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Video: Government Forces Receive Two More Battle Tanks From Southern Syria Militants

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On July 21, militants in the village of Umm Batnah in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra handed over 2 battle tanks and other weapons to the Syrian Army under a surrender agreement, which had been accepted by armed groups this week.

Earlier on the same day, the Syrian state media said that 7 battle tanks had been handed over to the army in the villages of Mzerib and Yadoudah in the nearby province of Daraa. Thus only during the past 24 hours government forces got 9 battle tanks.

It is unclear how many heavy military equipment and weapon systems (like artillery guns) still remain in the hands of armed groups. However, local sources say that this number can be close to a few dozens.

This equipment will be checked and restored by the Syrian military, with an assistance from Russia, and then used in the upcoming military operations, for example in Idlib.

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Bill Wilson

Tanks and artillery are useless if one lacks fuel and ammo for those. I can see why those former militant militias reconciled with Damascus from the photos of the munitions they surrendered. They really didn’t have much on hand to fight with.
That may be a different story at Hajin where the SDF has launched a major assault on ISIS. The SDF also has cleared out the few remaining ISIS pockets in Southern Hasaka Province so are now focused on ISIS positions along the river. There’s some ISIS units holed up at 13 oil & gas fields in Deir Azzor Province’s eastern desert that the SDF/Coalition obviously isn’t worried about or they would’ve been taken out before the assault on Hajin.


The SDF is nothing more than a militia, doing a little war of militia. The SAA is a real army, doing a real hard war. What you say about munitions of the southwest takfiris it’s a nonsense, and you are trying to forget that the real battle now against ISIS is there, in the southwest of Syria, not in Hasaka or Deir ez-Zor. It´s enough to see the number of killed, captured material, prisoners, etc.


good news!

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