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Video: Government Forces Advancing Against ISIS Near T2 Pumping Station In Southeastern Syria

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Video: Government Forces Advancing Against ISIS Near T2 Pumping Station In Southeastern Syria

A screenshot from the video

Government forces are advancing against ISIS terrorists near the T2 pumping station in southeastern Syria.

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Daniel Castro



Great stuff, they are getting their Long Range Desert Group thing on, awesome!


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Did they capture that TOW launcher equipped pickup truck from the rebels?

Manuel Flores Escobar

Iran toophan missile copy of TOW!


That is rather amusing.


its really a beautiful sight, seeing that huge convoy juggernaut of SAA armor and trucks advancing :)))

Solomon Krupacek

i see similar report two times daily on AMN. for 2 and half month. and nothing happens. :(
according to AMNS there are 50 000 soldiers around palmyra. why do not attcak in direction DEZ city? should be massive and swift attack. saa alwYas attack with little part of army. therefore is too slow, causes little damage to isis.


they are advancing from palmyra to dez, getting close now :)))

Solomon Krupacek

yes, leithfadel always wrote: inches closer… unfortunately only inches :))


Keep the faith , the SAA in Ezzor are a majestic bunch , grinding ISIS into hamburger on a daily basis . The Palmyra group are traveling a well defended road .



Miguel Redondo

Someone can have a different point of view , but the facts are the facts
comment image comment image

04-17-17 to 07-02-17

Solomon Krupacek

facts are, that the palmyar-DEZ city axis is intact. so, do not lie me here. other fronts are irrelevant for DEZ city

Miguel Redondo

Big strategist you are … why are the other fronts irrelevant? from Resafa and from T2 now they stay closer to Deir Ezzor as before at Palmyra. You don´t have to go through the site the enemy puts the best defence.
If Manstein would have listened to you in May 1940 he would stay stopped before the Maginot line and pounding without any success.

Justin Ryan

you are so dumb!

Justin Ryan

You are so anxious arnt u!
You seem to me like a keyboard General screaming “Charrrrrge”!
Pls stop with these pathetic fucking pipe dreams of glory!
Dude…… They are doing what they fucking can! What are u doing besides bitching???
Just fucking take comfort in the fact that they are doing everything they can with much smarter people than u!

They are contending with ISIS, FSA, US backed SDF, then there is the SF that are on the ground. Intel surely leaked to isis to slow the SAA down! Logistics are unimaginable for a long range attack! Think of the fuel and ammunition, water, food, medical! Its insane! then there is the tactical part of the operation! Perhaps to reach Deir Ezoir they must protect certain lines!

What makes u think Deir Ezoir is priority number one???
Maybe capturing the Iraqi border IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT!
MAYBE CAPTURING GAS AND OIL RESEVOIRS ARE MORE IMPORTANT so they can pay for the war! (yes the SAA buys oil from ISIS because ISIS needs money and SAA needs oil. believe it or not this is a fact!)

So fuckin chill!
U piss people off when u fucking complain! Just shut the fuck up!

Solomon Krupacek

anxious? why? not my country is destroyed.
i just want, saa win. and i see, they are too silly todo this.

Maybe capturing the Iraqi border IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT!

i told this already 1 year ago. and you and your compadres laught. TODAY both, the border and DEZ ar important, and the left bank of euphyrates. when americans are in tabqa, you have no time to fight step by step.

So fuckin chill!
U piss people off when u fucking complain! Just shut the fuck up!

and who are you? how dare to write such words?? i flagegd you and ask for ban for you.

Justin Ryan

Who are u to say “i wrote this a year a go and they do not do it”!

Are u saying u know more than the Russian and Syrian Generals?
Is that what u are saying?
Are u saying that they dont know how to win this war?
Or that they do not do enough?
Or that they make the wrong tactical moves?

This is pointless and DISRESPECTFUL!

many thousands are dying and all u are doing is complaining that that they are stupid or make the wrong moves!

Who the FUCK ARE YOU to sit on ur keyboard, in ur home and say this!!!

Lets just say that YOU HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL!
And lets just let the SAA and the Russians do their job without negative comments from YOU, Criticising their tactics WHEN IT IS THEM RISKING THEIR LIVES….. and NOT YOU!

Show some fucking Respect!

Solomon Krupacek

Are u saying u know more than the Russian and Syrian Generals?

the life showed, i was right :P

discussion over, the rest of your stupidities i did not resd.

Justin Ryan


This is one of the reasons why they cant rush an attack to Deir Ezzoir!

This is one of the reasons why i think u are dumb and have no idea what u are talking about!

Justin Ryan

Fly to syria Solomon. Tell Assad u know how to win the war!
Tell Assad to make u a General so u can lead the Syrian troops to Deir Ezzoir victory!

If u fail because of ur stupidity, ur name will go down in history as the dumbest person to ever believe that he knows more than REAL MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND MILITARY GENERALS OF SYRIA AND RUSSIA

Go ahead!

In fact why not give us all here a complete report on what u already know. How many troops Assad has, which divisions are capable, how many troops they have in each division, their hardware and capabilities, tell us all the secret locations of certain foreign backed mercenaries and what intel they are being fed! Tell us what kind of logistic support u need for such an operation to atack the new capital of ISIS. Should Syria have waited until Iraq got control of the Iraqi and jordanian border or should they not wait and just attack so the USA can send more FSA over the border and help to arm ISIS!

stop with the tactics bullshit! You are not there! u are not a general, u have no military intelligence. All ur knowledge is from the fucking internet reading news blogs! Just shut the fuck up! its annoying to read ur dumb comments!


Watching this, I am thinking how it was back a couple of years for the SAA and company. It was more than just tough for them. Now, they are rolling forward, in small assault teams, maybe a hundred guys each, possibly dozens of these teams moving simultaneously, backed by CAS and methodically chopping up everything in their way. They are not taking territory, it is far worse than that. They are doing old fashioned search and destroy. It is mean stuff.

It makes me think that the US/GCC types are not comfortable at all about this. I don’t think even Israel likes the idea of this kind of versatile firepower being developed, deployed and perfected right across the street. It is definitely scaring the daylights out of the SDF, HTS ( Nusra forever baby! ), the New FSA and all the rest of the on the ground opposition. Something formidable has arrived in Syria. There are going to be changes. A good day to all. Go SAA!


The US tried to conquer Iraq, failed, and watched Iran gain power in the resulting instability. You’re truly exceptional if you do it all over again next door. Seen from Washington, the obvious fix may be to double down yet again; this one isn’t over yet.


Absolutely. More pain is coming.

Justin Ryan

The USA succeed in the occupation of Iraq but certainly not in the domestic political control! Id say Iran made sure they got the leaders in charge in Iraq that they wanted (shiite)! Now that the Syrian war started, the US thought they’d go for another! But that was when Russian stepped in! So instead of 2 Iraq’s, they might lose both! Plus strengthen Iran who is obviously playing the geopolitical game much better than the US and Israel are!
I expect Escalation by the US and Israel! They’ll hit the SAA hard blaming them for anything they can! So Russia will need to step up here too!
Its gonna get extreme here! This is the decider! This war! And we are almost at the tipping point!


I know we’re all supposed to be 100% on this or that side, like cheering our children on at a high-school sports game. But to me, the way Iran handled Iraq has sad parallels with … Israel. So they busted a couple American skulls to get them out of the way; no problem to me, that’s what invading soldiers are for. But you still have to win the peace. Their instinct was “now it’s our time to be the boss”–pushing for shia sectarian religious power. Fine, you “won”, but at the price of fracturing Iraq, and sending many marginalized Sunni into the tender embrace of ISIS.

If the players could rise to the occasion, US and Iran might have said, “OK, we both screwed up; is there still something we could salvage together?” Of course, in the real world all the pressure was in the opposite direction, with no concept of pluralism to be seen. And so the Middle East continues to keep itself down; glad I live elsewhere.


Parts of the SAA are doing well, to be honest with lots of outside help.

They still have to perform against cohesive dug in forces. Aleppo does not really count as there was no cohesive force there.

In Daraa, where rebels are a bit more cohesive then in the north, SAA is doing pretty bad. At the same time, where there are larger numbers of cohesive opposition forces like Idlib- HTS and Northern Syria – SDF, the SAA stays away from them. Perhaps wisely.


Hi dutch. Thank you commenting on my thoughts. SAA is plenty mean and nasty. They have won two dustups vs SDF near Raqqa. SDF is now keeping it´s distance. They are also doing well with HTS near the Golan, even with having to endure Israeli airstrikes which support AQ and IS there. So, I can´t go all in with you.

The main point is the SAA is evolving into something very dangerous, that they have been before. It´s my take on it. Have a great day.

Justin Ryan

I get what u are saying and perhaps they have some interesting tactics regarding the terrain! I think that they did the hard work already though! They secured or retook urban areas, diplomacy helped with the ceasefire! This free’d up more troops! Id say the border connection with Iraq would have helped (with perhaps Iranian and Iraqi troops and hardware crossing over) plus the fact that most of whats left in Syria is just flat desert! there is no city or urban obstacles nor civilians in their way! its just desert rats and the SAA out in the open! So I recon ur analysis is debatable!
Its better to say, they did the hard work and diplomacy in the Western populated region of Syria and now they have a clear run with only the US backed forces in their way yet in an open and unpopulated landscape!
Sorry to burst ur bubble but I really think this is the case!


Hey Justin, thank you for putting your take out there. You didn´t get all that I was saying but, that is fine. Besides, getting my bubble popped on he regular keeps it all refreshing. Have a great day. :)

Justin Ryan

Cheers buddy :)


I really do not knowt what SAA is wainting to reach Der Zor. with the help of airpower from Russia, they can do it, and reach allover Euphrates river (stopping USA and anexas moving souther).

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