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Video: COVID-19: Closing Down the Economy Is Not the Solution

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Written by Prof Michel Chossudovsky; Originally appeared at Global Research

Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty and despair prevail.

While the lockdown is presented to public opinion as the sole means to resolving a global public health crisis, its devastating economic and social impacts are casually ignored.

The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty.

This is the true picture of what is happening.

How is it implemented? The fear campaign plays a key role. The lockdown is presented to national governments as the sole solution.

The economy is the basis for the reproduction of real life.

It is also the basis for upholding public health endeavors.

This closing down operation affects production and supply lines of goods and services, investment activities, exports and imports, wholesale and retail trade, consumer spending, the closing down of schools, colleges and universities, research institutions, etc.

In turn it leads almost immediately to mass unemployment, bankruptcies of small and medium sized enterprises, a collapse in purchasing power, widespread poverty and famine.

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No kidding…

Wayne Nicholson

We have to learn to live with covid-19 ….. it’s not going away. We have to adapt our behaviour to the virus. Economic shutdowns, if used intelligently, give us time to come up with solutions and workarounds to running an business in the presence of a life threatening virus we have no solution to.

I was in the construction business. When I started working 50 years ago I went to work in running shoes and shorts with no safety training. Today I have to wear 20 lbs of PPE and take a month of training to walk onto a jpb site …. mainly because of the liability risk to investors and company executives. The construction industry didn’t die because we had to deal with job site safety.

If we can change our work habits in construction the rest of the world can put on masks and gloves or work from home. In my current business we started working on putting our training courses online six weeks ago. Six weeks ago it looked like we lost at least 6 months worth of business due to cancellations. Today we’ve moved all the existing work online and have even more business than before the virus struck and our business is more profitable because we’ve cut out travel, hotels, meals and room rentals.

Adapt or perish because throughout history those who whined and complained about change got left behind.


In Australia we exposed the culprits and yes the arrests are continueing,sure there are cases of online training,however the real world economy as you ought to know relys on output not software manipulated fake concepts,real power oil,gas,ores,coal,uranium,metals alone make up for 50-60 real world productive income for respective nations that have the capacity to excell,for example russia without the fastidious fancy redtape and more than not undeeded
contracted health practice nanny acts,I know these things inrelation to machinery insomuch as how the farmers of todays are getting shafted worldwide with some apple homosexual monopoly concept which fortunately in Australia will be dealt harshly accordingly,nut that is only some of it to be frank,whilst there are certain changes some better definetaly more worse if they went along with the tyrant/nazi notiom,I’ll LET THE TRUTH BE THE FINAL DECIDER,

Wayne Nicholson

Why can’t you do any of that in the presence of a virus. After the SARS epidemic we developed a program for construction workers working in viral containment environments. http://icraforbuilders.com/ It’s not hard to do for any core industry to deal with pathogens. Chinese auto plants for example have their guys working in full PPE all day and don’t let them get any closer than 6′ including at lunch.

Now restaurants, bars, casinos, tourism are another story …. no one wants to spend their vacation in a hazmat suit.


The problem with over zealous health and safety, is that few intelligent workers are attracted to jobe where the workforce are treated like idiots. Being taught how to undertake tasks that are second nature to intelligent people are time wasting and insulting.

The result being that its mainly the morons who are willing to do these jobs. Fools are a danger to themselves whatever they do and wearing full PPE in all work situations only serves to belittle the real dangers.

Wayne Nicholson

To an extent I agree. In fact I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having to teach a full day course on fall protection to over 600 experienced tradesmen who have already been certified twice and were required to sacrifice a day off because some asshole killed 5 guys in a swing stage accident. Talk about a hostile audience!

In my experience you just roll with it. Safety is just another condition you have to factor in when you bid a job. If the general conditions say you line your guys up naked and sing the national anthem every morning you price it in and mark it up. The biggest problem I had was dealing with low ballers who bid against me thinking they could get around the safety. They just left money on the table that I would have factored in and marked up. The problem is, though they drop like flies more of them pop up every year.

Now with that being said I have a big problem with who now gets promoted to supervisory jobs. Used to be you give these jobs to exceptionally well organized and knowledgeable builders but today they go to the guy with the most safety certificates. This is the cost of protecting the moneyed class. If we ever get a chance to talk over a drink I could tell you horror stories


To some extent I can understand why the money class of the larger contractors go along with the ‘training’ boondoggle, as their freedom is on the line these days if a worker kills himself or herself due to personal carelessness.

In the daily telegraph today a large contractor made the observation that about 30% of their costs are due to Red Tape in its many expensive guises.

In my opinion the Red Tape balance has tipped too far, to the detriment of customers especially in Western Countries. Jobs that used to be undertaken by a few skilled workers now involve an orange clad platoon of listless workers with the token village idiot and genders.

The inflation rates since the 1970’s in Western Countries would be massive if it was not for China and similar countries.

I had a couple of companies and I was relieved when I retired. Its not worth the personal risk of owning a business these days, financially or legally. The red tape increasingly stifles all initiative and with it the morale of the employees.

Even the bosses of top companies can end up in the courts for major infractions that are ALWAYS festering in any organisation.


There’s no “living with covid19”, you will either be forced to take the vaccine or be an outcast.

Wayne Nicholson

Vaccine? What makes you so sure there’s going to be a vaccine?

is there a vaccine against the common cold? HIV? This virus has only been with us for 4 months …. we don’t know if the human body generates enough antibodies to develop immunity let alone enough for a vaccine to work, we don’t know what organs the virus affects, we don’t know if it lies dormant in the body like herpes. And on top of all that there is at least 2 distinct stains of the virus in circulation which means at least 2 vaccines.

Either we suck it up and figure out work arounds or we sit home for a couple of years and wait for a vaccine which may never come.


“UK starts testing potential Covid-19 vaccine on humans”

The virus is probaly a bioweapon and the US-led Zioterrrorists are most likely in possession of covid19 countermeasures since long ago. If anti-bodies were needed for those countermeasures, they surely took that into account for whatever they are gonna show us next.


Nations with freedom of religion have exemptions under constituates so it’s highly unlikely it will be forced up our rears,that being said there may be as trhe days of old compulsory one off covoid vaccinations before respective lands,
as for the assumed company policy vaccines,that is simply unconstitutional
and a sure sign any such corporation partake in this form of evil,one may need to strongly reconsider id it worth the trouble to serve one of satans companys?
Time will tell,however going by factual occurences,it seems Australians were
targeted by them covert gates/soros/nwo/nazism fake democratic pleasure cruise regimes with them stupid bogans without a single clue to live,than not!


There’ll be a vaccine – Gates has already alluded to its development

Wayne Nicholson

“Alluding to” and an actual working vaccine are two entirely different things. Viruses are notoriously hard to protect against because unlike bacteria and fungi they aren’t alive. All they are are strands of RNA that hijack cells and copy themselves. However like life they can mutate during replication. You can’t kill them ….. all you can do is block the process.

Even if Bill Gates has a working vaccine which strain is it for? Were only four months into this and already there are at least 2 distinctive strains of this virus.

People like Gates and Donald Trump have skin in the game. You don’t know if what they say is honest of if they’re trying to pump a stock their holding, or trying to torpedo a stock they’re shorting. The only way we know there is a working vaccine for this virus is when there is a working vaccine for it. The odds of actually coming up with on in the next two years is even at best.


It doesn’t have to work – like the flu vaccine which can only address last year’s flu and is thus useless. Just like with COVID, you intimidate people into accepting it, sympathetic magic style

Wayne Nicholson

“It doesn’t have to work – like the flu vaccine which can only address last year’s flu and is thus useless”

That’s not accurate. They don’t “address last years flu” at all. That’s useless. They predict what strain will be the dominant strain …. or strains using epidemiology and that’s the vaccine you get in any given year.

“Just like with COVID, you intimidate people into accepting it, sympathetic magic style”

I can understand the conspiracy part of your argument however I don’t understand who benefits from the conspiracy and how they benefit? What bank, cartel, industry or government benefits from a 30% drop in GDP?

Is this supposed to be a plot by big pharma to bilk us out of $25 for a vaccination? So they put 30% of the population out of work with no health benefits in order to sell us a flu shot? talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

I just don’t get it …. how does the conspiracy work?


There’s no “predicting” what will be the dominant strain. You might as well bet on a horse. As to how one would benefit, if you know that the oil price is about to tank, you sell all your holdings in oil-exposed shares. And you can short the market on the way down, essentially betting on the price of shares falling.

Wayne Nicholson

“There’s no “predicting” what will be the dominant strain. You might as well bet on a horse.”

That’s wrong. Influenza pandemics start as an outbreak the season before they become pandemics. You see them coming. It’s rare for an influenza epidemic to flare up and spread worldwide in a single season but occasionally it happens …. like maybe once every couple of decades.

Influenza vaccines don’t keep you from contracting the virus. All they do in make sure the body can make antibodies to fight the virus if you happen to get it making the symptoms less severe. There is no ‘cure’ for influenza either through immunity or viral killing drug so to call a vaccine a failure because you can still get it despite being vaccinate is ignorance about how the flu vaccine works. .


The fact that you’ve now been upvoted by a shill kinda shows your point of departure.

Peter Jennings

This is social engineering on a massive scale and orchestrated via global organisations such as the WHO, UN, et al and the MSM. They all rely on card sharks and shysters who produce outlandish hockey stick models of panic and misinfo.
The human race would be better served if they didn’t exist.

Or it could be the NWO and their wish to see populations go broke and returned to serfdom. Total control of absolutely everything is their mantra. We should be vigilant and if the worst comes to the worst, respond accordingly and never forgive those who have attempted to treat the people of the world as cattle.


Some like to elevate capitalism to a force of nature, stupidly ignoring that money doesn’t exist in nature, to justify their idiocies with “survival of the fittest” social darwinism bullshit and sophistry. A capitalist-style economy as it was before covid19 can’t and shouldn’t be reopened because it’s gonna lead to more deaths and chaos, but the people of the world are not able to handle any alternative and TPTB, who haven’t lost their stranglehold on mankind despite the pandemic, it’s the opposite actually, won’t give us any alternative.

What seems to be the shaping up is a NWO of forcefully vaccinated, by capitalist regimes and corporations, indentured laborers marked with a quantum tattoo certifying them as labor-ready tax cattle. Most are already crying for a vaccine no matter what its effects might be, and to be returned to an era of neo-feudalism based on the fear of the virus.


Corona will be defeated by the truth,patience has virtue,corrupt governments of course have much ro solve,problem is as much as they may try the luciderian fake stocks resistance will try to suggest everything is better because it sau=ys so in ny? Hence why the world must leave the petrodolla!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Covid-19 Has A Grandma, Grandpa And Great Grandpa. Where Are They?


A problem with the dumbed down US mafia state, is that the US considers that ancient nations with a long history of learning are poorly educated.

The US state mafia are as cunning as rats, but rats nevertheless.
The US has a long history of ‘Lying, Cheating and Stealing’ + Murdering as well.

Occupy Schagen

It might be true that the Pandemic is used and maybe even planned by the Globalist Plutocrats, but a fact that remains is, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is virulent and its COVID-19 Pandemic is capable to overwhelm the Medical facilities and materials in a few weeks time.

We follow closely how the “overkill” (more deaths than in previous years in the same period) develops and it rises from double to sevenfold in western countries. In that case they cannot get medical care and die at home, on the streets (by asphyxia) and have to be cremated with help of the Military.
It is even worse in countries without proper Medical care. Like Ecuador, where people burn bodies of deceased in public places.
Don’t forget that ! Pray for the people in countries from where we don’t even hear anything.


CoV was a convenient pretext to shut down the global economy that was about to crash anyway, now the banks dodge the blame yet again. That is how it works. Global pandemics have been gamed by many organisations over the years, for example the Rockefeller Foundation, but have they prepared us, the society, the world to tackle such a crisis? By the look of it, not at all. Health systems have been defunded and downgraded, so they are overwhelmed very easily! This causes panic when people realise their heath systems are not coping. But after years of running them to the ground what do you expect? It is all a plan, it’s easy to see.

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