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Video: CNN Journalist Says Suicide Bombing That Killed Over 100 Civilians In Aleppo A “Hiccup”

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CNN has once again showed a “high level” of journalism covering the Syrian war. According to a CNN journalist, the suicide bombing that killed over 100 civilians (recently, the death toll grew to 126) is just a “hiccup”.

On April 15, a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) hit a convoy of women and children evacuated from the villages of Fou’a and Kafriya in the province of Idlib when it reached an entrance to the government-held city of Aleppo. The SVBIED targeted five buses carrying civilians in the Al-Rashidin area of Aleppo.

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Can one really expect anymore from CNN ? The USA was founded on terrorism and has been using terrorism around the globe for her own ends ever since.


The USA was founded on rebellion against taxation without representation, late 18th century.


If I were to rebel against my government with weapons in my hands for the same concerns I would be regarded as a Criminal and if I joined with other like minded Criminals I would be regarded as a Terrorist.


How inhuman can be this journalist, he cannot stop propaganda even in front of dead children

John Whitehot

yep, in addition of being a retard as well.


Absolutely. I saw the whole reportage. Although he obviously has understood the brutal extent of the attack, he can not let go of the propaganda. Disgraceful!


He’s paid to lie and spin.

John Mason

Be a different attitude if it happened in the US, very sick country.

Peter Moy

You are absolutely correct. These despicable, heartless, arrogant, filthy rats are just showing their true colors. The same goes for the other broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC and the daily rags like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal. To these cowards and elitist rats, these deaths, like many others, are just faceless inhuman numbers. Hey, what would one expect from a media monstrosity that does not even cover seriously the over 15,000 murders in the US. Death and destruction is just another story.


I’m willing to bet that if this had been a government or Russian attack on a rebel column there would have been OUTRAGE in the media, OUTRAGE by Haley in the UNSC and a cruise missile attack by the Donald.

Jonathan Cohen

What does that make their alleged chemical attack then? a belch?


So if someone “accidentally” raped this “journalist” in front of his parents, live on youtube, that would be a “hiccup” too…



Maybe time to boycott ALL companies that advertise on CNN. I know that it’s not just them but we have to start somewhere and CNN is the rottenest of them all. We have got to do something, folks, as this is past disgusting and it’s obvious that this will not stop until we destroy these networks and then move on to taking our corrupt governments back and it looks like force is going to have to be used. These are our countries murdering these people in OUR names and we HAVE EVERY RIGHT and all the legal power to remove these people from office. Just because we have forgotten the power we the people have doesn’t mean it’s gone. Should a major war break out and we’ve done nothing to stop our ‘burro’crats we are just as guilty and have no high ground to take.


FreddyB : You are right , on the first option . We must do something , and a boycott is effective , you did notice how Israel has reacted to even a partial boycott . As to , ” taking our corrupt governments back” , the use of force only plays into their hands , we become “terrorists” . Legal means however , are multiple . Most importantly the legal means will produce open discussions . and educate MSM fed people .

Real Anti-Racist Action

CNN is racist against Goyim. They hate Shia, Irish, Yemenis, Germans, Persians, Greeks, Alawites, Austrians, Lebanese, Russians, Egyptians, Palestinians. CNN only loves Jews and their Jewish allies called Sunni/Zio’s. Every story by them must always be slanted against the Goyim, and always portray Ashkenazi-Jews in the best possible light. This is called “public manipulation”. It is also called “demonstration”. It is also called lying. http://ihr.org/


This is the action of the rebels supported by USA, the beautiful people.


If in any way it had been government forces hiccup would have been replaced with war crime!


The Syrian government in responsible and state-like manner actually provides safe bus passage for defeated and evacuated Islamist militants and families to Idlib province. In contrast, the militants cannot keep their word or control over, even their most basic of negotiated agreements, regarding besieged civilian bus evacuations. The militants are a terrorist rabble – this car bombing of civilian evacuees tells everything need to know about them.


The US mainstream media downplays or completely ignores all crimes by the the US backed terrorists, while accusing Syria and Russia of everything even remotely possible.


Yup, they have gone full retard. Do notice the change in rhetoric regarding ISIS/Al-queda/lordknowswhatelsetheyarecalled, to be more of an “rebel/opposition” force against the “Dick” Assad, and like Norway’s MSM whom is also doing this so its an MSM propaganda line that is been given to most of the western MSMs to pimp. Even removing the comment fields, yeah, they know we know they lie about everything. Since the “rebels” aka ISIS/Al-queda in Yemen is the good ones, fighting Yemenits whom refused to accept the result from an election where there was just One, and that One person was what the west and Saudis wanted to rule Yemen, and then inevitably, this braked out to an civil war. SO the Norse MSM twisted it to something “credible” to change the perceptions of what is the truth, because the same west/uISISa, is behind them, and the Saudis. To make ISIS “legit”, they dont even hide it anymore, and still people refuses to see.

Yeah, like NK, the only, reason, so far is that some says NK leader is an fat f…. yeah, where have they gotten that from, dont write anything about our “enrichment/rapefugees” or, god forbid about blacks/colored people, but to slaughter and gloat about mass murdering ordinary NKs is OK. Yup, the same people whom whines about One-1- wolf in the vicinity of their little hometown, and they wounder why I am sarcastic, all tho irony and sarcasm dont work on idiots. And Americans.

This echoes the pre-war propaganda against Libya, where decades of moronic propaganda and accusations based upon nothing other than pure inventions (BBC, CNN, and ABCDEFEFGEHI etc) , like the BA flight bombing, and all this hammered into people for years to such an extent that, few had the balls to cut thru the stupid bullshit, lies and even worse propaganda (Viagra,anyone, huh). The situation is slightly better to day, but when it comes to NK, they drop back to standard bullshit witch is nothing more than echoing propaganda witch they have been spoon feed for years.

Just watch the verbal diarrhea coming from any wankee to day, like the McMonster thing along with the Tilted Tiller creature whom is also ejaculation verbal nonsense, just to have said something, witch is so far out its funny, wasnt it for the fact Jabba the Trump is fiddling with the Nuke button while He eat cakes. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Now that we know NothingButYahoho, have an sting puppet up the Trumps ass, like hemorrhoids itching all the time, and the one way to make it itch less is to kill someone the ISISraelis dont like, or just wants gone, like the Palestinians.

Aka an ZioNazi, the Tribes religion.

I have watched this evolve thru my life, up to an point where we whom have seen this decades ago, back in an time where this was like swearing in the church, full spectrum dominance was just an nutty conspiracy theory, even when everything have clicked int its place, and right now we all face an all out war, yeah, and still we fight ignorance, willfully or not, bought are extremely dangerous to humanity, this days. Open your eyes and see the lies right in front of you.



Sunni Islamists in Syria car bomb/ murder several bus loads of women and children simply because they are Shia Muslims – and US MSM tries to downplay and diminish whole thing as ‘a hiccup’ and effectively tries to shield the Islamic militants from culpability. Sunni Islamist’s record of sectarian atrocities haven’t stopped NATO/ GCC politically, financially and militarily supporting those very Islamist faction based in Syria yet – so no reason to expect any change today.

gertrude van voorden

Wahhabi islamists call themselves Sunni but are not. Wahhabi islam founded by Wahhab a jew and the statereligion of Saoud Arabia, which has many laws, regulations and actions against Shia muslims. So before commenting do your researching as not to confuse muslims with other muslims. In the Quran it is forbidden to form sects in islam, but acceptable, said to be created by Allah to have many religions in this world.

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