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Venezuela’s Deputy Military Atache To UN Announces Support For Guaido

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On February 20th, Venezuela’s military attaché to the United Nations, Colonel Pedro Chirinos announced his support of US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

“I recognize, and offer my support and obedience, to the transition government led by the president, Juan Guaido,” Chirinos said.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said he was not aware of any notifications from the Venezuelan U.N. mission on changes to its delegation.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton used the chance to once more claim that Chirinos is another example of an official who has “chosen democracy over Maduro’s tyranny.”

Separately, US Southern Command Commander Craig Faller held a meeting with the head of the Colombian Armed Forces on the same day. In his address he warned the Venezuelan military:

“This message is for the Venezuelan military, you will ultimately be responsible for your actions. Do the right thing. Save your people and your country.”

John Bolton also appeared to have set his sights on one of the supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government. In a tweet he warned Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, repeating a warning that US President Donald Trump issued on February 18th.

Also Andrew McCabe, who has been in the limelight recently in his book claimed that Trump wanted war in Venezuela because “they have all that oil.”

Meanwhile, media reported that Juan Guaido is to leave for Colombia, despite being banned from leaving the country by the Venezuelan supreme court. He is to visit the neighboring country in order to arrange the delivery of US humanitarian aid on the deadline he gave – February 23rd.

He rallied bus drivers who, according to him, are willing to join the opposition’s cause and assist in the delivery of aid.

He also thanked Puerto Rico for sending a ship loaded with 250 tons of humanitarian aid.

Finally, on February 20th Amnesty International released a report on Venezuela titled “Hunger, punishment and fear, the formula for repression used by authorities under Nicolás Maduro.”

According to the report, at least 41 people died during five days of protests from January 21st to 25th, almost all of them from gunshot wounds, while 900 were arrested.

Amnesty called on the UN Human Rights Council to take action to address the “total impunity that prevails in Venezuela” by creating an independent investigative body to report on the human rights situation.

“The authorities under Nicolás Maduro are trying to use fear and punishment to impose a repulsive strategy of social control against those who demand change,” Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International said.

Amnesty noted a significant number of extrajudicial executions, as well as constant excessive use of force and arbitrary detentions.

“As we have seen many times in Venezuela, the authorities want us to believe that those who died during the protests – mainly young people from low-income areas – were criminals. Their only crime was daring to ask for change and to demand a dignified existence,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas.

“Arbitrarily detaining more than a hundred adolescents and subjecting them to cruel treatment, which at times may have constituted torture, shows how far the authorities are willing to go in their desperate attempts to stop the protests and subdue the population,” she also said.

According to the Amnesty, the solution is to employ international justice.

Erika Guevara-Rosas also noted that Venezuelan authorities have a “policy of abandoning the victims of human rights violations.”

“International justice is the only hope for victims of human rights violations in Venezuela. It is time to activate all available mechanisms to prevent further atrocities,” she concluded.

The recent developments show that the US and US-affilated entities are set continue their pressure on the Venezuelan government in the ongoing awttempt to overthrow it.


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Promitheas Apollonious

The power of money in action. Of course traitors, are 5 a dime now days.


They probably told him: If you betray Maduro, you will become rich, if you dont, you will commit suicide. What they did not tell him, is that he will commin suicide in both cases if they manage to overthrow Maduro. They certainly dont need any witness ……

Concrete Mike

Once a traitor always a traitor


In the past the US would have invaded already to install a puppet government. But as weakened as it is from debt fueled empire overreach. It’s resorting to less costly and effective charades like the current debacle.


Believe me, the US-ians are already starving, the massmedia doesn’t show this, they want to invade the whole South America through Venezuela, to eat all the bananas and suck the blood of the working class.

V. Mecki

I’m sure, he had no choice.


The only good coming out of this farce,is that the TRAITORS are revealing themselves,so good riddance and hope they enjoy their exile.


Hold a military court-martial in absentia …… hanging traitors is as old as history. On the other hand, he could spend the good life with other proxy cut throats recued from American genocide campaigns.

Concrete Mike

Ehh look at all the war poodles BARK !! The worst is the portrayal of benevolence from usa and puppet camp. Make me sick!!


Enjoy what life you can in the US, traitor. You can never return home. Amnesty Int…what a Zio joke they are. When they were mentioning violence, where was the mention of Guano’s supporters burning a man alive? Puerto Rico sending aid? Really? When did they fully recover from that hurricane destruction and loss of electricity? Last I heard they were still in deep shit and broke due to corruption. Of course, that humanitarian aid might just be surplus weapons that they just found. Probably I’m all wrong and they are just overly generous, wanting to help those poor people instead of their own.


and ……. where is this individual residing at the moment?

You can call me Al

Jew Nork.



Dušan Mirić

A long time ago Solzhenitsyn said in exile that Russia can live without him, but he cannot live without Russia. So…


Thats a wrap folks! Socialism and Communism always fail! (note: Sweden is NOT a socialist country, they have privately owned businesses but govt run institutions) and they always end up killing their own people either through revolution of tyranny!

USA defeated Japan yet look at Japan, happy and rich as fuck! Look at South Korea, happy and rich as fuck! Look at West Germany and now whole of Germany, happy and rich as fuck!

Now lets look at former Soviet and Chinese proxy nations (that Sinbad loves so much)! Stalin: killed 50 million of his own people and is a dirty fucking JEW! Mao: killed 80 million of his own people proxy nations: Eastern Europe (still a shit hole), kazakstan (still a shit hole), cuba (still a shit hole), North korea (worst place on earth literally).

Thats the difference! Proofs in the pudding!

Fuck Socialism, Fuck communism, Fuck nazi’s, fuck jews, fuck the former Soviet union, fuck communist China!

Love Nationalist Russia, love NON empirical japan, love anti nazi Germany, love Trump, love Putin, love Assad

Hate presidents for life (Xi), hate fuck heads who like China, hate people who think China is nice and USA is bad!

Were the Soviets nice? Are the Chinese nice? Was Nazi Germany nice? HYPOCRITES the lot of ya!

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