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Video Footage of Houthi Forces Destroying Saudi Army Base


Video Footage of Houthi Forces Destroying Saudi Army Base

AlMasdarNews reports: The Houthi forces carried out a successful missile strike against the Saudi Army on Wednesday, destroying an entire military base in the Asir Province.

Based on footage released by the Military Media group, the Houthi forces successfully launched a missile towards the Saudi base, scoring a direct hit that was captured on video.

The video footage below shows this attack on Wednesday:

Due to the sporadic ceasefires that are implemented in Yemen, the fighting in Saudi Arabia has mostly paused; however, the latest airstrikes launched by the Saudi Air Force prompted a powerful response from the Houthi forces.



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  • trid2bnrml

    President Trump will most likely pull US out of Yemen and let the saudis go it alone…

    • ruca

      The Saudis would surely be screwed then. Would love to see it.

    • John

      Lets hope so and also lets hope he stops funded, supplying and supporting ISIS terrorists to overthrow Assad. Hopefully he will put an end to the Syrian debacle that Obama/Clinton started against innocent Syrians…

    • Bob

      Is hard for US to not be involved at some basic level – Saudi air force requires US assistance to actually operate in warfare – need US assistance for satellite imagery in targeting and US or UK aero engineers to oversee and maintain jets.