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JUNE 2021

Video Confirmation: YPG Forces Control Birsaya Mount East Of Afrin

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Video Confirmation: YPG Forces Control Birsaya Mount East Of Afrin

A screenshot from the video

A press office of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) has released a video confirming that the YPG is in control of Birsaya Mount east of the YPG-held city of Afrin.

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Good Turk scum puppets got butthurt ?


Yesssssss….. :-)))))))

Pave Way IV

Anyone can claim to be a YouTube hero for now… right up until the moment 155mm HE shells start raining down from Firtinas firing from ten miles away. And then there’s those pesky 2000 lb. JDAMs Turkey loves to use. The PYD know this. And so do the Turks, who have lots and lots of 155mm ammo and JDAMs. I’m no fan of the Turks, but the PYD feel-good propaganda fending off a lone group of FSA head-choppers is just sad at this point. That’s not the army that they’ll be facing in a few days.

Europa Erwache
s Slippy

Dont hate on Köksal Baba, he is a national treasure!

s Slippy

287 pkk terrorists killed first four days. 75% of all wepons used in operation Olive branch is produced and manufactured in Turkey, this is more than I could possibly dream of, which essentially makes Turkey a war economy.

At this point people are equating the PKK as pigs voluntarily walking in to the slaughterhouse.


But hey im very impressed by your picture! As long as it makes you sleep at night!


you will see

s Slippy

What will I see? Child soldiers? This truly disgusted me. Have you no shame at all?



you should be ashamed!!!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Hair is tied back and you show one , they had entire companies of them for you Otto-Turks can stay home and cry about the Kurds.


On the other hand, there’s a reason the Turks use headchoppers as infantry. They don’t like it when they have to send a lot of bodybags back home

Pave Way IV

Hey, that’s exactly why the US uses them, too. I think they just stole our regime-change ForeverWar© plans. That’s illegal – the US obviously holds the rights to that failed, clownish neocon scheme.

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