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Victims “Stunned” After International Court Drops Probe Into US War Crimes In Afghanistan

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Victims "Stunned" After International Court Drops Probe Into US War Crimes In Afghanistan

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The prosecutor will focus on Taliban and ISIS-K

Written by Dave DeCamp (AntiWar.com), published on ZeroHedge.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor is seeking approval to resume an investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan but will “deprioritize” investigating suspected crimes by the US and its allies.

Karim Khan, who took over as ICC prosecutor in June, said he would focus on Taliban and ISIS-K, citing recent allegations. ISIS-K took credit for the August 26th suicide attack at the Kabul airport that killed over 100 Afghan civilians and 13 US troops.

Khan’s reasoning is that the ICC has limited resources, and the Taliban and ISIS-K are responsible for more recent alleged crimes. But the last known US airstrike in Afghanistan took place on August 29th, and it killed 10 civilians, including seven children.

According to Al Jazeera:

A lawyer for alleged victims of US torture in Afghanistan was “stunned” after Khan announced he would “deprioritize” the investigation into American forces, a probe that has long enraged Washington.

There were other instances in the final weeks of the US war in Afghanistan of civilians being killed by US airstrikes. In early August, US airstrikes in Lashkar Gah killed destroyed a health clinic and a school, killing at least 20 civilians.

Victims "Stunned" After International Court Drops Probe Into US War Crimes In Afghanistan

Illustrative Image

In 2020, the ICC moved forward with an investigation into alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan. The Trump administration reacted by slapping sanctions on ICC officials, which were lifted by the Biden administration in April. The investigation was on hold as the now-defunct US-backed Afghan government was promising to do the investigation on its own.

While the Biden administration has lifted ICC sanctions, it has come out in opposition to the court’s decision to investigate alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the ICC is “unfairly” targeting Israel even though the ICC said it will also investigate claims made against Hamas.


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Lazy Gamer

Might makes right in this fucked up world. When China becomes top dog, their crimes wont also be investigated. Nothing changes.

Tommy Jensen

Which China crimes?

Propan Gandalf

Kids are only allowed to play video game for max. 3h a week, Twitter already judged it as a crime


Wow, are you serious? China sounds fucking awful.

Peter Wallace

Wow that is terrible. Does that mean they have to do their school work and study instead. No wonder they are leaving the rest of the world behind. The US should demand Chinese kids play video games 30 hours a day so the US kids can catch up.


It’s when Ebenezer Wuhan-san encounters 3 ghosts of Chinese New Year past, present, and future.

Last edited 16 days ago by Marco

this is why we iranian exists we wouldnt allow america nor china to get away with horrible crimes so of course some in the world who rule with oppression and injustice dont like iran but when it comes to china i think you dont understand china that well

Last edited 16 days ago by farbat
Lazy Gamer

I just follow the history of empires. When China does become topdog, all its peripheries are logical targets for various goals. Then if it gets the ability to project, it will just be like what the Spanish, UK, US did.

Propan Gandalf

China won’t replace US they have no regime change experience and a defensive military. They used to be the “top dog” in the middle ages or so but decided not to abuse their power.

Last edited 16 days ago by Propan Gandalf
Tommy Jensen

My opinion too, they have enough internal to get hold on with 1,4 billion people and have no history of invasions and conquering foreign countries .
It will be business and drowning of overseas threats only.

Fog of War

” and have no history of invasions ”

Try Vietnam 1979.

Propan Gandalf

Obviously he didnt mean that literally, there are always exceptions. Don’t even try to compare China to US in that regard.


The present situation the USA finds itself in as the ‘leader of the free world” and hegemon is simply the position they inherited from the British as colonial enforcer. Before them it was the French, Dutch, Spanish. Portuguese in various combinations for 500 years.

Look up Chinese colonization and you’ll find nothing because China has never colonized anyone in 5000 years. They’ve conquered, been conquered, bought and sold but never colonized. They’re a trading nation.

Interesting that the mongols never colonized either … they conquered but never occupied and took tributes and taxes from conquered peoples instead of colonizing them. That 500 year experiment with colonization appears to be coming to an end.

Last edited 16 days ago by HB_norica
Tommy Jensen

Karim Khan is British. No reason to get stunned.


Yep.. The British Muslim zio butt lickers….


these afghanis cant expect justice via globalists because only iran can help them in this issue nobody else will care to punish america for its evil deeds as they are all still ordered around or to afraid of the usa

Last edited 16 days ago by farbat

The ICC is a sham, just like the UN. It’s just a bludgeon that powerful nations use to bully the weaker ones.


As far as i know the US never signed up to the ICC for US citizens,also Pompeo threatened ICC Officials and sanctioned them,like the time that mad bastard John Bolton threatened the then head of the OPCW because he didn’t follow the US narrative on Iraqi WMD,we know where your Kids live was the threat,they are just Mafia Gangsters and i fail to understand why some people still support them.

Peter Wallace

Correct . Both Israel and the US refuse the ICC jurisdiction into their war crimes. Both carry out their own investigations into their citizens and hand out the medals afterwards.


Well they suffered a humiliating defeat despite, all their wickedness.

Peter Wallace

The US and Israel do not recognise the right of the ICC to investigate their war crimes and as such the ICC have no power to do so unless they are invited to do so by the US or Israel. So no one should be surprised when the ICC doesn’t investigate any war crimes committed by these two who commit war crimes with impunity.

Fog of War

” as such the ICC have no power ”

Then all the other nations are morons for signing onto this.

US & EU are Zion slaves

@SF, get better team memebers.
I’m sorry, but what the hell are these reports?
No-one here is stupid to think ICC is anything but court for Africa – that is run and get orders by White fuks in US and EU.

Hahahaha, remember Iraq? or how the USA protected all those JP fukers after WWII?
Who give two fuk about backward Sunnis in Afghanistan that sleep with Al-Qaeda and such dick’s of Wahhabi Sunnis?

L du Plessis

ICC is corrupt!!


I C….
Isrealhelli Criminals Cover-up


ICC….Isrealhelli Criminals Cover-up

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