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MARCH 2021

‘Very High Probability’: U.S., Saudi Arabia To Claim Strikes On Saudi Aramco Facilities Were Delivered From Iran


'Very High Probability': U.S., Saudi Arabia To Claim Strikes On Saudi Aramco Facilities Were Delivered From Iran

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Saudi and US investigators have determined “with very high probability” that the September 14 attack on the Saudi oil industry was launched from an Iranian base in Iran close to the border with Iraq, CNN claimed on September 17 citing “a source familiar with the investigation.”

The attack involved cruise missiles flying at low altitude, the source said, and their trajectory was from the north of the Abqaiq complex, which was struck by more than a dozen projectiles in the early hours of Saturday morning. The source added that there is absolutely no indication that these missiles came from a southern area and especially not one as far as Yemen.

The missiles, according to the investigators’ current assessment, flew over southern Iraq and through Kuwaiti airspace before reaching their targets. The trajectory would imply that the launch point of the attack was being masked.

Kuwait on Monday announced it had launched an investigation into reports of sightings of drones or missiles shortly before the Saudi targets were hit,” CNN reported.

This report comes in the framework of the previous claims and speculations by US officials and mainstream media outlets that the recent strike on Saudi Arabia was carried out not by Yemen’s Houthis. They argue that Iran is the side responsible for the attack.

If the CNN-provided version is adopted on the official level, this would mean a new round of escalation in the Middle East.




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