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Venezuelan Pro-Opposition Field News Outlet Appears To Be Run Toronto, By Bellingcat Member


The Twitter account of the pro-opposition blog “In Venezuela,” appears to be run from Toronto, Canada and the field news source is run by a Bellingcat member, Giancarlo Fiorella. The “open-intelligence investigation network” Bellingcat is infamous for its biased reporting and forwarding the mainstream media narrative. Its connections to the Institute of Statecraft and its pet project the Integrity Initiative are also not a secret.

This was initially found by Twitter user Geroman:

In the comments, some users suggested that the Venezuela Opposition field news account is similar to many of “patriotic Syrian accounts” based in Tel’Aviv, Israel.

Probably, there’s nothing to worry about, since the Twitter account is based in “Venezuela’s Time Zone.”

Other comments called out Twitter users who initially claimed to be “in the reality of it,” in Venezuela, starving and lining up for 5 hours for a loaf of bread, while a comment several days earlier claimed the same person was living in an apartment in Paris and studying Fashion.

As well as a user who pointed out an interesting dynamic – the richer class are always Westernized and speak English, while the poorer class need to be translated from Spanish. More often than not, the report contains “no-one speaking Spanish.”

Regardless, it should be reminded Bellingcat published numerous pieces claiming that non-Western backed governments were gassing protesters and using over-the-top violence against them. So, reports claiming that protesters are being targeted by live rounds could possibly follow shortly.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Integrity Initiative launched an operation to combat “Russian disinformation” in Venezuela, and the Institute for Statecraft sent some representatives to organize some open lectures on fighting “fake news.” Or rather, how to spread them and propagate the MSM narrative and cause even further hysteria.




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