Video: Alleged Russian Fighters Torturing ISIS Member In Syrian Desert

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Pro-militant sources released a new video claiming that it shows Russian soldiers beating an ISIS member with a hammer somewhere in the Syrian Desert.

However, it’s clear that the fighters in the video aren’t Russian soldiers. They don’t wear the official uniforms of the Russian military and carry weapons that are not used by the Russian military.

On the other hand, it is impossible to ascertain the location of the video or the identity of the person being tortured by alleged Russian fighters.

It’s possible that fighters on the video are some Russian volunteers or private military contractors that participate in the conflict on the government side.

In the video, the man who was beaten repeated in Arabic: “I bear witness that there is no god but God”. This is an Arabic phrase that the Muslims say if they feel that their death is near, confirming at least that the man is Arab.

However, under torture it is rare to repeat this sentence except by extremists. Indeed, many pro-government and opposition sources have claimed that the man is a member of ISIS.

The only certain thing is that the fighters are not from the Russian Army, and that the man is actually an Arab. The man may be an ISIS Arab fighter, but his name has not been disclosed so far.

The best solutions in such cases is a formal investigation.

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Maurizio Pucci

Anyone except me have seen a head at the beginning of the clip? ;-)

Colin Oskapy

The perpetrators are American-backed Jihadists.

Neo Anderson

I would dispise this kind of thing normally but seeing as he isn’t human and animals of his ilk behead children and shag male goats I’d like to swing that sledgehammer myself!

Ron Wheeler

I did not see the hammer actually hit the man.

Michael Dillon

Yep me too

Joe Doe

Does not look to me that those are Russians, based on uniforms. This could be anyone, even ISIS torturing this person


Meh, so what if they are Russian fighters? I don’t have any sympathy for those ISIS monsters. Those animals deserve what they get. It’s not like most other deaths in combat are much more pleasant anyway. I have no doubt though that if this video goes viral there will be western “liberals” who’ll want to send us to war to protect the poor jihadis. Ugh..


There is nothing wrong of hammering an ISIS fighter to death!

Tommy Jensen

Yes there is!
If you do the same atrocity as your enemy, you become your enemy. Do never let other people dehumanize yourself.

Ron Wheeler

You are quite correct.

Weldon Cheek

They always quote “reap what you sow” and in this war on terrorism it should be held aloft as a rallying cry,also it should not stop with the fanatics only,it should extend to those who have armed and supported them in this rape and murder that has even reached our high streets,which was probably a part of their schemes.

Rüdiger Preiss

No matter what the torture victim has done, there is no justification or excuse to treat him like that. NONE. I hope those involved get caught and put to trial for war crimes, no matter if Russian, FSA or ISIS. You can’t fight such behaviour to then display it yourself. Anyone here excusing this simply is disgusting!

Wolfgang Wolf

the “russians” look like taliban in uniforms wether do we know WHEN this video was taken, no WHERE. and in case this guy is really IS fighter, i would hit him more accurately with the hammer… if you take a close look, nearly ALL hits with this 5kilo hammer are a MISS!!!!!

Boris Zukov

What if,they are americans? No trial?


What if he raped, tortured and murdered your wife and daughter. i bet then you be singing a different tune

Rüdiger Preiss

No I wouldn’t. If he raped, tortured and murdered my wife and daughter he’d be a poor soul. Someone doing such terrible things obviously is deeply disturbed, either drugged or not in their right mind. torturing them would not help my wife or daughter and tbh it wouldn’t give me any satisfaction either as I’d lower myself to the same level. They certainly shouldn’t run free and if they receive a death penalty so be it, but a straight bullet in the head would do the job as well. I just don’t understand how a group of men can stand around someone who clearly is defenceless and find pleasure in torture. No Matter what he has done. It’s sickening.

John Connor

Looks like you would enjoy watching him torture your family you sleazy western piece of shit.

Weldon Cheek

Perfect answer,lets see how many say they wouldnt want this and worse for that reason.
Someone will have an evasive or clever way to skirt the answer but lets see if anyone can excuse it or say they would be happy with the ‘punishment’ our courts would feel is enough for the monster that sodomises a child.

John Connor

Go and fuck yourself. We Slavs will torture every muslim terrorist to death, they will not get away with all that shit just with bullet to the head.

Kostas De

They should cut his balls and feed them to him


Please translate this:
Pali ta amerikanakia xwnonte… prepei na arhxoun na tous kaine ths presbies kai oti allo exoun.

Kostas De

Having hard time with greeklish? ?
He said:
Again the Americans getting involved… They should start burning their embassies and everything else they’ve got.


If you listen to the sound it is obvious that the sledge hammer is actually hitting a hard surface like concrete of paving. It is not hitting flesh and bone. so at worst this is an attempt to put the fear of god into the ‘prisoner’ OR it is another White Helmets style fake .


quite right, the prisoner cries while the hit misses: it is another fake video by ISIS – white helmets – Al Quaida


I could only watch the first 30s, and only once. But indeed it looked like WWF style “torture”. For all those chickenhawks advocating the real thing: do you really want security forces to internalize that these acts are normal, then carry over that attitude with them to peace time? Remember, if say as a tourist you’re caught with weed in Syria or Russia, it could be YOU facing them.


Losing your humanity in war, losing your civilizational standards is always a risk,. one which everyone should be constantly vigilant of.

Lynx Fēlēs

Absolutely disgusting footage, couldn´t watch it either. Possibly not Russian soldiers, but anyways an absolutely unacceptable inhamane act. The people who commit such atrocities lower themselves to the same level of ISIS terrorists and must be put to justice as soon as possible. First of all, an Investigation is needed where this video actually originates from. Was it first published by the rebels, where is the precise source?

Weldon Cheek

Dont do illegal things in places where you are going to get seriously f#*ked up if you get caught is the answer to that,although it may be harsh or even barbaric to some who are we to say what goes on in their countries,remember we are 100% in total support of saudi arabia in its war on yemen and also perfectly happy for israel to viciously put down demonstrations against their ILLEGAL takeover of palestine, whats good for one should be good for all.


why do not call them by their real name, russian mercenaries or terrorists? But then the resistance will take care of them, as it has done during all these years.

Christopher Higgins


Miguel Redondo

I have seen the strip. Absolute fake. Pure theater. Every hit a miss. They are laughing because they are making theater and they can´t hold it.



Virgil Cane

Not fake clear strike on hand at 36 second mark. Few misses? So what. You’re seeing a small clip of a long torture.

Max Kochurov

it is CNN

Daniel Castro

ISIS god is Satan…


I am aint even mad, who joined ISIS has taken the responsibility.It was not secret what ISIS do to people, so actually they deserve even beating.It may look horrific but they deserve it.But I am more fan of just execution by gun, but who has the guts do it freely.

Tommy Jensen

No one deserves torture and no one deserves to be dehumanized by torturing a torturer.


Syria is Purge zone for everyone !


1) Can’t see the faces of the attackers.
2) Russian is common among ISIS and other Jihadist fighters from Chechnya.
3) The uniforms don’t look Russian military.
4) No context whatsoever is provided.

At best it is deceptive, at worst is it pure fake news. Either way I expect to see it all over the phony MSM tonight, pushing the usual Russia narratives.


What is the motive of South Front for publishing such speculative “Russian” atrocity? Shame on you South Front! Glorifying ISIS and western propaganda! Height of speculating and media granstanding! Rumor mongerers!


They’re not confirming Western accusations, they’re just saying this video exists and needs investigation which is the most journalistic and responsible thing to do.


Yes where are the Hasbara Trolls saying Southfront is Russian propaganda now?

thomas kirk

could be a fake….recruitment/morale booster for ISIS ? are the animals that we are up against ? show them no mercy in combat ? do not be taken alive ? if you do, die praising Allah ? who knows


Hard to Watch, its important in these times to not descend to the level of your enemy, to become your enemy.
Sad stuff.

Yes its a head.
comment image

comment image

comment image

Yes that was a hit.

comment image


comment image




Hard to Watch, its important in these times to not descend to the level of your enemy, to become your enemy.
Sad stuff.

Yes its a head.

comment image

comment image

And yeah that was a hit.

comment image


Is the guy with the hammer wearing tennis shoes? Is the guy on the ground wearing a jogging outfit? He doesn’t look much like an ISIS fighter.
If in fact this was shot in Syria, it may be Russian private security guards, brought in to secure the gas fields and equipment recently liberated. Sort of like the equivalent of Black Rock mercenaries used by the US in Iraq. And we all know what they did in Iraq, don’t we! It certainly is not Russian Army in the video.

The poor guy on the ground may have been trying to steal or loot the equipment. Russia may have made a deal to develop the oil and gas field after the war.


Денис Черкасов

I don’t get it. It is terrorist from ISIS and americans are torturing terrorists in Guantanamo..

Денис Черкасов

And saudis are chopping arms if person violates law.

John Whitehot

some whore is just trying to make ragheads go mad at the Russians.

That in a war like the one being fought in Syria they could not find anything more violent or depraved than this shows how desperate and pathetic they have gotten in their anti-Syrian, anti-Russian manipulations.

It would not surprise me if jihadists (and the CIA, the Mossad etc) have formed squads with Russian speaking ragheads to run around the country to ravage prisoners and commit atrocities and then put the blame on evil Russians.

If that’s the case, we’ll probably see other videos like this in the future.

Justin Ryan

Soldiers seems:
A. a little on the thin side (unlike Russian soldiers)
B. distinctive silencer did not convince me, the main part of the guns looked low tech
C. Russians would be much more creative than this! (lets give them some credit, a hammer? come on!!)
D. Could have been an ISIS captured spy or even a captured arab from who knows where and they started torturing him!
E. We all know that the USA is trying to make Assad look bad by saying he will use chemical weapons, so why not make the Russians look bad by sayijng (or showing) that they torture!
This video holds no credibility! Its so EASY for anyone to make this video! the faces of the torturers were hardly seen! We know nothing of these people nor the one being tortured!
Why would Russians fight for 2 years in a war AND ONLY NOW, they lower themselves not just to torture…. but to actually RECORD the torture!
It goes against any logic!
Special forces are supposed to be stealthy and secretive! How the fuck is this stealthy and secretive?

Total fucking bullshit if u ask me! Why would professional soldiers do this?

propa fuckin ganda!

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