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Vice president of Switzerland: We’re not give up quotas for immigrants from the EU

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Inerview with vice president of Switzerland, Johann Schneider-Ammann: The government will give Brussels until February 2017 to present a proposal that would with the will of our people to limit immigration merged with the basic principle of the EU.

Vice president of Switzerland: We're not give up quotas for immigrants from the EU

Originally appeared at Politika.rs, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

Switzerland has invested in Serbia close to a billion euros every year, it is among the three largest investors in Serbia. As one of the largest donors of our country, it planed from 2013 to 2017, to donating a total of 75 million francs. Regardless of the problems that the economy of that country has because of the strong franc, which reflects a slowdown in GDP growth and unemployment rising, Switzerland has not given up the plan, says Johann Schneider-Ammann, vice president of the Swiss Confederation.

“The decision of our Parliament on those investments until 2017 is still in force, although, like everyone else, we must re-examine our plans. I am convinced, however, that we will stick to them “, says Schneider-Ammann.

Serbia wants with imitating the model of Switzerland introduced a dual system of education. Vocational secondary schools in Serbia are already more popular than classical, but the private sector is not interested in receiving high school apprentices, which is the basis of dual education. Too educate personnel for the market that are not needed in this issue. To motivate entrepreneurs to receive trainees and to align the education system with market needs?

A dual education according to the Swiss model were rumors during every meeting that I have had here. The system, to assume on the basis of low rates of youth unemployment in Switzerland, gives young people a good chance of finding a job. He, like a combination of theory trained at the school and, in parallel, practices acquired in the business, developing generations and in it the private sector to participate on a voluntary basis. While I was an entrepreneur, thirty young people in my career started. I offered it to them in kindness, but from egoistic reasons. A practice that acquired one hundred percent fulfilled the requirements of the market. Your Prime Minister and ministers I recommend that you make sure that the population believes in this type of education, which is the basis for competitiveness, innovation and prosperity.

To dual education system was applied, whether it is necessary to have been a stable economy and flourishing private sector to help entrepreneurs to find the calculation in the recruitment of apprentices? Can this system work if you start from scratch, in an unstable economy such as the Serbian one?

Vocational education is being developed in small steps, but the system, with the strategy. You have to accept that this will require time. But once you start to invest in further education, you can not go wrong. I understand that your ministers, especially the prime minister, particularly interested in this issue. I am sure that the Serbian government with the private sector to work at these activities.

At the recent parliamentary elections in Switzerland the right-wing and anti-immigrant parties have assumed dominance. Will it, in addition to the refugee crisis, to give momentum intention of your country to negotiate with the European Union on the introduction of immigration quotas?

The Swiss population has never decided to give up the bilateral relations, but in a referendum in 2014 voted a certain limit immigration (from other EU countries – prim. “Policy”). Our government is trying to come up with a reasonable proposal that would be the will of the population to limit immigration merged with the basic principle of the EU on freedom of movement and bilateral agreements. This is a delicate task, for which a solution, that is a proposal that will give Brussels should meet till February 2017 . For me, coming from the business world, liberal in spirit and represent a population that has an open mind, it is crucial to respect the will of our people, but also to remain a country with an open mind, because this openness is the recipe for our well-being and other successes. What we stay open, we can contribute more to the prosperity of the continent. And we are Europeans and we want to contribute to greater competitiveness, innovative achievements and reduce unemployment, which is crucial for the stabilization of the state, the region and the continent. We must fight for the success of which will be shared.

UNHCR has criticized Switzerland because most Syrian refugees granted only temporary residence instead of asylum. Are you going to change that policy?

We will not. When it comes to asylum seekers, examine each individual case, with clear rules for the granting of asylum. These principles will remain the same.

Your country stays outside NATO. The Serbian public as an argument for joining the alliance states that are neutral only countries that are unique cases and that Serbia is not. Do you think the neutrality policy that each country can implement or agree that it is only a single case?

Each country has its own history. Switzerland is independent from 1291. For us, this is the best principle. We defend our relative independence and, also, more than participate in matters of general interest and loyal we are. Recall the Red Cross as a good example of centuries of Swiss contribution to the welfare of the international community. But with regard to Swiss history, the principle of neutrality can not draw a general conclusion for other countries.

Vladimir Vukasović
published: 05.11.2015.

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