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JUNE 2020

Video: Government Forces Enter Farms Near Jirsin In Eastern Ghouta


Video: Government Forces Enter Farms Near Jirsin In Eastern Ghouta

A screenshot from the video

On March 11, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria released a video showing an advance by government forces in the area of Jisrin in Eastern Ghouta. According to the video, government troops had captured farms east and southeast of the militant-held town and reached its vicinity.

Now, Jisrin is one of the main targets of the ongoing government advance against militants in the area. MORE DETAILS



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  • antoun

    bravo good news!!

  • leon mc pilibin

    A real fighting Army,not like the cowardly child killers of the zionist idf.

    • Patricia Murrow

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  • Serious

    They are gangsters. Every gang group has some gang leaders. And gang members join gangs just like they join gangs in Los Angeles.

    Gang groups make war each others just like they do in Los Angeles : for money and power.

    The difference is that the west and some middle east countrie are providing guns and weapons to the gangs.

    • Maxime St-Jacques Canada

      If you want to fight with your heart, take time to study your opinion and read more and more and get trained with your mentality of accusing with no such evidences of what it is written (articles). Do not believe everything you (we) are (all) alone (like warriors) fight !”

  • Serious

    Gangster mentality. Kill and destroy to be the king of the hill.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Be very careful SAA soldiers with the booby traps/mines and tunnels.This is what SAA soldiers do best; They use their parietal brain/ they
    think/ they organize a winning strategy then they attack and advance and
    defeat those paid criminals pretending to be “rebels”; Paid criminals
    can be given loads of fancy weapons but, if they are running on acting
    first and acting as long as there is MONEY;They will fail.Die rats die;
    Viva SAA soldiers; They are the defenders/warriors/heroes and
    Liberators.VaVa Voom SAA soldiers.

    • Maxime St-Jacques Canada

      Yes dear Brandon, but when they drink the spirit of their captives, to you agree ? It would not be brained…

  • Maxime St-Jacques Canada

    One more year (2018) to clear all these pockets areas while 2- to Control and 3- To build then 2019 4 – To transfer oil property, land properties, urban properties, and property rights to all. When all areas into syria would accord, and into Irak to be cleaned off terrorists, there would be some mercenairies again that is why you must control the population flowing into peace arrangments and into liberated areas. These fellows that escaped previous cleaning and come back cause there are weapons. US backed in exchange from deposits that ISIS stolen with allies to the Regime… time.