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Video: Chinese Recruit Nearly Died During Training After Grenade Hit Bulletproof Wall And Bounced Back


A Chinese recruit nearly died during a training after a grenade thrown by him had hit the bulletproof wall and bounced back onto the ground. However, a squad leader nearby quickly held the recruit and jumped into the scuttle gully, thus saving his life.



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  • paul ( original )

    You know I wonder if may be the current crop of young men have never played catching or had ever thrown a ball.

    • Lauren Johnson

      Or had a rock fight. I would have totally clobbered this guy when I was a kid.

    • Ivan Freely

      Expected since we’re living in the video game era.

  • Ivan Freely

    Nearly died? Please. This is called training. It’s about time the Chinese moved away from those stick grenades.

  • That Guy

    Chinese quality ladies and gentlemen

    • Gary Sellars

      ..and we now you prefer the gentlemen.

  • Gary Sellars

    What sort of limp-wristed faggot throw was that???? Would have been better to let him get blown to smithereens…

  • Sinbad2

    His instructor will not be happy, that guy is in for some intense remedial training.

  • beypuutyina

    this is typical for people armies. they take very young guy and this is the effect :DD