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Venezuelan Military Helicopter Crashes Amid Drills Against ‘Possible US Aggression’

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Venezuelan Military Helicopter Crashes Amid Drills Against 'Possible US Aggression'

Source: twitter.com/BarbozaRuiz/status/1093100577431662592

A military helicopter crashed  in the western Venezuelan state of Cojedes on February 4, Venezuela al Dia reported. According to the report, 5 service members were injured amid a training exercise aimed at “repelling possible aggression from the US”.

The injured personnel received prompt medical attention, and their lives are not in danger, the report added.

The Venezuelan military has released no official statement on the incident so far.

The incident took place amid public remarks by top US officials, including President Donald Trump, that Washington US military intervention in Venezuela was “an option”.


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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Just an accident, thats it.
It only have interest because South America is in the MSM.
But i would not be surprised if conspiracy theorists goes apesh*t over it and starts blaming CIA and the Jews.

Yep, i have noticed the almost constantly repeating trend here on SF.


Of course it was a sabotage, it’s a Russian chopper.


In 1999 the US lose 2 x Apaches in Training near Yugoslavia before the ground assauld at servian forces that never happened…


It was God’s hand.


Conspiracy theories give comfort to those who need it, just like religion. To them an evil cabal that secretly rules everything and is responsible is preferable then sheer random accidents. Just like God wills it is equally comforting to the religious mind. Because the very idea of sheer random accidents happening means there is neither control nor meaning in their lives. So they would rather have a cruel capricious God playing the Sims with their lives, or a conspiracy of the Rothchilds, DA JEWZ, Wallstreet and/or the Deep State, then sheer randomness.

Whatever floats your boat I would say, but it does make for a constantly repeating trend.


Considering you have complete access to information and can read about history at your leisure, is it better to do a bit of research and draw conclusions, or play the denial act?

I think you either havent read enough, or you actually have and are just mocking. Either way, you sound jewish :)

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Random things happens and “deliberate” actions have reactions that is certain.

Shapes of clouds are random but what created the cloud is a calculated/deliberate reactions to evaporation.

I believe that the world is build upon both.

But as barba says; so many cannot bear that something just happens because it just did, so many people want and have a desire to blame something, and 99% of the time its funny enough nothing to do with them or their actions.
So few voters want to take blame for helping a corrupt and disgusting politician getting power while they all want to blame the politician; but who gave those politicians the power to do that in the first place?

Like you can only blame yourself for not taking a thick enough jacket on when its winter, not the jacket store.

Some blame god when illness or death come knocking, some blame chemtrails, some blame depopulation conspiracy and some blame a weakend immune defence.


Your entire post is a call to exageration. Groups of people that have been known through history to be ethnocentric and popularly associated with practices of usury do exist. Its not a chemtrail myth. This is documented and observable. Dont disminish arguments with logical fallacies.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

If usury means lending out to insane rates (yep, i just did a google on that word since i never heard that one before) i dont see the connection to chemtrails, so please explain.


You and Barba are associating jewish mafias to uncredible conspiracy theories like chemtrails. Its a call to exageration, a logical fallacy to disregard the facts.

The jewish ethnogroups are often associated with usury in popular culture because they have a long, long history of association with it. Look up “coin-clipping” and you’re in for an interesting read.

There’s a reason why these people have often been prosecuted.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You are misunderstanding my point in that post.

Im saying that accidents happens, and ITS NOT because of CIA or the jews, even though so many SF members want it to.
It was a accident, thats it, an accident.

And no, i do not believe that chemtrails exist as conspiracy theorists want them to.

I know that some jews are controlling the world economy, and i know that for many many years jews where not allowed in big parts of the world.
I know all that, but that have nothing to do with the accident.

You misunderstood me and maybe im misunderstanding you, i dont know.


Ah I see your point, and I agree with you for the helicopter, its just an accident. I must have assumed intent by confusing you with the other guy. Apologies.

Although to add to that helicopter post, I wouldn’t be surprised if the western media uses it to smear the venezuelan army.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Its ok Neurasth

They most likely will, it would not surprise me if they did.


Just know that CIA and Mossad have organized the destruction of the twin towers and the death of 3000 Americans, the rest comes as a result. Rothshild or not Rothschild.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Explain this sh*t to me.comment image

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

How does that explain the crash?
Did they make the helicopter crash?
Did they order the crash?

Show me proof one or more of the persons on that poster caused that accident.

Being jew does not make you guilty in this accident, being a US citizen does not make you guilty in the numerous warcrimes the US have done, being christian does not make you guilty in raping little boys, being muslim does not make you a terrorist.

See my point here?

I act on proof, not religion, skincolor, nationality or political believes.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You brought up Jews being in the spot light. What I posted is Inexplicable by you lol. The crash was just a technical malfunction Now explain this lol http://www.age-end.com/Gen-CSS/Amalekite%20Fake%20Jews_files/image005.jpg

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I brought up that cia and jews allways gets blamed, thats it and joked that the jews and cia probally would be blamed for it.

I can easily explain that poster and this one; Some jews want to control the world and if you are not a jew you are a servant to them, thats it.

All religions want to control the world, all countrys want to be the dominant superpower, all Companys want to be the biggest, its all natural and part of the tribal part of the human nature.
Theres nothing cryptic about it, its been like that for thousands and thousands of years.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Sadly you did not even read the comment section. No one blamed them cia or jews for this. You made that accusation up yourself.
The census on the situation here is that “these things happen” and “technical fault”
However what we do do here is shine the light on the Jewish-racism hiding in the dark. Explain the whole Jews think they are superior to us Goyim thing to us?comment image

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I did read the comments.
And i made a joke, you are taking my comment way beyound what it is.
It was a joke!

Just to make i clear to you; im not stupid enough to belong to any religion, bow to any god, serve any imaginary person or be a slave to any text.
And so you can understand it ; I support or belong to no religion!

Yes Some jews hate non-jews, but some muslims hate non-muslims, Some christians hate non-christians, there is no different, its the same sad soupe no matter the religion, yes some jews or some christians or some muslims are to blame for muvh of the things in this sad world, but people like you decides to focus on some jews because it easier and its kinda fashion here on SF among many users to blame jews for everything instead of blaming the facts.

And you call yourself anti-racist , yet you are the one blaming a certain religion and a certain group of people because they serve a certain religion.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

These things happen.


most likely sabotaged by the destitute states of morons (aka usa).

Dick Von Dast'Ard

That is one very tough chopper.
But always check the ground is level before landing it!.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It sure is, Hinds, among others, can take quite a beating.
Its for no joke that the hind is called “the flying tank”

I dont Think that the pilot had anything to say where to land this time, confirmed by that tree at the cockpits.

Tudor Miron

Nice to hear that crew is alive.

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