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Video Confirmation: Militants Downed Syrian L-39 Warplane With MANPAD

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Video Confirmation: Militants Downed Syrian L-39 Warplane With MANPAD

A screenshot from the video

The Ibaa news agency linked to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) released a video showing how militants downed a L-39 warplane of the Syrian Air Force in the northern Hama countryside on December 26. According to the video, the warplane was downed with a man-portable air-defense system.

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Lilian Turin

is it a Russian made MANPAD ?

Leonardo Facchin

I’m no expert at all, but yes, it looks to me like a Strela or Igla MANPAD.


Yes, but supplied by CIA to terrorists.

Toni Liu

Its not russia, its soviet manpad that might be produced by ex soviet member that cia buy for this critters like how they buy grad from bulgaria with fresh rolling out factory and next month already at the hand of this garbage


They still going nowhere. Hayat tahrir al sham is in deep trouble. Some of its elements have been arrested and some executed. According to al jazeera which is a big supporter of the group.


Christmaspresent from Uncle Sam. I d say give those manpads to the Houthi’s too!


Hezbollah has Igla’s believe that

Nigel Maund

I’d give them heaps of them and then watch what happens to the Saudi Airforce?


CIA purchased and provided MANPAD. Could be Russian made purchased from one of our E. European vassals.


So, now “rebels” have better weapons then the SAA ? XD

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Why the lie on the part of the Syrian government forces asserting that the fall of the aircraft was due to a technical failure?
There is nothing more that ruins the trust in a supposed respectable entity than the use of simple lies easy to be discovered.
Because when the time comes to tell the truth, the latter will continue to sound as false and hollow as previous lies.

Lisa Karpova

Tell that to disgusting ameriKKKan garbage.


Because “technical failure” is the correct keyword for that.

The Syrians must have learned it from the Americans, when the Taliban had downed U.S. helicopters with MANPADs, the U.S. report always claimed that the helicopter crashed because of “technical failure”.

Besides, there may always be some truth is such statements: what may be meant is that some technical defensive measures failed.

leon mc pilibin

Time to supply all anti zionist forces everywhere,YEMEN etc.the jewSA satanists have gone far enough with their support of terrorists.

Don Machiavelli

I do not see the plane only rocket explosion ( remotely ) or does it explode at end of range? I might be wrong tho, also the ground explosion seems to be from mine or something as it seems the explosion fits the criteria.

Most importantly, those people shouting on every video by CIA orders are a disgrace to Islam. I hope Iran deals with them.

Andre Lopes

When i wrote that Syria needed urgently to have much more Iranian and Chinese attack UAVS, unmaned attack drones, i was savagely criticized and insulted by the fanatics in this forum. Now, those fanatics that called me stupid for advising for the necessity of more and more Attack drones, are you going to repeat those insults above the dead body of a Syrian pilot?????


A UAV excels at loiter time and recon, and the armed ones can deliver a pinpoint attack with a missile. They simply have no ability to carry tons of ordinance like a jet powered aircraft, and they also lack the eyes and brain of a pilot.
Have I insulted you? :D

Ivan Freely

UAV lack the eyes and brain of a pilot? Artificial Intelligence hasn’t reached to the level that you think. There’s no such thing as an R2D2 piloting drones…yet.

I agree with Andre. UCAVs is what Syria needs more of. The UCAV pilot have access to equipment that can zoom onto the ground for greater clarity.

Andre Lopes

No, but they satturate the rebels defences, they make the rebels use the missiles they have to try take down the drones. And while the rebels are busy trying to take down the drones they are exposing themselves to survaillance. So it is a win win sittuation were the rebels have to expose themselves to try taking down the drones, and the air force and artillery, will them use that pinpoint information to kill the terrorists.


You speak of Andre.

Ivan Freely

It’s obvious somebody deleted Andre’s post by flagging it as inappropriate. IMO, there was nothing in Andre’s comment that meets the requirements for deletion.


Ah motherfuckers Allah Akbar should fuck you in your ass you piece of shit you low scum when I hear you calling some excuse for God as Allah Akbar I am so disused from you people you will all die there.


well said. Sounds like poetry

Manuel Flores Escobar

They are not militants…they are terrorist and shot down planes with manpads that surely western countries supply them!…we know that also Turkey, Israel and USA have shot down Syrian jets because all of them play in the same terrorist team and want the same targets in Syria!

Rik Vik

Iran Russia Siria .. just sell it a few ones to Afganistan.. please.. just a few..
With sword you kill with sword you die.


Can you imagine this cock suckers mothers fuckers they always say Allah Akbar .they kill someone they say it I wonder if they say it when they make sex or they have a orgasm
So disgusting people. This is a race of humans that they have to be extinguished from earth

Lisa Karpova

Savages, not human.

They all need to experience incineration on Earth while being sent to hell where they belong.


أي شخص قراءة هذه الرسالة يرجى مشاركتها.
يجب على جميع المسلمين في سوريا والعراق ومصر وليبيا أن يعرفوا أن الكفاح من أجل الاستيلاء على السلطة في بلادهم ليس مثلهم في خدمة الإسلام أو خدمة الإنسانية. فهي لا تدمر فقط حالة دولها، ولا سيما الأطفال، مما يتيح الفرصة أمام قوى شريرة أخرى مثل المتطرفين الصهاينة المتطرفين للسيطرة على بلدانهم.

إن ما يحدث في غزة وفي فلسطين كلها ثم في الشرق الأوسط كله هي العواقب المباشرة لرفع البنادق ضد حكوماتهم.

من فضلك لا تعطي الفرصة للصهاينة للتدخل في بلدانكم، إذا كنت حقا الوطني ثم الرجاء الانضمام جيشكم الوطني وحماية الأراضي والأمم ضد الصهاينة وركل حمارهم من أراضيكم. دون أي شك الله سوف يحمي ويغفر لك ولكن إذا كنت تموت لأصحاب العمل الصهيونية الخاصة بك ثم الله لا يمكن أن يغفر لك.


Anybody reading my this message please share it.
All Muslims in Syria, in Iraq, in Egypt and in Libya they should know that fight for taking power of their own country is not like they are serving Islam or they serving of humanity. No they are just devastating the condition of their own nations and particularly children which gives opportunity to other evil powers like radical Zionist extremists to take control of their countries.

Whats going on in Gaza and in whole Palestine and then in whole Middle East are the direct consequences of raising guns against their own governments.

Please don’t give opportunity to Zionists to meddle in your countries, If you are really patriotic then please join your national army and protect your lands and nations against Zionists and kick their asses out of your lands. Without any doubt God will protect and forgive you but if you die for your Zionist employers then God cannot forgive you.


Lisa Karpova

Make the bastards say “allah akhbar” in hell.


Meanwhile, the American terrorists that probably gave al-Qaeda the MANPADS…Obama, Clinton, and Brennan…skate.

John Whitehot

they have had them since the start of the war, they shot down several Syrian planes with them since 2011.

It’s been propaganda made for ignorants aimed at affirming that “if there were MANPADS in jihadist hands the Russians would not had been able to help Syria to decisive victory”


This corroborates your statement. From Hersh’s “The Red Line and the Rat Line”:

“Washington abruptly ended the CIA’s role in the transfer of arms from Libya after the attack on the consulate, but the rat line kept going. ‘The United States was no longer in control of what the Turks were relaying to the jihadists,’ the former intelligence official said. Within weeks, as many as forty portable surface-to-air missile launchers, commonly known as manpads, were in the hands of Syrian rebels. On 28 November 2012, Joby Warrick of the Washington Post reported that the previous day rebels near Aleppo had used what was almost certainly a manpad to shoot down a Syrian transport helicopter.”

Here’s my question: If these weapons were sold by the US to a third party, be it Turkey, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, how can anyone say that “the United States was no longer in control of what the Turks were relaying to the jihadists”? That would clearly be illegal, and the US could take measures against the responsible parties. So, bottom line: Obama must have green-lighted the shipments, don’t you agree?

John Whitehot

From what I can gather, the systems have been introduced from different sources at different times.

At the start, they were coming surely from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.and Jordan. It is also very likely that many launchers and missiles were taken from Syrian depots, it’s reasonable to think that several tens, if not more than a hundred launchers were captured.

If the US participated, it probably made available weapons from Lybian stockpiles and other sources, yet I never seen any proof that Stingers were provided to the jihadists – as all the videos and pictures show Igla class weapons or Chinese made models.

I’m not sure Obama greenlighted anything – in fact I believe that the part of the CIA involved in this type of activities doesn’t act on president’s orders. They surely, without doubt indulged in giving jihadists these systems, but they took great care to avoid that say, a civilian airliner was shot down near a western airport with a MANPADS, the system used was a Stinger.

It’s also the sort of thing that jihadists can also use to blackmail the CIA and other services.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russia should supply the Taliban and RIRA and American Militia with these babies.
Then the USSA and UK empire’s can be brought to their knees and shown no mercy whatsoever.

John Whitehot

Manpads aren’t god.

Manpads are good for helicopters and low slow flying planes like the L-39.

That’s it, they can’t change courses of wars, they can’t even change the course of a battle.

All you living in the 80ies dream of “denying the soviets air-supremacy” with this kind of method should wake up.

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