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JUNE 2023

Video Comparison: How Locals React To US And Russia Troops In Northeastern Syria

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People in northeastern Syria react to the withdrawing US troops and the deploying Russian personnel.


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Derek Johnson

Is it exactly the same town Southfront? Which town exactly, who are these people? angry because they are leaving them to their fate.

Who are you kidding, its misleading and you know it,

Ceasar Polar

Why is it misleading ? It shows Americunts being chased with rocks and yelled at, and Russians welcomed warmly, with hand waves and kids running around them. Dont know about the town, but it is for sure one region. The north of Syria, since it is from there that the US withdrawn and Russians took over. Probably around Raqqah, Manjib, or Kobani.

I found the video reflecting the true feeling of the syrians and World, as whole. Russians are cleaning US’s mess. The world have enough of US’s constant wars on poor under-defended countries.


The USA had a plan to create a Kurdish state to rule over an Arab majority and call it “democracy” THAT is misleading and being American you probably didn’t have a clue that this is the case.

What kind of reception did you think you were going to get. These people have lived here for thousands of years and now the USA was going to ride in and teach them how to govern themselves like they’re some kind of retards?


Just to expand on this a little I wonder how Americans would like it if these was a civil war in their country and the Chinese sent in forces to “liberate” the USA by arming the Mexican American gangs then out of appreciation gave the USA to these same Mexican gangs to rule as a ‘democracy”.

That’s pretty well how the USA acted in Syria to this point and now reports are coming in that the “Chinese” have decided to keep the Texas oil fields for themselves out of fear that they may one day fall into ‘enemy hands”.

Last consider that in Syria’s case the ‘enemy’ is ISIS, a product of blowback from the USA’s 2003 invasion of Iraq …. and for this American complain that they aren’t appreciated by the Syrian people.

Tommy Jensen

You have to understand there is two kind of people. Those who are part of the bulldozer, and those who are part of the road…LMAOL.


Unfortunately in the US MSM doesn’t show how US forces abroad are normally received. I worked in Iraq after the US took over, an there you could see the real world. Wasn’t shown in TV, only when IEDs etc exploded. But the suffering of the population and their demonstration against the US occupation was never show, also not the shooting at the demonstrators, done by Blackrock and all the other employed mercenaries. You learn most about your country when you go abroad.


“You learn most about your country when you go abroad.” – Interesting thought.

Lu Alexis

Please tell me you are trolling, “I’m going to throw stones at someone because I’m sad he is leaving me.” How big does brainwashing have to be to think like that?


Hasbara POS detected

J Ramirez

No one likes Americans, think about it a little bit, shake your head to get the hamster moving, come back and post ;}


rarely r amerikans welcomed any place—they either bribe corrupt leaders, find pliable minority groups or creat them—ISIS…an antique approach employed by Idi Amin, the British, etc

Saso Mange

US is fully taken over by Zionists. Big shame.


It stopped being a honourable country many decades ago, perhaps a century even. It may never even have been.

Saso Mange

It was taken over after JFK was murdered, LBJ made it official.


Deservedly so.

Angelo Cinarelli

America it does not exist anymore, the capital of USA is not Washington dc, the USA capital is Tel Aviv. And the american peolpe will pay for the bill.


The germans sure have been paying too, lol.


The fuck u talking about? (Note: i support Russia 100% its why i came to this site in 2015) TRUMP did the right thing! This video is propaganda! In fact, Trump did this to Israel’s detriment! This does not help Israel at all!

The Kurds WERE FIGHTING THE SAA! So dont go kissing Kurds ass! The kurds were dead meat until Russia and the USA came! Trump is not Obama! Obama would have stayed and u would still have isis! Dumb people like u make dumb comments!

Pulling out is great! Russia wins, Syria wins, Kurds (and israel) dont get the Syrian oil! NOW… israel cant steal the oil YOU DUMB CUNT! Israel WERE factual stealing the oil via the Kurds!

Now they cant! YOU DUMB CUNT!

USA (under Trump) did a great thing! Enough with foreign wars! Russia now have the middle east and are welcomed as liberators! Israel now has Iran knocking on its back door! And teh Kurds (who tried to carve their own fucking country out of Syria) are now sucking Russian and Syrian dick! OHHH, so now the Kurds want to be friends….. ohhhhh!

People on this site said the kurds were swapping between FSA and Kurds (changing uniforms) lol

everyone is too dumb on this site! Just dumb ass people!

This is a good thing! The USA could stay so dont go saying (they lost) they could stay easy! But they chose not to! New leader! Great news! Israel is fucked now!

be happy and be grateful ya dumb cunts!

Angelo Cinarelli

I will talk to you when you will show your face. The true man show the face, invece i codardi si nascondono dietro la faccia di un povero Gatto. Shame you !!

Angelo Cinarelli

America it does not exist anymore, the capital of USA is not Washington dc, the USA capital is Tel Aviv. And the american peolpe will pay for the bill.

Angelo Cinarelli

The future of the world will be CHINA and RUSSIA. The warmongers Empire is at the end.


You convinced me thoroughly with – yet again – a subtle and objective video. Undoubtedly (yes, I believe!), the coming of the Russians is like the second coming of Christ… and the Americans are the stoned, no, excuse me, fruited Satan.

Freethinking Влади́мир

The comparison may not be entirely correct as the American footage is from the Kurdish area, and the Russian footage from Syrian area.


The “Kurdish” area is also Syria.

Freethinking Влади́мир

Just get the gist of the message.

Tommy Jensen

This is only because we leave them without our dollares. They envy our values and our leather boots. Therefore they react like that, when we have freed them and we leave them again. There is no reason to envy Russia in their wellies as they have an economy in tatters like Syria, where the Syrians also walk in wellies, because they cant afford boots. When we come back with dollares again, you will see the same peoples faces smiling and yelling “welcome back America, we love you America”………………………………….LOL.

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