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JUNE 2021

Video: Brief Look At Russian BMD-4 | AIRBORNE ARMOUR

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The BMD-4 (Russian: “Боевая Машина Десанта-4”; Boyevaya Mashina Desanta-4 literally “Combat Vehicle of the Airborne”) is an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) originating from post-Cold War Russia. Originally designated as the BMD-3M, the chassis of the BMD-4 is the same as that of the BMD-3, because it was developed on the same basis. This armored fighting vehicle is one of the lightest and one of the most heavily armed in its class, possessing a substantial amount of firepower in comparison to its counterparts. The vehicle was designed to transport Russian Airborne Troops VDV increasing its mobility, armament, and protection on the battlefield.

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Pommy Pie

Is Matsimus part of Southfronts community ?

You can call me Al

He was, when we used to communicate on wax tablets, thin leaves, wood, papyrus or parchment.

It was a bit of a bugger actually, because our replies only reached him a century after the Empire collapsed !!.


Great vehicle. The challenge for Russian airborne troops is the relative scarcity of transport planes. What is the use of the best paratroopers and fighting vehicles if you can not transport them to the target in sufficient numbers?


that is why they have been investing in new helicopters for transporting the troops

Jens Holm

It they have some with shorter canon, I would like to order one for my garden.

R Trojson

Sure worked great in al Safa. Listen to this video very carefully since it lists many of the inherent problems of the Russian military.

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