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Video: Future Russian Top Officials Were Tested Under APCs


Video: Future Russian Top Officials Were Tested Under APCs

A screenshot from the video

The members of presidential reserves within the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration training were made to lie still under a moving APC, RBK reported.

The training included parachuting, firing assault rifles and handguns, throwing grenades and lying still under a moving APC. This training was conducted at Kubinka military training center on October 27. The candidates for governor positions not yet assigned to a region took part in the training.

Some of the future officials were not as sturdy as the others. Three candidates suffered leg injuries during parachuting, with another candidate injuring his back.

Training at the Kubinka training center is a requirement for assignment to the top official posts. The officials in training are to be tested in Malaysia and Singapore during the winter.



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  • Amine Mansouri

    hhhh that’s nothing special

  • Solomon Krupacek

    weak.carpet under soldier? where are we? in ali babas world??? :)

    uncle koba would lay the soldier in deep mud. And the distance between bottom of APC and ground would be by 5 cm less then the height of lying soldier :P

    suggestion: make conscription in the pool of crazy russian young peiople, sho are jumping on trains, climning on high towers, etc. you can find them on youtube. all of them are already better then these oldiers after training. :)