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Venezuelan Military Rejects US-Appointed Leader Of Country, Vows To Defend National Sovereignty

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Venezuelan Military Rejects US-Appointed Leader Of Country, Vows To Defend National Sovereignty

Vladimir Padrino Lopez

The Venezuelan military will not accept a US-appointed president of the republic, the nation’s defense minister said on January 23 after US President Donald Trump officially recognized opposition leader Juan Guadio as “the Interim President of Venezuela”.

“Despair and intolerance threaten the peace of the Nation. The soldiers of the homeland do not accept a president imposed in the shadow of obscure interests or self-proclaimed outside the law,” Vladimir Padrino Lopez said. The Bolivarian National Armed Forces defend the Venezuela’s Constitution “and is the guarantor of national sovereignty,” he added.

He noted that the army will continue to defend the constitution and national sovereignty and said that there are “dark interests” behind attempts to make Guadio a leader of the country.

Earlier Guadio proclaimed himlself the Interim President of Venezuela and called on the army to support his attempts to take power. However, it seems this did not work.

At the same time, the legitimate government of Venezuela led by President Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuela was breaking diplomatic ties with the US.


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Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela are not attacked by Guaido but by U.S. through Guaido.
The essence of the problem is not how Nicolas Maduro is going to start civil war against US aggression. The war is already declared by U.S.

This is new international PRECEDENT in the US destruction of sovereignty of the countries.
By DENYING the right to the people of sovereign countries to choose their leader!
We are moving into the world of SERFDOM
In the world where US decides everything for the others.


I salute your comment!


and I salute you,
I’m glad to hear that there are others who agree with me

Bill Wilson

So says Maduro’s pig dog generals. In the meantime the enlisted ranks get paid with worthless currency and are fed two meager meals each day. I’ll be surprised if Maduro is still in power at the end of the year.


K, be surprised then.


Throw the zionist traitors in jail.look what happened in Ukraine while bringing jewSA democracy .The greasy zionists just want to get their hands on Venezuelan oil,which is the largest reserves in the world.The cause of the misery in Venezuela is because of deliberate sanctions by jewSA to bring about unrest and an excuse to overthrow the legitimate madurai government.

Tommy Jensen

US can hang Saddam, sodomise Gaddafi, make Abu Ghraib and kill 2 million Iraqi´s, but the nice guys in the resistance forces can only “expel” Guadio and US diplomats?

They will lose if they continue to bark only and show a soft hand. Only Kim and Iran have up to date made Intelligent responses to Great Satan and the sissies in Europe.

US will now try to realize their new strategy: Occupying or bombing deplorable countries to the stone age, and try to take over the controlling oil resources in Venezuela and Iran.


What an excellent idea, Sodomize all the US embassy staff, live on CNN.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes they can try the question is if they could why have not done it the last 30 years while they had still the illusion of a super power?


What about strapping the US ambassador to the front of a truck, Mad Max style, and drive him back to the states. People would line the streets and throw eggs at the yankee dog.

Great reality television.


Or leave them die suffocating by smoke in the “safe rooms” and dragged dead on the street in Hitlery Clinton-Libian style with much less spectacular scene and with less theatrics?


I reckon just surround his embassy with crickets is enough punishment, as seen in Cuba. It also means less chance of getting blown back into the stone age by the US military.


They would immediately say in N Y Times that Russians are weaponizing crickets and “hacking the nature” and create “climat change” !


Naturally. :D


I thought it was Putin who was pouring gasoline all over Venezuela?


But they need to learn from Syria. When the central government is too corrupt and ignores a large segment of the country’s population this provides a breeding ground for outside agitators. The military needs to have a talk with Maduro and tell him to dial back on all the socialism bs and get the economy working. Cut the power to the embassy and jam their communications.

Tommy Jensen

Venezuela did well before US started the regime change concept. In reality it has nothing to do with Venezuela.

Its part of a new US strategy to be global oil/gas hegemon, occupy weak countries and demand protection money for energy deliveries to richer countries.

In this global concept, Venezuela and Iran need to be subdued and ruled 100% from US.


the smartest thing i heard in a while

Brother Thomas

The “Great Satan” at it again.


Time for El Presidente Maduro to accept Hillary Clinton as the Official President of the US. Because Trump did not win the democratic franchise of US citizens, consequently, he is Not their President


I am a bit proud of my self, I managed to sustain an massive PC-infested mind bug for several minutes by volentarly nailing my self to the coatch and watch the Norwegian shit for brain MSM, and was not disapointed at all, witch means that what they said was exactly the same nonsense we are been served from the MSM whom somehow suddenly is becoming buttboddys with the Trump because of firm actions, yeah, did they eat schocolate cake, eh…..
Yeah, even years old images from their state Venezuelas national day, witch is just pased as an prof of how bad it is or show this as an demonstation against the present Gov , and like in Libya when we pointed out that this flag waving mass of people (really big crowd) was waving Indian flags, witch isnt even like the Libyan, BBC expllanied it was to “ilustrate” the level of protests against Gaddafy, yeah, how uh….. credible of them, And others like HRW fabricated an stream of total bullshit about mass graves to torture, etc, etc, etc, and what are we de facto watching this days, compare it to what happens in France, and why are we not bombing sorry, sorry humaNazing the Sun King MaCrony pallaces back to the stone age, since the French Nape shit is also responcible for killing civilians, hurting people, arresting randomy, using the police to provoce and uses them self provos for the same reason and where on earth is the left, ups, they are in the second or third, uh…… fake news story pimped hard this last few days, the white racist neo-nazi native hating etc. kids from an chatolic church whom shown an lack of spine that I find directly impressive, you cant fall further down.

But, if you think Russia is an saint, you have problems, and Lavrov the Lame drooled once again total bollocks about and the facts leading to the war in Yemen, and this man is hailed as what, knowledgable, get an grip, they are whores, and Russia is looking more and more, how to put it, rotten, an stinking Turkish whorehouse.

The latest attacks, tsk, tsk, and is exposing something I knew have been there all the time, the never ending butt cheek spreading for the scum of this earth, the ISISraeli rat pack.
How low is it possible to go, yeah, watch what comes, etc, but the main thing is, how rotten is Russia.
Its been cheep talk to this point, but I know the Russians will throw anyone under the buss if it benefits the tribes men, like the massive gass fields out side Gaza like Golan and Yemen incl stategic location.

Yeah, Arabs, you are loosing faster now than ever, never trust the slavs/central europeans (France is peculiare, because the maorety of whats left of the european original people, stil resides there, mainly around the bay of biscaya, the Basque, the same people as I am from), never ever do that, they are rotten souls wrapped in meat, only beaten by the even more rotten Khazars.
Time to take an stand, Arabs or be slaves, dont even think only AmeriTards are cynical, Russians are master cynical scums, not all, of course, but give em some fist full of shekles and they sell you their grandmother.
Thats their problem, been so since the dawn of their history, an bastard breed along with the Khazars, watered out to mere shit, I have more respect for pure dirt, than beathing brain dead shit at least Dirt have life inside, as their main advantage.

So, what comes next, the hammer, the states cant have this ongoing for much longer, they will fight back, the propaganda war will make that happen, in France and everywhere else where its needed, and I sit here and awaits something like Venezuelan Gov or Military is burning babys in incubatores, yeah, the scrap book I talk about is the same, and somehow people cant see that, selective dementia.

I am not impressed.


Rancho Kareem

Maduro is very smart. He foresaw all this happening. And thus made China and Russia its allies. Venezuela dropped the dollar for yuan and Russian companies are the ones drilling oil there. So Maduro is a phone call away from having Chinese and Russian troops in the country. Russia infact said that Maduro hasn’t asked for military help yet. Also, Venezuela has a good air defence and sukhois to attack. The military supports him.


Very soon US will buy military leaders and case closed,


Well, “appointed” isn’t the right English word for this as it eludes to some sort of legal or organizational authority. This would be the “US supported” President.
More importantly, the fact the Venezuelan government has just split into two should be taken as a sign this is no longer just civil and economic unrest, but a civil war.

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