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Venezuelan Pro-Opposition Field News Outlet Appears To Be Run Toronto, By Bellingcat Member

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The Twitter account of the pro-opposition blog “In Venezuela,” appears to be run from Toronto, Canada and the field news source is run by a Bellingcat member, Giancarlo Fiorella. The “open-intelligence investigation network” Bellingcat is infamous for its biased reporting and forwarding the mainstream media narrative. Its connections to the Institute of Statecraft and its pet project the Integrity Initiative are also not a secret.

This was initially found by Twitter user Geroman:

In the comments, some users suggested that the Venezuela Opposition field news account is similar to many of “patriotic Syrian accounts” based in Tel’Aviv, Israel.

Probably, there’s nothing to worry about, since the Twitter account is based in “Venezuela’s Time Zone.”

Other comments called out Twitter users who initially claimed to be “in the reality of it,” in Venezuela, starving and lining up for 5 hours for a loaf of bread, while a comment several days earlier claimed the same person was living in an apartment in Paris and studying Fashion.

As well as a user who pointed out an interesting dynamic – the richer class are always Westernized and speak English, while the poorer class need to be translated from Spanish. More often than not, the report contains “no-one speaking Spanish.”

Regardless, it should be reminded Bellingcat published numerous pieces claiming that non-Western backed governments were gassing protesters and using over-the-top violence against them. So, reports claiming that protesters are being targeted by live rounds could possibly follow shortly.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Integrity Initiative launched an operation to combat “Russian disinformation” in Venezuela, and the Institute for Statecraft sent some representatives to organize some open lectures on fighting “fake news.” Or rather, how to spread them and propagate the MSM narrative and cause even further hysteria.


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Manuel Flores Escobar

sooner in Venezuela we will see like in Syria.. another SOHR..Syrian Observatory with fake news…

Pave Way IV

Worse yet, we’ll have to suffer endless propaganda about another White Helmets-like organ harvesting operation in Venezuela.

Manuel Flores Escobar

or Chemical attacks….

Tommy Jensen

We cannot arrest Guiado. We can only continue to let him enforce his platform and strengthen his base. This is the only thing we can do, because we will follow all the rules.


Makes you sick doesn’t it? Me too.

northerntruthseeker .

Maduro should arrest him for treason against the Venezuelan nation…

Daniel Martin

Another Soros financed “patriotic opposition” runned from abroad!

northerntruthseeker .

Bellingcat is a Mossad led and US financed operation… Disinformation at its finest!


Bellingcat is sponsored and gets fake intelligence whispered in their ears by Nato and MI6

Zionism = EVIL

Canada itself is run by Toronto Jews. Mossad has the largest station there in the Jew community and businesses. They also fund the Zionist theft of Palestinian lands.


White House suports anti state element in Venezuela called Guaido.

Zionism = EVIL

Canada is pathetic colony of the Americunts and Zionists. It is also called the smiling face of racism. Canada has played a very destructive role in all CIA plots from the destruction of Libya, war in Afghanistan, and the colonization of Africa where third rate Canadian faggot dope smoking cannon fodder serve as arse lickers to the Americunts and Froggies. US masters use dumb Canuck shitheads as tools in global destabilization.


well well not a doubt in my mind that the entire upsetting of a legally elected government is run from washington dc and that the morons, having a number of failed regime change operations just recently to consider, are desperate and prepared to go the whole yard to be in a position to say, we’ve saved the venezuelan people from an end worse than death (socialism). Since venezuela is, so to say, in the destitute states of america’s backyard a failed regime change operation will just not be acceptable since it will mean that Russia and China and Turkey’s sphere of influence reaches all the way to the destitute states’ backyard and that would be totally unbearable for washington, a syphilitic moron, aka bolton and fatso pompous. how dreadful.

hang on Maduro. they will fail this time as welllllll

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Just awaiting the first #metoo allegation made against Guaido of historical college ‘touching’ rape. Was educated at George Washington University after all.


So what’s so strange and impossible for an Italian Giancarlo to be in Canada and Venezuela in the same time? Or for Moshe from Austria and Syria to be in the Venezuela as well?!!?

Don’t you people believe is Soros financed paranormal phenomenons?!?

John Whitehot

i would not swear on it, but it’s probably from one of those italian families that “emigrated” to south america after seeing mussolini hanged by the feet.


Is it just me or does the opposition leader Guaido look like Barak Obama. Not that it matters. Or does it?

northerntruthseeker .

He definitely is NOT Barry Soetoro…. But he definitely is a US puppet!


I wasn’t saying he was Barry. I said he looked like him. Clones? Or just from the same brain dead blood line? I don’t know but they do look alike and they both are instruments of evil.


And why would they bleach Obama in Michael Jackson style? When they have plethora of sinister characters to choose one worse from the other and one more servile from the other?

Carlos Correia

same modos operandi: now and soon a false flag against the puppet “probably death” and maduro will be blamed. youtube.com/watch?v=uJZ8THm_0Jo


How many times do we need to rediscover the wheel. We’ve seen this show dozens of times already. Yes it’s clever, but on the other hand it’s always the same trick and always the same people. We know who the enemy is and how they operate; now you either crack down on them or you don’t.

Similarly, how many pearl-clutching articles do we really need in the alternative press “Yesterday I read something in the NYT and … and … it wasn’t true!” How have we become so backward-looking that we still flatter those outdated, discredited institutions with our attention.

Promitheas Apollonious

This is standard what you saying and I agree by the way, from humans who are really afraid to face reality and live in make believe worlds.


Facts speak for themselves, propaganda speaks only for it’s authors …



And your IP address is in Moscow, South Front. Pot call the kettle black, much.


Russia is not exporting regime change around the world, Russia is trying to prevent this chaos inflicted upon the world by the Empire of Chaos (USA and NATO)


Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Because no one listens to your egotistical ramblings!


South Front is a Russian based media site that rather unsurprisingly uses Russian servers… The above report is about fake social media accounts claiming to be Venezuelan and in-country ‘opposition’ when they are clearly operated from foriegn western counties. The internet is the perfect environment for manufactured and fraudulent identities – is this news to you? You are quite ridiculous.

franz kafka

Fkoff Smegma!

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