Video: 6 Israeli Soldiers Were Targeted By IED Hidden In Palestinian Flag On Gaza Border

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6 Israeli soldiers have been killed or wounded in an explosion of the IED hiddend in a Palestinian flag on the border between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli-held area, according to a video released by Al-Mayadeen TV. The incident reportedly took place on February 17, 2018.

In an earlier report on this issue, the IDF claimed that 4 its servicemembers were wounded.

It’s intersting to note that the video was released following the recent round of the escalation between Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza.


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  • ruca



    Pole laden with explosives and perhaps a mercury switch with timer, that’s pretty original.

    • Randy McCarthy

      It was a mercury switch that allowed current to move once held at the appropriate angle.

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    Nice. Everything you do it comeback to you. ISRAEL CANCER OF THIS WORLD!!

    • Kevin craddock

      It worked in Ireland the exact same way in the 70s a British soilder tried to remove the flag from a pole that was booby trapped more British soilder

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Seriously, Israel is a cancer for the planet and must be eliminated if humanity is to survive.

  • Kolarov

    Literally anudah shoah

  • H Eccles

    It’s somewhat of a relief to know that the Palestinians are slowly gaining the means to strike back and deter those illegal squatters who have no respect for humanity.

  • Sinbad2

    They know their enemy.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Zionist scum lie all the time. They have suffered more casualties than they ever acknowledge as the drugged out population would refuse to join the IDF if they had to fight people who could shoot back. The Zionists have so far excelled in cowardly attacks on unarmed Arab women and children.

  • Startling. This sure wasn’t in the mainline press.

    • Brother Ma

      I agree. Interesting that Gazans release this only now. Pulling its punches on the Israelis for political gain at the right time? Very clever. Just after vid of attack on the bus with shoulder grenade shooters.

  • ruca

    Well executed. Pun intentional.

  • James Clander

    Good one – – nice to see the bully killers getting some pay back. Well done!

  • Tommy Jensen

    The problem with these solo killings from both sides is that they dont move anything. Four Israeli soldiers were superficially wounded and 40 innocent Palestinians will now be killed as revenge.

    • Brother Ma

      And yet it caused alot of problems for the Nazis in Denmark. Funny that.

  • Suricate Gaming

    Six million IDF soldiers were killed !!! OY VEY !!! Remember GOY !!! Muh evil palestians !!!