Talmudic Takfiri Headchopper Extreme Version 2.0 of Islam in the World….it will be a slow proces perhaps, but it will be won by the most intelligent ones…Israhell already lost….now that the Bully lays on his back his Belly Exposed, Lions can finish the job….time is on their side… no hurry….one after the other trick will be used to expose’m…And the U.S. Always eager to chase the Carrot …There still is a very smart game being played… threats Neutralised….Staged chemical attacks? Not a chance they can blame it on Assad….Why expelling some Russian Diplomats…..pathetic way to try and change the public opinion…to me it seems almost as if this is all done on purpose….. it is so stupid, it cannot be true…..
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Hiding in plain sight. What’s going on with the militias at Deir ez-Zor? Clearly no door to door searches were done when they first seized the area and security must be a mess. It seems these militiamen’s technical knowledge of war fighting is rudimentary at best.


What were those bags of stuff and the liquid he was pouring out?

Gregory Casey

I note that Ireland is listed in Notes at the bottom of chart as having granted Taxpayer Funds to the White Helmets in Syria? If so, all I can do is thank my Government and Civil Servants for a lot for supporting a Terrorist Front Organization. Ireland’s Department of Finance and whoever is supposed to be in charge of ‘Overseas Aid’ in the Department of Foreign Affairs need to be brought before an Oireachtas Parliamentary Committee and questioned on why it is that Irish Taxpayers money has been paid to support an organization that is embedded with the worst kind of Jihadi Salafist Terrorist organizations fighting in Syria, many of which are ‘staffed’ with Saudi, Turkish, French, Belgian and Russian Republic Terrorists. I certainly do NOT support the payment of these Funds by the EU and Ireland to support the White Helmets and I suspect, many many more Irish people will agree with me. Unfortunately, however, the White Helmets have engaged in a very effective propaganda war in our media in western Europe (and in US and in the English-speaking world) so that, even now, despite the myriad proof of the true identity of the White Helmets, they continue to receive public support and institutional support from Governments of Member States of the EU.

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