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JULY 2020

‘Very High Probability’: U.S., Saudi Arabia To Claim Strikes On Saudi Aramco Facilities Were Delivered From Iran


'Very High Probability': U.S., Saudi Arabia To Claim Strikes On Saudi Aramco Facilities Were Delivered From Iran

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Saudi and US investigators have determined “with very high probability” that the September 14 attack on the Saudi oil industry was launched from an Iranian base in Iran close to the border with Iraq, CNN claimed on September 17 citing “a source familiar with the investigation.”

The attack involved cruise missiles flying at low altitude, the source said, and their trajectory was from the north of the Abqaiq complex, which was struck by more than a dozen projectiles in the early hours of Saturday morning. The source added that there is absolutely no indication that these missiles came from a southern area and especially not one as far as Yemen.

The missiles, according to the investigators’ current assessment, flew over southern Iraq and through Kuwaiti airspace before reaching their targets. The trajectory would imply that the launch point of the attack was being masked.

Kuwait on Monday announced it had launched an investigation into reports of sightings of drones or missiles shortly before the Saudi targets were hit,” CNN reported.

This report comes in the framework of the previous claims and speculations by US officials and mainstream media outlets that the recent strike on Saudi Arabia was carried out not by Yemen’s Houthis. They argue that Iran is the side responsible for the attack.

If the CNN-provided version is adopted on the official level, this would mean a new round of escalation in the Middle East.




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  • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

    The lies that led to the Iraqi War: an image is worth a thousand words

  • StafJustice

    The axis of Satan can continue to lie for a reason known to them, but one thing is certain and that is, ” you can never directly attack Iran “

  • verner

    and precisely why would the Iranian invite a war they don’t need. the only two parties looking for a war and in desperate need of a war is the unhinged states of A and israel. Iran and turkey and Syria and hezbollah has everything working for the common cause and a premature war today is not what they need. guess the corollary is that it’s a false flag operation perpetrated by israel and supported by the unhinged states of A and deluded mohammed bin salman is the patsy – pity he fell for the sweet talks of jared kushner and the bff bit. he should have stayed on the side of the anti-jewish cabal, they are always right and will, at the end of the day, prevail whereas the jews will not.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    nice graphics, but it was no ballistic missile involved… and we heard that the “drones” came from north/north-western direction.. so look at the map, which tiny little asshole country is located there?

    • Vollkrassmann

      Would make sense in a certain way: The zionists around Netanjahu would like to go to war against Iran on US’ side, therefore there is a need for a big assault on the Saudi’s oil terminals. Isn’t this a reason to step into the next military adventure? However, the guys in TelAviv would open their champaign bottles if a new “Pearl Harbour” plot would work…

    • Concrete Mike

      And whats wrong with giving the yemeni’s credit for anwell planned operation?

      These asshole bombing yemen everyday have the gall to say oh it wasent yemen it was iran.

      It was the yemeni army, as they have been attacking saudi infrastructur for a.month now.

      This one must have hurt for all this BS to come out.

      I see the” iran did it ” as a cheap trick so the saudis/usa/israel can gain control of the narrative, this is alk this is.

      Saudis were caught with there pants down, usa is trying to cover it up.

      Simple as that!

      • frankly

        I thought the US was forever bound to protect Saudi Arabia in exchange for only using petro dollars. Seems the US is more adept at stopping Yemeni wedding parties than incoming ordinance.

  • Tiresia Branding

    there is “a very high probability” I’m the master of the universe. I almost regret the plays of Colin Powell at the United Nations. All who saw the oil plant photos argue the attack came from west

    • frankly

      Yes master!

  • Garga

    What is this mentality that can’t accept technical progress of the people they see as “inferior”?
    It’s not long time ago that every “expert” used to claim that Iran doesn’t have the ability and can not build it’s own missiles? Iran cannot send living creatures out of atmosphere, Iranian missiles are in fact Chinese or North Korean, Russia cannot complete it’s GLONASS constellation, China is not able to build aircraft carriers, Japan cannot possibly build steam ships, etc., etc.?

    Now it’s Yemen’s turn. Despite previous retaliations by Yemen’s armed forces using up to 10 drones and missiles, now they claim this recent retaliation cannot be Yemen’s doing (despite they took responsibility), because of it’s scale of destruction?

    Well, a bad news: General Hadjizadeh announced that Iran now possesses a ballistic carrier-killer missile with a range of 2.000km, . Chew on that!
    I’m sure it’s photoshopped, innit?

    • Pave Way IV

      Whaaat? Japan has steam ships now?? That’s OUTRAGEOUS!

      And with all this “It MUST be the Iranians” finger-pointing, KSA and the US are muting the message the Houthis were trying to send, i.e., “Stop bombing us, take your puppet Hadi and get the fuck out of our country”.

      They’re just begging the Houthis to take out more big Saudi targets so people will take them seriously. Live-streamed videos of the entire approach to Ras Tanura from attacking Houthi drones… “OK, do you f’king chimps believe us now?”

      As a practical matter, I congratulate whomever is responsible for kicking the Saudi oligarchs in their oily, shrunken nuts.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The ignorant of the West fail to understand that the ethnic peoples of what we know today as Iran, were engaging in scholarly learning when the Europeans were still living in caves and throwing rocks at each other :)


      • frankly

        Agree, except our modern Europeans seem too weak in the wrists to be ancestors of someone who could throw a rock. How much intestinal fortitude does it take to make your money as an inside trader. Or is it traitor!

    • Tiresia Branding

      in the USA, people now live in the magical realm of the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately for everyone, especially those with decision-making power

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Well, to speak objectively the Iranians are geniuses in maintaining 40 year old Americunt equipment and even enhancing it. The F-14A is a classic example.


  • AJ

    Very high probability is too low a standard it should be the higher criminal standard beyond a reasonable doubt. The US had high confidence WMDs were in Iraq which proved false.

    • FlorianGeyer

      How about ‘Highly Likely’ as promoted by the Likely Lads of the UK’s MI5?

      MI6 is far too busy abetting the White Helmets to get involved at the moment :)

    • Nod

      no, they deliberately lied. FFS, are you still clueless ?

  • watcher12

    I ignored the obvious – too much phony stuff I simply avoided thinking about. Here’s a guy that thinks things through and he concludes that the Saudi did it themselves (why – for attack on Iran) and US corp is complicit for not making the point that this fellow does.

    • 1691

      The resource requested could not be found on this server!
      Could you,please, provide another link? Thank you.

  • zman

    As if CNN wasn’t laughable enough already…their source adding “that there was no evidence they came from the south or Yemen”. They seem to have omitted that there is no evidence at all that they came from Iran either…except for a lone fisherman from Kuwait who heard a drone…and AFAIK never mentioned missiles, cruise or otherwise. But hell, who cares? They don’t have even a scintilla of evidence of the radar type to back up any of their BS, including PompAss’ claim that they didn’t come from Iraq…but who cares? remains of a missile looks like a Yemeni design…but who cares? Yemen claims they have added new capabilities that gave this result…but who cares? They have their propaganda mapped out, no matter that it resembles the same BS they always pursue, quite without any proof, just innuendo….but who cares? Iran did it…and Putin probably helped.

  • frankly

    After all the people who have died and suffered in Yemen at the hands of the Saudis and their F.uk.us allies, this is all you got. You need to start WW III because the Federal Reserve has no other device to avoid really rich people taking a reduction in profit growth. You also need our sons to die to save your profits.

    I got a simple idea, if you want your oil refineries to be safe stop bombing the funerals, weddings hospitals and water treatment plants of the poorest people in the Middle East.

  • Dušan Mirić

    The highest probability is that the attack came from some US base or by their proxies, like US occupied part of Syria, Iraq or elsewhere. It is only in the interest President Trump’s enemies to put additional pressure on him. Even an amateur like me can imagine variety of accusations he is going to sustain from hysteric adversaries, it could be done by Saudis who want the US attack Iran, it could be carried out by right wing Israeli or their proxies…

  • Leon

    There is also the possibility that the Houthis did launch an attack and someone else took advantage to attack as well to make sure the damage was huge and to blame on Iran to stimulate a US retaliation.
    It is certain that if the US/Israel/Saudi have “accepted / organized” such destruction, it is to be able to accuse Iran and have a sufficient pretext to go to war with the latter.

    • Lazy Gamer

      Right, but the second strike still could be anyone. However, to coordinate the timing is hard which limits the suspects. But, the problem of coordination is solved when one realizes that an attack from the Houthis was inevitable or messages could have been intercepted by spies or equipment.

      • Israel’s spy capacity is top level. One of the best in the world.

      • goingbrokes

        Not so hard if you have a standby locked and loaded. Even visual sightings reported of Houthi drones incoming is enough to work with.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, what the hell did/do you expect, I hoped for some few seconds that the adults would provail but I was dead wrong, the war is coming, and everything points to just that, what profs smoofs, whom cares, they have non, and we all know it, despite the onslaught of an massive avalanche of sniveling drivel they just continue, because they can and they also control the west and ZATO nations is drooling along, even in Norway our MSM is going total bonkers and howls for blood, in the comentary field havaRats are kings, again facts, whom the f… cares about facts, its their way and they want war, and they will gett it.

    The attacks, the first thing I notices was the faked compound images, total bologney, nothing else and shows nothing compared to the massive sea of flames just an day before, etc, look at this images, they are fake, and cruice missiles, hell yeah, the Houtis said that, not drones, but missiles, idiots.
    And instead of hagling about techincalitys witch I dont bother to do that much anymore, since its f…. obvious, the UssA drools something about Iran, despite the fact every square inch of airspace and sea level is packed with radar waves, they didnt come up with anything, apart from what, an fisherman, huh, nice one, reminds me about another person waving an tiny bottle of something, aka C. Powell as profs for their acusations witch was needed to instigate an full scale invasion of Iraq.

    The irony is when alt-right sides sounds exactly like the leftis they despice this hours, everybody howls for ever more wars and Iran is the Babayda, the same eh…. right….. cites suddenly CNN as the ephifany of truth, to unnamed sources whom feeds the MSM more bullshit witch they claim points to Iran because they didnt see it coming, the Iraqi issue is also 100% bullshit because it crosses an region not only packed with militarys but also civilians systems, and nobody have seen anything, to then claim yemens are capable after showing is just that for the last 2 years and have expanded since to what we have to day, witch dont surpirce me at all, I almost expected something like this and this scale was impressive.
    Cognitive disonance.
    Or dementia, there must be something in the water.
    The thing is, Iran will be left alone, mark my words, when the proverbial dung hits the fan, Iran will be isolated, and have to fight the scums on their own, since Russia is not that trustwurthy after all, and despite the rethoric coming from Putinistas, I dont give it credit at all, wishfull thinking is just that, an pipe dream, China, forget it, and the rest, we can hope, but that may take some time, but the war is coming.
    I am just pissed because this sites I expected to be sober, have gone balistic, prints nonsense upon nonsense, everything from 9/11 to santa claus, but ignores the thing witch is so far the only viable expanation, and its been admitted, the Houtis did it, 10 cruice missiles, I dont even bother to link to them, SF have shown them before so you have seen them.
    But I am afriad this will be ugly, and right now, everything is uncertain, expect that the UssA and the Synagog of Satan, the Khazarian scums will have their war, yeah, Iran have been in their cross hair for decades, and now after all this years, finaly, the scums of this earth have an exuse, and that, morons is what they have and is creating as we speak.

    My the lord have mercy upon us all, and bless the Iranians and the Houtis for their reightfull fight against evil, and the war dogs of the Synagog of Satan.
    IF there is an tiny bit of moral fibre left in the Arab people, they should know that they are just pawns, the west dont care at all, you are just pawns, expendable, to fight their insane imperialistic wars, but I my have to high hopes, I am afraid.
    Night, f…. is coming, if you dont take an stand, I hope you burn in hell, you deserve everything, you reap what you sew, never ever forget that Arabs, time is come, be free or become an slave to the scums of this earth.
    You have been warned.


  • Dušan Mirić

    Peter and two Alexanders speculating who could be behind the attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOaOpcxIzOw

  • Autonomous

    “their trajectory was from the north of the Abqaiq complex”

    If you compare a map of Abqaiq with the satellite images showing points of impact then the trajectory of the drones are from the west instead of the north. In videos taken from the residential areas west of Abqaiq the sound of a drone can be heard flying overhead and heading in an easterly direction towards the plant.

  • Mish

    Highly likely, eh?

    • Concrete Mike

      Who benefits?

      The yemeni people for one, this is a huge FU to the saudi invaders.

      For the people of yemen this is huge , this shows every yemeni man woman and child that after all the saudis threw at us, we survive, and we just hit the saudi pigs back some hard.

      Dont let the invaders dictate the narrative.

      The.invaders are lying, they git caught with their pants down and all they have is blame iran.

      I say hit them again Yemen.

      And paint the whole fucking thing hot pink, that way there will be no denying who hit that oil terminal next time.
      Thats my view on it.


  • RichardD
  • RichardD
    • Concrete Mike

      Thats right rich, this was a yemeni operation through and through.

  • RichardD
    • Hind Abyad

      Déja vu

    • Ashok Varma

      US has no credibility and a history of lies. Even Saudis have said it was an attack from Yemen.

  • RichardD

    The US version doesn’t pass the smell test. 20 or 30 drones and missiles allegedly flew right over the top of US bases in the Gulf and the US provides zero verifiable proof. Who would believe this without proof when the Houthis have been attacking Saudi Arabia for years with these types of attacks? And the US has a long history of lies.


    – Saudi oil attacks: Drones and missiles launched from Iran – US –


    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunts believe in MAXIMUM LIES. The fact is that they have bilked the Saudis of trillions of dollars by selling totally worthless JUNK that is rotting in the deserts as the illiterate Bedouins can’t even change a car tire.

      • RichardD

        The people running the government and your average American are diametrically opposed. The candidate selection process is jerry rigged to insure that only Zionist Israel firsters get on the ballot. And in the rare occasion an American firster gets elected they are smeared and usually removed.

      • Nod

        What they sold to the Americans, was OPEC and the petro dollar., that was, and is, worth multiples of trillions.

    • frankly

      Hey they got 9/11 to fly, this should be a piece of cake. Speaking of which doesn’t the way the airlines hit and then the buildings fell remind us of the famous Israeli double tap?

      • RichardD

        After 6 or 7 TRILLION dollars down the tube on Jew wars, the 2008 financial crisis, and an economic catastrophe that any rational person can predict. I wouldn’t put it in the piece of cake category. But yes, I hear where you’re coming from.

  • Concrete Mike

    Ignorant fucks, still dismissing the yemeni army are you?

    There will be hell to pay next time yemen strikes.

  • Hind Abyad

    South Front fails, how much did US&the usual Allies pay for this article?

    ..only two days ago
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/db1a349303fb64f7f35d1436c0b032e49122404b0ef1d7f3755a2dd9ce0955d9.png “Attacks On Saudi Oil Infrastructure May Have Been Carried Out Not From Yemen” https://southfront.org/attacks-on-saudi-oil-infrastructure-may-have-been-carried-out-not-from-yemen-report/

  • José Xavier

    Americans can´t read a Map… And the USGOV + MSM are the largest liars in the World

    1- If the “Source” of missiles and drones were Iran, specifically missiles, this means Iran has manouvrable missiles? Because they can´t fly through Iraq and Kuwait and hit Abuqayq like they did… this trajectory would be impossible to Ballistic Missiles!

    2- The Lies and Smears of the Empire are even good enough…let´s remember, It´s the Same Empire that have said “There are Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq”… Believe in they who wants…
    3- An Houthi lanched missile in other hand would fly in straight line to Abuqayq, they already hit Riyadh, which is close, and the idea that the Shias in the Region are loyal to the Saudi Killers are shameful, they obey in fear. Shias in KSA are opressed in dailly basis, they sure would help in such effort
    4- Let´s remember the Iranian government, regardless of it´s antics, and human rights abuse, have never feared the US, or no one apparently. In the 80, they have america on it´s feet with the Embassy Affair, they fight and US and USSR armed Iraq, and fighted USSR in Afghanistan. Anyone who is crazy enough to believe that is capable of invading Iran should be aware of the massive destruction to come.

    5- Iranians left their homes to fight the Western created Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and were the main responsible, alongside with Russia, for the destruction of ISIS in both countries. If they fight in foreign soil with such zeal, imagine defending their homeland?

    6- MSM is a shame, nothing to add

  • michaelj72a

    the US and saudis are merely trying to change the narrative from the original claims that the Houthis did it, to the new narrative that the Iranians did it…

    for obvious reasons, trying to convince the western and US public that it would be worthwhile to take military action on this. now …..

    or perhaps at some later date, when the Houthis once again strike at one or more of the 100-200 objectives which they have identified in saudi arabia as on their strike list. hell why shouldn’t they have a long list, considering what the Saudis and the US accomplices have done to poor Yemen.

    whoever did it, it was spectacular … And will be done again…
    and again…. until the barbaric saudis sue for peace

    Which is another reason to claim that it was the Iranians, so the sauds don’t have to take any peace initiatives with the Houthis seriously, or seriously consider stopping their barbaric bombings, which are clearly war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    • verner

      by this time and by the changing stories from the two top terrorists it is obvious it was a false flag israeli operation just like 9/11, probably in conjunction with cia and it can be assumed that bolton’s hand can be found in the background and that is the reason why it happened as it happened – it had to be reasonably close to his dismissal so that his influence still counted.

  • Jimmy Jim

    The big losers are the makers of Patriot Missiles. Useless comes to mind.

  • Ashok Varma

    US has a history of making false claims to justify disastrous wars. If you want to identify the most reckless powers in our world today, look no further than Israel, UK, France Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

  • verner

    well and when the unhinged states of A has been goaded by the squatters to start a war against Iran, Iran will unleash say 50 of the Ghadr 1 and/or the Shahab 3 and /or the Sejil missiles from the Caspian Sea right at tel aviv and some other vital points the squatters maintain on the stolen land and given the precision of the attack on saudi installations the other day the squatters better duck and run ’cause the iron dome will become the Iron Doooooom kaboooom and the squatters days on palestinan land will be over.

    something to look forward to and cheer for and then, when the squatters are on the run, a world wide anti-zionist day to celebrate the end of the zionists.

  • frankly

    Well they used more conclusive language when explaining how what’s his name stole the election and then Mueller struck out, so this is pretty dodgy at best. I say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. After all the people Saudi money has exterminated all across the world how do we wind up needing to protect them?

    As far as spreading the Wahhabi cult around the world, does anyone have any good news about that disease? How is that something US tax payers need to protect. Trump’s supposed to be taking care of US, not a country that has been head chopping consistently for centuries. So they let him put his hand on their globe. I would rather he got his head out of the clouds.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Remember???? last two weeks Israel claim that they ATTACK Target in Iraq and Syria without being detected???

    NOW……Why don’t US and Saudi look at Israel direction to try to find the residue and traces of smoke???

  • goingbrokes

    Yeah right! If missiles fly from Iraqi airspace they MUST be Iranian. Gimme a break. Only a moron would believe claptrap like that.

  • Hind Abyad

    Southfront was sold to Murdoch?