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Venezuela’s Armed Forces Shot Down Drug Plane (Photos)

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Venezuela’s Armed Forces Shot Down Drug Plane (Photos)

A photo of the alleged drug plane posted on the Armed Force’s social platform

The Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb) reported on Wednesday that members of the Armed Forces Airspace Defence Command (Codai) neutralized a foreign aircraft with US registration for suspected drug trafficking after the aircraft entered Venezuelan airspace without authorization.

The announcement was made through the military command’s official Twitter account, @ Libertad020, where they reported that at midnight on Tuesday, the entrance of a narco-aircraft registered in the United States was detected.

“Ceofanb reports that @CODAI_FANB, detected at midnight on July 7 the entry of a narco-aircraft with US registration into our airspace and once the protocol was applied, it was neutralized with aircraft from our Military Aviation”, is the message released by the FANB’s strategic command on the social network.

While no details have been provided as to the aircraft’s flight path, where it was brought down, the identity of the pilot(s), or what it was carrying as yet, the registration number of the aircraft is clearly visible in the photo posted on the Command’s social network page – N339AV.

According to Flightradar, the aircraft was a privately-owned Hawker 800 plane. Its latest registered flight route was in Mexico, from the central Toluca state to Cozumel Island in the Caribbean.

In 2013, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a law authorizing the downing of aircraft that illegally enter Venezuelan airspace.

The Strategic Operational Command of Venezuela’s Armed Forces frequently reiterates its determination to fight against drug trafficking, as expressed in messages published on social networks, such as this: “Our permanent sentinels of the country with maximum discipline and strength, continue to be guarantors of the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its frontal fight against drug trafficking.” The preceding message was posted following a new seizure of drugs on Tuesday, in the state of Anzoátegui.

At least one other suspected drug plane was detected by the FANB last month and it was also brought down by Venezuela’s Air Force according to media reports.


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Damien C

In their rabid hatred of all things Venezeulan under Maduro the CIA spin-doctors will try and twist this to suit their over-throw agenda. Just waiting on the U.S mouth pieces claiming it was a humanitarian mission bringing water to an orphanage whilst being piloted by the last known decendants of Mother Teresa


Or the plane was one of theirs and took it down by mistake.

Lone Ranger

With U.S. reg rumbers… Sure. The Cocaine Importation Agency wont be protesting thats for sure :)

Bobby Twoshoes

Haven’t heard that version of the acronym before, I like it.


Cia uses only US reg numbers especially when transporting cocaine.

Lone Ranger

Nobody said they are smart. I notice they are on the downhill for quite a while.

Lone Ranger


Watch the movie. Old but gold :)


Heard of it. Maybe I will.

Zionism = EVIL

The cunts also ran Air America, and we all know how well that turned out.


Jet fuel does not melt steel beams

Zionism = EVIL

Well amigos, the CIA drug mules are short one plane, now there is less money for the terrorist headchoppers.


I’m Mirrrrranda Veracruz de la Hoya Cardinal of Armed Forces Airspace Defence Command of The Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt… Two CIA jets and a helo in two weeks… I think I will faint… The beautiful Cocaine money…oy…

Lone Ranger

CIA is trafficking drugs from Venezuela undervocer, than they designate Venezuela a narco terror state, meanwhile their black ops trolls were caught trying to stage a coup. U.S. foreign policy logic in a nutshell… But hey at least Trump is keeping his promise, now countries pay for their own overthrow by confiscating their gold reserves and the CIA running the local drug mafia. Demoncrazy at its finest..


While the Rogue AmeriCunt Mafia/Terrorist State + Regime STOLE hundreds billions $$ of Assets, Property + Funds from the ‘Venezuelan People’, it partly financed the ‘Coup D’éta’ attemps with the stolen money because they are cheap and didn’t use own money, bribe/buy anyone with it to help destroy the country and Trump embezzeld/stole hundred millions for his precious wall himself.


Time to de$tro¥ Chinese as***les

Zionism = EVIL


Ivan Freely

Relevance? This article is about Venezuela.


truth be told – venezuela does more to stop the cocaine traffic from south america than the cia does in an entire year, or put another way, while venezuela works to stop cocaine business cia does what it can to keep it going and with the resources of the american government behind it and no oversight, venezuela won’t be all that successful.

good american

The US does do drug interdiction, I’ve been witness to it with my own eyes, though I think it has more to do with the fact they don’t like the competition from other suppliers rather than not liking the the drugs themselves. And like the petrodollar, the narco dollar helps keep the dollar valuable.

Black Waters

USA, the biggest sinkhole for drugs.

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